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Monday, April 30, 2007

LIVE "D.O.C." Commentary, "The Brig" Spoilers, and Obscure Theories and Thoughts

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There was some great discussion of "D.O.C." on the live podcast this past week (see the show notes below). Keep reading for some insightful thoughts about various plot lines and theories that are worthy of consideration, plus spoilers for next week's episode.
  • Based on the first scene where Jack approaches Sun to ask about her pregnancy, Josh wonders whether Jack is aware of Juliet's plan and possibly working with her
    • When Sun asked Kate, "How do we know he isn't working with The Others?" she was talking about Jack; an earlier preview hinted that she might have been talking about John Locke
  • We find out that Jin's mother is a prostitute and that she's the one who extorted money from Sun
    • Sun borrows money from her father, Mr. Paik, and when she gives it to Jin's mom, she threatens to have her killed if she ever tries anything like that again
      • When Sun borrowed the money from her father, he said that Jin would work directly for him now, and Sun appeared to have some sense of what that meant
      • Sun has apparently known for a long time about her father's radical, unethical business practices, including sending employees to hurt or kill people
      • Why didn't Sun just threaten the woman instead of giving her the money and then threatening her? Possibly just to make absolutely sure that Jin's mother wouldn't say anything to anyone about Jin's parentage.
  • The preview that showed Hurley firing a gun was a little misleading; we now know he was firing a flare gun from the parachutist's backpack into the air
    • This may have been what led Mikhail to where they were; he came running out of the jungle, and interestingly a Hurley and Charlie recognized him as the Other with the eyepatch who Kate apparently told them Locke had killed
      • How did Mikhail survive? Presumably he knew about how the fence worked and that its purpose was to keep out the smoke monster; did he know that its effects were not fatal? It seems doubtful that he could have faked foaming at the mouth, bleeding from his ears, etc., and we are led to believe that he didn't die and that the island healed his injuries
  • Mikhail said that Naomi would probably heal with a day and a half
  • Mikhail claimed that Naomi was speaking Italian, and he translated something she said as "Thank you" in Italian (which would have been "Grazie"—however, what she said sounded nothing like this)
    • Naomi's line actually sounded something like "Eu não estou só," which is Portuguese for "I am not alone" (MP3 clip from Sledgeweb's site)
      • It makes sense that Naomi would speak Portuguese since she had the book Catch-22 in that language
      • "I am not alone" strongly hints that someone else came with Naomi
        • Could that someone be Penny? How else could Naomi have gotten Penny and Desmond's photograph?
      • This also seems to indicate that Naomi knew Mikhail and was trying to communicate with him covertly using a language that only the two of them would understand
        • This is similar to when Mikhail had a private conversation with Ms. Klugh (Bea) in Russian, which indicates that Mikhail is multilingual and may indicate that many of The Others speak several languages
        • If Naomi was working with The Others, this might explain her comment to Hurley about Flight 815 having no survivors at the end of the episode; she may have been lying to toy with his mind, not unlike Ben's mind games
  • Listener "downbeat" suggested that Naomi's comment about Flight 815 may be indicative that the crash was staged
    • Josh commented that this has been a long-standing theory of Jack from Jay and Jack's podcast
    • Josh commented that it's possible that the crash was predicted or planned by someone higher up than Ben, possibly Jacob as listener "baileybear" suggested—or perhaps by someone in another organization entirely
      • Ben seemed as surprised about the crashing plane as the rest of The Others despite the fact that he, Ethan, and Goodwin already knew what to do in such a circumstance, and Mikhail began researching about those who were on that flight after it crashed which indicates that they didn't know who was on the flight ahead of time
    • Of course, this also hearkens back to the theory many fans had at the beginning of the show that the survivors were actually dead and in purgatory, although this theory has been debunked by the executive producers
  • Speaking of Jacob, a recent caller to Jay and Jack's podcast suggested that Jacob might really be Charles Widmore, Penny's father. Josh has been pondering this and could definitely see this as a possible explanation for a lot of the connections between Widmore and the island:
    • The real Henry Gale's hot air balloon had a Widmore logo on it
    • Desmond came to the island while participating in a boat race sponsored by Charles Widmore
    • A painting in Charles Widmore's office said "Namaste" on it, which is something that's said at the end of each DHARMA film on the island (admittedly, this may not be a very solid argument because the DHARMA Initiative and The Others are separate organizations, although it's possible that Charles could be a connection between the two)
    • Sun's pregnancy test was made by Widmore Labs
    • Penny apparently knew to look for an electromagnetic anomaly to find Desmond, and I can only figure that she would know that Desmond was on the island (and how to find the island) through her father's resources
