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Thursday, April 19, 2007

LIVE "Catch-22" Commentary, "D.O.C." Spoilers, and Lots More!

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Following are some highlights from recent episodes of some unofficial LOST podcasts that I felt were worth mentioning.

On Jay and Jack's podcast, regarding the episode Left Behind, Jack posed the theory that perhaps the reason why The Others didn't leave any tracks when they left was that they went underground. I strongly agree with this assessment; it makes sense considering writings on the blast door map and also the scene in Exposé where Ben and Juliet walk into the Pearl from what appears to be an underground tunnel entrance.

On the LostCasts episode for One of Us, it was suggested that perhaps one motivating factor behind Juliet's infiltration of the survivors' camp is that they survivors are responsible for the death of Goodwin, with whom Juliet had apparently fallen in love. This is a good point, and I thought it was definitely worth mentioning. However, I think the primary reason for Juliet's infiltration will turn out to be that she's interested in Sun and her pregnancy because they can become part of her research and thus help her get off the island.

On Jay and Jack's podcast episode for Catch-22, there's a strange spoiler from Ryan about Jack having a beard and being at an Asian temple. Jay and Jack also posed the question of why the helicopter crashed in the first place. Come to think of it, why did Flight 815 break into three pieces while in mid-air? Is there some force (electromagnetism or otherwise) that causes aircraft to crash when they get too close to the island? Well, with the exception of the supply drop planes, of course. Jay and Jack also asked whether it's really possible to parachute from a helicopter. I'm not an expert, but parachuting from a helicopter considering that they usually fly fairly low to the ground doesn't seem to make much sense. On the Catch-22 episode of LostCasts, they mentioned the fact that Charlie was visible in Desmond's flash-forward of him cutting down the woman who was stuck in the tree. If this is true, then either it was a production error or Desmond can see bits and pieces of multiple possible futures at once in his flashes. They also point out that helicopters are short-range aircraft, so where could it have come from?

LostCasts brought up the question of whether it's possible to parachute from a helicopter; don't they generally fly too low? Plus, the woman was wearing an oxygen mask, which would seem to indicate that she may have come from a very high height, much higher than a helicopter would typically fly. Maybe the helicopter crashing in the ocean was a diversion so The Others wouldn't look for survivors (although if that was the case, why would the woman have had such a bright light with her when she parachuted?). The whole scene was very confusing. Hopefully some of this will be cleared up in the next episode. If you have any theories about the helicopter, feel free to post your thoughts in the comments section.

