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Saturday, May 05, 2007

LIVE Discussion of "The Brig"

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Several new listeners called in or chatted to discuss "The Brig" during the live podcast this week (show notes below). After that, if you're into spoilers, be sure to keep listening or reading for teasers of what we'll see next week on LOST.
  • The shot of the Black Rock was a bit confusing to some people at first. A closer look makes it a bit more clear that it was, in fact, the Black Rock slave ship (image courtesy of Lostpedia):
  • While we don't know for 100% sure that the file that John Locke burned at the beginning of the episode was Sawyer's, it's a fairly safe guess since Richard Alpert handed Sawyer's file to Locke in a flashback seen later in the episode
    • The fact that Locke burns Sawyer's file may indicate that Sawyer, like Locke, would soon be free of the burdens of his past (at least according to Ben's mentality)
  • Sawyer's file contained French writing, and appeared to be a prison document (thanks to Master Nak for his translations during the podcast). Presumably this means that Sawyer has previously been in jail in a French-speaking country
    • see another screen grab at Sledgeweb's site
    • According to Master Nak, "gendarmerie" means police station in French, and Nak thought he made out the French word for "jail cell" as well
  • This episode is like "Three Minutes" from last season, which consisted of all on-island, recent-history flashbacks. Last time we saw Michael's flashbacks of his experiences with The Others, and this time we saw John Locke's experiences with The Others
  • On The Official LOST Podcast, the executive producers reiterated that those on the island are NOT in purgatory, and presumably they're not dead, either—which would mean that they're not in hell, as Anthony Cooper assumed
    • How did Anthony get to the island, though? Was his story about getting in a car crash, being loaded into an ambulance, then waking up on the island the truth? If so, maybe Richard Alpert orchestrated the crash, and perhaps he was even the paramedic who smiled at Cooper in the ambulance
      • Any wounds that Cooper might have had from the accident could have healed quickly on the island
    • Maybe The Others have some kind of psycho driver-hitman who drives busses and golden Pontiacs ;o)
  • Naomi claims that Oceanic Flight 815 was found 4 miles below the surface of the water off the coast of Bali, Indonesia (see my analysis of possible crash locations, including a Google Earth file in my post here), and that all the bodies were accounted for
    • Does this indicate a massive cover-up, or was Naomi lying?
      • If it's a conspiracy, who would be behind it? Someone who didn't want anyone to find the island?
      • One piece of evidence that may indicate that Naomi might not have been lying is that Anthony Cooper seemed to be an independent source confirming that the plane wreckage was allegedly found and that there were no survivors
        • On the other hand, how can we really know whether either of them are telling the truth? Anthony Cooper had been taken captive by The Others and may have been coerced or offered money to lie about this, and Naomi might be working with The Others because she seemed to knowingly give a secret message to Mikhail in the last episode
    • Bali is very, very far away from the Sydney to Los Angeles flight path—so far, in fact, that it would be ridiculous for any search party to find the plane there, let alone to assume that it was the same one
  • Listener Kwame suggested that if Hurley's mom thought that Hurley had died in the crash, she probably would have given his money away to the Catholic Church. After all, Hurley's dad had been trying to talk him into getting rid of his money before Hurley went to Australia
  • Kwame also suggested that perhaps the reason that Juliet was supposed to leave tape-recorded messages for Ben was to serve as evidence against Juliet that Locke would be able to share with the other crash survivors at the beach; maybe Juliet was being set up
  • It seems unclear why Ben told Locke to only say goodbye to Kate; why not Sayid, who was also in the rescue party? Why not to Jack?
    • Listener "congested" suggested that maybe this was just to help the audience match up the timeline with "Left Behind"
  • It was implied in the episode that The Others have been waiting a long time for some prophesied "special" person, and many of them seem to think that it's Locke
    • According to Richard Alpert, Ben didn't want Locke to be someone special
      • What exactly is Ben's motive to want Locke to fail and to not be someone special? Is he afraid of losing his power to someone else?
      • Up until now, we had only been given evidence that Richard was a friend of and close associate to Ben
      • Josh points out that on the Official LOST Podcast the topic of two factions of Others was brought up again and reconfirmed; maybe Richard is part of another faction that opposes Ben and his meaningless agenda (Richard said to Locke, "Ben has been wasting our time with novelties like fertility problems. We're looking for someone to remind us that we're here for more important reasons")
        • Master Nak contends that Juliet's video tape from the beginning of the season said "some of us want a change"—perhaps Richard Alpert was working with Juliet and against Ben