  • Sun demanded of Juliet "I want answers!" (which as Josh pointed out seems to be a common demand from the survivors this season)
  • Juliet approached Sun during the middle of the night and told her to keep silent, and this scene was very reminiscent of Ethan shushing Claire to keep her from waking the other survivors
    • They go to the medical station and Juliet explains to Sun that the reason Kate and Claire didn't find anything was that "they didn't know where to look"
      • Juliet knows of a secret passageway that leads to a hidden room to which the nursery items (including the crib that plays "Catch a Falling Star") have been moved
      • Sun has been pregnant for 53 days, which means she got pregnant while on the island
        • Juliet explains that the male sperm count is five times higher on the island, which seems to explain how the supposedly sterile Jin was able to impregnate his wife
      • Juliet leaves Sun alone (and Josh was shocked that Sun wasn't taken captive) and Juliet makes a recording for Ben telling him about Sun and that she's working on getting samples from the other women including Kate Austen
        • In the chat, downbeat asked what kind of samples Juliet meant
          • She probably meant urine or blood samples, either of which could be used to determine whether someone is pregnant
        • Many fans had theorized that the reason Kate and Sawyer were put together (and separated from Jack) after they were taken captive was to get them to breed
          • In the chat, baileybear also suggested that perhaps part of the reason Juliet was brought into the survivors' camp was to make Kate jealous and turn to Sawyer
          • Kate has now had relations with Sawyer twice, and with the high sperm count that men supposedly have while on the island, it seems like a strong possibility that Kate might be pregnant now
  • Desmond claimed that the survivors have killed more of The Others than The Others have killed of the survivors, and he seems to be right according to Lostpedia's body count:
    • Scott Jackson was killed by Ethan Rom (+1 Others)
    • Ethan was killed by Charlie (+0 Others)
    • two unnamed Others were killed by Mr. Eko (+2 Survivors)
    • an unnamed Other was killed by Ana Lucia Cortez (+3 Survivors)
    • Nathan, a tail section survivor, was killed by Goodwin (+2 Survivors)
    • Goodwin was killed by Ana Lucia Cortez (+3 Survivors)
    • an unnamed Other was shot from a distance by Sawyer (+4 Survivors)
    • Colleen was killed by Sun (+5 Survivors)
    • Totals:
      • The Others have directly killed 2 survivors (I've not counted Michael shooting Ana Lucia and Libby because he was a survivor)
      • The survivors have killed 7 Others
      • The survivors have killed 5 more Others than The Others have killed survivors, which means that Desmond was right
  • Listener downbeat pointed out that in the Sun flashbacks, the currency in the dialog was in dollars rather than Korean currency; this was probably for convenience in the U.S. and Canadian audience's understanding
  • A recent caller to Jay and Jack's podcast suggested that perhaps the reason that the island prevents and cures cancer is the same reason why women who are impregnated on the island end up dying along with their developing fetuses; the island acts somewhat like chemotherapy and kills all foreign cells
    • Listener baileybear pointed out that a recent episode of the TV show House featured a woman who had Maternal Mirror Syndrome [Fox article, Wikipedia article], which could potentially be connected with this LOST mystery
  • As I was cutting up a mango on Wednesday before the show, the question crossed my mind about where The Others get all their food—in particular their meat
    • The chicken in Ben's refrigerator is explained by the fact that wild chickens live on the island, as seen in "The Other 48 Days" when Goodwin caught one as food for the tail section survivors
    • There was a fair amount of meat in The Flame's refrigerators (see this picture of the meat on lost-media.com). However, considering the few cows that Mikhail was raising (refer to this picture of the cows on lost-media.com), it seems unlikely that The Others would have enough meat to go around. We didn't see any cow pastures in the wide shots of the island in the Season 3 premiere. Juliet apparently had access to enough ground beef that she didn't mind offering a hamburger to Jack, who at the time was a prisoner.
      • Were the cows at The Flame killed when John blew up the station?
    • So far there are 27 known, identified Others (not counting all the Others seen in the background at the decoy village, on Alcatraz, at Otherville, etc.). How are all of The Others (not to mention the 13 captured crash survivors including Cindy and the kids) kept from starvation? Are there subterranean cattle ranches? Are most of the cows being raised on another island?
  • In "Catch-22" we saw that Naomi had a satellite phone with a very modern interface, which in many regards is strikingly similar to that of the Apple iPhone:
    • Certain parts of the interface, for example the indicator icons at the top of the screen, are also similar to what was available in Windows Mobile 2003 (which of course was available before the Flight 815 crash)
    • Perhaps Naomi's purpose with the phone was to bring The Others some form of communication, since The Flame doesn't exist any more and they haven't been able to communicate with the outside world since the sky turned purple at the end of Season 2
  • The remainder of this post contains spoilers.