Following are some highlights from the live podcast, with a few additional insights. Remember, you can join in the live podcast (either just listening, or text chatting, or calling in) by going to www.talkshoe.com around 11:10 PM Pacific on Wednesday nights, right after LOST airs in the U.S. on the west coast.
  • We saw what Desmond's flashes are like
  • Desmond became a monk
    • He had previously dated Ruth for 6 years, then he left her before their wedding and became a monk
      • The man who came up and punched Desmond may have been Ruth's husband (or perhaps a brother or some other relative), and presumably he was trying to defend Ruth's honor
    • Desmond's stint as a monk is why he frequently addresses people as "brother"
    • The senior monk (Brother Campbell) fires Desmond after seeing Desmond gets drunk
      • He then told Desmond, "You've spent too much time running away to realize what you're running toward."
        • What was the significance of this phrase? Was it anything to do with Desmond's future-seeing?
        • Does this have anything to do with Desmond coming to the island and pushing the button, which Ms. Hawking indicated was one of his primary purposes in life?
        • Does it have anything to do with his future relationship with Penny Widmore?
      • Desmond asks, "What do I do now?" and the monk replies "Whatever comes next."
    • All of this happened before Desmond met Penny; they met because she came to transport some crates of wine for her father, Charles Widmore, and Desmond went back with her
      • Desmond told Ruth that he honestly believed that he was supposed to become a monk, but it didn't last long. Desmond was probably right, though—it was precisely the fact that he became a monk that he was there at the monastery at precisely the right time to meet his true love, Penny
  • The wine that the monks were bottling was labeled "Moriah Vineyards." Mount Moriah is where Abraham prepared to sacrifice his son, Isaac, in order to obey God. At the last moment, an angel miraculously appeared and spared Isaac's life, and a ram was offered instead. Abraham had "passed the test" of being willing to sacrifice his beloved son
    • Desmond was almost willing to let Charlie die, but saved him at the last moment
      • Does this mean that Desmond "failed the test"—because he didn't go through with the sacrifice?
      • Does this mean that Desmond "passed the test"—because he saved Charlie's life?
  • What will happen with Charlie?
    • Josh presumes that we're going to see the end of this plot line by the end of the season
    • Dominic Monaghan, who plays Charlie, has said in interviews that this is a just role that he plays, which may be taken as a hint that he's preparing himself (and the rest of show biz) for him to be available to start playing roles on other shows
  • There's a woman who parachuted from a crashing helicopter, and she survived
    • The helicopter seems to be further confirmation that there are other ways to get to the island than the submarine
    • The episode press release calls her "Naomi"
    • The title of the book in her bag was "Ardil-22," which is "Catch-22" in Portuguese. Presumably, this means that Naomi can read Portuguese—which is the same language spoken by the two men at the "listening station" from the last scene of the Season 2 finale
      • Apparently, Penny Widmore has hired a lot of Portuguese speakers to search for Desmond
      • It's interesting to note that Paulo presumably spoke Portuguese as well, since he said he was from Brazil
    • She had a copy of Desmond and Penny's photograph in her book
      • This fact seems a bit strange; didn't Penny only have one copy, which was on her night stand?
        • For that matter, didn't Penny only purchase one copy of the picture? How did Desmond and Penny each end up with a copy in the first place? They broke up right after that picture was taken, so it wouldn't make much sense for one of them to make a copy of it and give it to the other. This apparent discrepancy was discussed in the February 20th episode of The Official LOST Podcast
        • Presumably, Penny did not give Naomi her original photograph, but rather a copy of it, as suggested in the April 20th Official LOST Podcast
      • Presumably, this photograph is the reason Naomi recognized Desmond and called him by name when she saw him; maybe she had the picture with her so she could memorize his appearance
      • JoSpiv observed out that perhaps Naomi had a copy of the photograph to present it to Desmond as proof that she was there on Penny's errand
  • Why didn't Penny just go to the island herself instead of sending someone?
    • Amanda suggested that perhaps Desmond altered who the parachutist was by saving Charlie
    • Josh pointed out that Penny has told Desmond that "with enough money and determination you can find anyone," so it would make sense for her to hire people to find Desmond and make sure of his location rather than putting her own life at risk
      • Josh pointed out that Penny is still unmarried (she was called "Miss Widmore" by one of the Portuguese-speaking men from the listening station in the Season 2 finale), and since she's hiring people to search for electromagnetic anomalies, she's apparently still in love with Desmond and has the determination necessary to find Desmond
        • This wasn't discussed on the podcast, but how in the world would Penny know to search for electromagnetic anomalies to find Desmond? This is something I really hope is explained eventually, and perhaps even this season. Does Penny know about the island because her father knows about it? Did Charles Widmore craft a plan that would ultimately lead Desmond to become stranded on an island, just to get him as far away from his daughter as possible? Hopefully, time will tell.
  • The tangled relationship web between Jack, Juliet, Kate, and Sawyer becomes more entangled in this episode
    • Kate obviously still has feelings for Jack, but Jack is either oblivious or insensitive because he ignores Kate's flirtations, asks Kate for her spoon, and then walks away with it to go eat with Juliet
  • JoSpiv, who participated in the live chat, pointed to a screen capture by DarkUFO that shows a strange photograph on the monk's desk when Desmond returns his robe
    • The photograph shows Brother Campbell standing next to the woman from Desmond's time-travel flashback, Ms. Hawking, in front of the monastery
      • Does this perhaps indicate that Brother Campbell was in cahoots with Ms. Hawking with regard to setting up Desmond's future?
  • The remainder of this post contains spoilers.
  • In the preview for next week's episode, we see a clip of the medical station
  • The official synopsis for next week's episode, which will be titled "D.O.C.," is as follows:
    • After discovering that all of "The Others'" pregnant women died before giving birth on the island, an extremely reticent Sun allows Juliet to examine her -- and uncovers the identity of the unborn child's father. Meanwhile, Desmond allows an unlikely nemesis to help save the life of a new, mysterious island inhabitant.
    • Also from the ABC press release, we learn that Mr. Paik (Sun's father) and parachutist Naomi will return in this episode
    • How would it be possible for Juliet to determine the baby's father? By genetics?
      • Presumably by the date of conception (which is what "D.O.C." stands for, as confirmed in the April 20th Official LOST Podcast)
      • On Lostpedia, there's a very in-depth discussion of possibilities of who could be the father based on possible dates of conception
      • Josh pointed out that Jin assumes that this is his child because Sun told him that she had never been with another man, but we know she has been with Jae Lee; if Jae turns out to be the father, what will be Jin's reaction?
  • Ryan Ozawa from The Transmission witnessed the filming of a flashback scene from this episode in which Sun hands an envelope to a middle-aged Asian woman, and Sun appears to insist that the woman take the envelope but not open it
  • Co-executive producers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz said in Issue 10 of LOST—The Official Magazine:
    • "Sun is going to learn interesting things about what happens to pregnant women on the island and when she does learn these things, it's going to impact her relationship with Jin in a profound way."
      • Josh pointed out that
    • "We will find out that Sun has a secret feat that she is hiding from Jin, and that will not only be voiced, but answered. [During the Jin and Sun flashback,] you will get a taste of them as newlyweds and kind of see where he was before he started to be Mr. Paik's head henchmen." (via SpoilerFix.com)
  • Kristin from E!Online said that she heard that D.O.C. stands for date of conception, which as mentioned was confirmed in the latest Official LOST Podcast
  • From the April 20th Official LOST Podcast:
    • The story of Desmond's flashes of Charlie dying will be explored further—and possibly resolved for good—this season. They asked what would happen to Charlie if Desmond was to die (an intriguing question; this may hint that Desmond's flashes, rather than fate, are actually causing Charlie's troubles)
    • Damon and Carlton said that we're going to find out this season what the mysterious wire is that leads from the beach into the jungle. Frankly, I thought this was already answered in Enter 77-wasn't it supposed to lead to the sonar navigation system?
    • Carlton confirmed that D.O.C. stands for date of conception and that we'll find out the father of Sun's baby. We'll also learn more about Sun's motives, which further leads me to believe that Sun's baby is the reason why Juliet was left behind
    • Carlton said he didn't know whether he would believe Ben's claim that he was born on the island, and that we will learn more about that
    • Jacob will not be played by Billy Dee Williams
    • Christian Shephard is really dead
    • Damon: "Ben has been in love, and we will get some sense of who that might have been in about two weeks." ("A sense" was emphasized)
    • Carlton: "Montand and his missing arm is something that we are desperate to get to. We want to do a Rousseau flashback. We just haven't gotten there yet, but, you know, if we do a Rousseau flashback, it would really be incomplete if we didn't deal with Montand and his missing arm." Damon confirmed that Dr. Marvin Candle, who also appears to have been missing an arm, is not Montand

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