      • "congested" posited that perhaps The Others are hoping that John Locke is Jacob, whose identity is still mysterious at this point, but the way all The Others speak of him with such reverence, he could potentially be a messiah figure to them
        • Josh counters that some Others act like they may have personally met Jacob (for example, Danny Pickett says "Shephard wasn't even on Jacob's list" which indicates that someone must have had direct contact with Jacob at some point after the crash of Flight 815)
          • Amanda counter-counters that we don't even know if Jacob wrote the aforementioned list; maybe there's a "Jacobs list" of people who might be Jacob
          • Kwame asks whether Locke is on Jacob's list, and Josh suggests that this seems like a good possibility because of how The Others have treated him; Amanda points out that back in Season 2 when Ben was being held captive in the Swan hatch armory, he told Locke that the real reason he (Ben) was there was that he was coming for Locke
  • Naomi revealed that Penny Widmore hired her company to look for Desmond
    • Josh pointed out that this part of her story makes sense because the fellows from the Listening Station in the last scene of the Season 2 finale were also looking for Desmond and they spoke Brazilian Portuguese as well
      • However, it still bothers Josh that Naomi seemed to have been talking covertly to Mikhail
  • Naomi said that the freighter from which her helicopter took off was 80 nautical miles (92 miles, or 148 kilometers) west of the island
  • A "brig" is a prison on a war ship; the episode title has reference to Locke keeping the Sawyers trapped together in the ship
  • Danielle Rousseau has been missing for a while, and she showed up in this episode at the Black Rock to get dynamite
    • Presumably, she's going to use this dynamite against The Others, probably to try to get her daughter, Alex, back—or at the very least to try to get a chance to talk to her in person
    • "congested" suggested that The Others are now on Danielle's playing ground since she knows the island so intimately; however, the same could really be said of many of The Others, since they've been on the island longer than Danielle has
  • Even though Locke didn't kill his father, it could be argued that he's just about as guilty of murder as Sawyer is because he orchestrated the whole plot to kill him and set everything up for his murder to take place
  • As Kate gets frustrated with Jack's stubborn trust of Juliet, Kate blurts out in front of her what she knows about Naomi, and she reveals to Jack that nobody trusts him anymore because of his friendship with Juliet
  • Juliet then interrupts the conversation and says to Jack, "We should tell her." Jack says no, Kate asks "Tell me what?" and Juliet repeats her plea, and Jack finishes the conversation by saying "Not yet" as he gets up and walks away
    • What is it that Jack and Juliet are keeping from Kate? Do they know that Kate is pregnant? Do they know that someone working with The Others was planning to bring a satellite phone to the island so they could regain communication with the outside world? Or... stranger still, and I didn't think of this until after the podcast... maybe Juliet wanted to tell Kate that Juliet is pregnant with Goodwin's child, so Kate need not worry about competing for Jack because Juliet was going to die anyway
  • Before Locke leaves Sawyer behind at the Black Rock, he tells Sawyer that Juliet is a mole and he hands Sawyer the audio cassette recorder on which Juliet had left a message for Ben in the medical station. Locke also says that in three days, The Others plan to raid their beach and take all the pregnant women, and that The Others claim that "they don't want anyone to get hurt." Finally, Sawyer asks Locke if he's "going back undercover," and Locke says that he's on his own journey now
  • Note: The spoilers portion of the podcast will be posted later this week

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Blogger Rui Martins said...

"Sawyer's file contained French writing, and appeared to be a prison document (thanks to Master Nak for his translations during the podcast). Presumably this means that Sawyer has previously been in jail in a French-speaking country"
-> I believe it is Canada, as Sawyer didn´t seem to have flyied to Europe in his past life...

"On The Official LOST Podcast, the executive producers reiterated that those on the island are NOT in purgatory, and presumably they're not dead, either—which would mean that they're not in hell, as Anthony Cooper assumed"
-> Yes, they had say that. But to you know the books of Philip Farmer of the "The Riverworld Saga" (http://www.sfsite.com/12a/riv46.htm)? There the deads were "rebuild" from the soul (atman and ka) in real and fabricated bodies... The "monster" seems physical and able to assume different physical forms, also... Can the be all dead (remember that italian woman) but.. rebuild?

Tuesday, May 08, 2007 5:17:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Josh, When are you going to post the 2nd part of your Podcast? the Spolier part? And What is up with Amanda? where in the world is her Podcast? Hope your able to get your Podcast up by tomorrow.

Great blog and Podcast


Tuesday, May 08, 2007 5:38:00 PM  

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