  • The Apple iPhone is slated to be released in June 2007, even though we're only at December 2004 on the island; with the interface of Naomi's sat phone designed to look so modern, perhaps this may indicate that time off the island is passing much more quickly than on the island
    • This would jive with the Damon Lindelof quote from Comic-Con, as mentioned in my post here:
      • "It's interesting that you should ask about time because... you're making a basic assumption that... they've been there as long as they think they've been there. I would say by the end of Season 3 you might have a very different idea—" [Carlton stopped Damon from continuing].
  • The official ABC press release for this episode is as follows:
    • A newly focused Locke breaks away from "The Others" in an attempt to persuade Sawyer to help rid them of a great nemesis that has caused nothing but pain in both of their lives. Meanwhile, a new island inhabitant discloses some shocking information about Oceanic Flight 815
      • Josh originally says that based on the preview for next week, the "great nemesis" seems to be Ben, but it seems more likely that it may be Anthony Cooper
        • Listener baileybear asked whether Josh thought that this episode would reveal that Anthony Cooper is "the real Sawyer" (the man who conned James Ford's parents and whose name James took upon himself), and Josh thought this was a great idea and would certainly make sense
          • In the preview, John said that he couldn't kill this person, and it would probably be very hard for him to kill his own father even after all his father had done to him
          • John could certainly have gotten the information that Anthony Cooper had conned James "Sawyer" Ford's parents from The Others, who have been very thorough in their research of the Flight 815 survivors
            • We know that The Others are aware that Sawyer murdered someone in Australia because Juliet confronted him with this information in "One of Us"
          • Spoilers from Entertainment Weekly and LOST - The Official Magazine both hint that the identity of the real Sawyer will be revealed
          • baileybear wonders whether Sawyer will kill Anthony Cooper when Locke asks him to
      • Josh assumes that the "new island inhabitant" is Naomi, and wonders whether the "shocking information about Oceanic Flight 815" is the same thing she revealed to Hurley at the end of the last episode or something related to it
  • Ain't It Cool News' sources say that the flashbacks in this episode are all on-island Locke flashbacks and that the flashback story picks up right after the last time we saw Locke (when he saw his dad)
  • Brand new spoilers from the April 30th Official LOST Podcast:
    • The parachutist's name will be revealed in The Brig: Naomi Dorrit, which they point out is a "Dickensian" name
      • A little research reveals that Charles Dickens wrote a book called Little Dorrit
    • Damon and Carlton remind us that they're previously said that the survivors are not in purgatory, and they're sticking to this statement
      • Naomi's revelation to Hurley at the end of D.O.C. that the plane was allegedly found and there were no survivors (which will be expounded upon in The Brig) must mean one of two things:
        1. Naomi may be lying
        2. There was a conspiracy to cover up the fact that there were survivors—but who would be behind such a vast conspiracy?
    • Damon says that Mikhail's non-death either means that the fence wasn't turned up high enough to kill him, or he died and was brought back to life by the island (which theory Carlton said he didn't like)
      • They also said that Mikhail will soon explain what happened to him
    • The Brig answers a lot of questions, including where Locke has been, what he's been doing with The Others, where The Others are going, why Locke decided to go with The Others after seeing his father, and how Anthony Cooper got to the island (which Cooper will personally reveal)
    • A fan asked how the helicopter crashed, since there's no longer a hatch and a button to not be pushed (which seems to be what brought down Oceanic Flight 815); Damon points out that even before the hatch, the Black Rock ship somehow came to be in the middle of the jungle, and also suggested that perhaps smaller vessels or perhaps a 19th century vessels with lots of [ferrous] metals on it might be pulled onto the island without the button not being pushed (Carlton said he didn't like this theory, either, however)
      • Damon also stated that "planes fly over the island all the time and don't crash there" (perhaps referring to the supply drops)
    • A fan confronted Damon and Carlton with the oft-misattributed and oft-misquoted "science and pseudoscience" statement, and Damon said that the show is more explainable through pseudoscience than actual science, much like a Michael Crichton novel
    • In answer to fan questions, Damon revealed that they will revisit the psychic's predictions about Claire's baby and Walt's seeming ability to either manipulate or predict future events, that The Others' apparent obsession with children goes beyond the problem of women being able to successfully bear children on the island, that The Others are interested in children with special abilities (which is why they targeted Walt)
      • We might find out more about Walt's abilities in episodes to come
    • Damon reiterated that there are "two factions" of The Others, "and that's going to become very apparent in the coming weeks—who's in what faction"
    • The four-toed statue will be revisited before the show ends

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