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Monday, May 14, 2007

LIVE "The Man Behind the Curtain" Discussion - Part 1

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There was so much to talk about after watching "The Man Behind the Curtain" that I decided to divide the podcast into two segments again this week. This first segment covers from the beginning of the episode up to and including the "Jacob" scene.
  • We find out right at the beginning of the show that Ben was not in fact born on the island
  • In the live podcast, Amanda pointed out that the name "Emily" has been used twice in the show; it's the name of Locke's mom as well as Ben's (although Josh pointed out that a different actress plays each character)
  • Ben says that he's not the leader, Jacob is
  • "Spivvy" pointed out that the fan theory that Ben had intended for Locke to take the tape recorder was debunked when we saw Ben get frantic when he noticed it was missing
    • On the Black Rock Podcast this week, they pointed out that it's still possible that Richard gave the tape recorder to Locke as part of a conspiracy to overthrow Ben
  • Josh noticed that "Dharma" is not capitalized on the "Dharma Initiative" sign, even though it was revealed in The LOST Experience that DHARMA is an acronym for Department of Heuristics And Research on Material Applications
  • Horace Goodspeed is the name of the Dharma Recruiter who convinced Ben's father, Roger Linus, to come work on the island
    • Spivvy came across information on an Edgar Goodspeed, a liberal theologian, on Wikipedia
    • Pam pointed out that "Horace" may also be a religious reference to the Egyptian god Horus
  • Roger was upset when he found out he was going to be a "workman" (or as he put it, a janitor) instead of helping to save the world
  • Dr. Marvin Candle was seen again in a "welcome to the island" orientation video
    • He talks about the high-frequency sonar fence and the fact that they're there to study the properties of the island for the benefit of mankind
  • Ben meets a girl named Annie, who hands him an Apollo candy bar
    • Did Annie die in the "purge"? (More about this in the spoiler section of Part 2)
  • Mikhail returns to The Others for the first time since his non-death, which he explained by saying the pylons must not have been set to a lethal level
  • Mikhail and Ben both seemed genuinely surprised about Naomi and her cronies' freighter being not far away
    • Josh points out that this really makes Naomi's comment "I'm not alone" in Portuguese to Mikhail even more confusing—was she not really speaking to him covertly after all? And if not, why would she have said that? "OceanBeach"/Pam suggested that perhaps she was saying that she had friends, so they shouldn't mess with her
    • This also gives more support to Naomi's story that she is in fact working for Penelope Widmore to try to find Desmond
  • It's interesting that nobody seemed to care that Locke was beating up Mikhail, who should have been their ally and friend
    • Josh suggests that perhaps Richard, Tom, et al. are more interested in finding out if Ben is really going to take Locke to see Jacob, and since Mikhail was against Locke seeing Jacob they let Locke beat him up to put him in his place
    • Josh also suggests that perhaps Mikhail has no more purpose to The Others now that The Flame and their means of outside communication are gone, so he's useless to them
    • Pam suggests that this was more of a comment on how Richard and Tom didn't support Ben when he pleaded with them to stop Locke, which Josh finds interesting because Tom seemed to be Ben's friend previously
  • Has Richard Alpert met Jacob?
    • Josh suggests that he probably knows more about Jacob than we currently know (more about this later)
  • Alex gives Locke a gun, saying he'll need it if they're going to see Jacob—then to Ben she said "Happy birthday, Dad"
    • Alex obviously was siding with Locke, and it seemed as though she was also against her "dad" by her attitude and the look she gives him
  • After the scene where young Ben spies on Roger arguing with Horace about the unsafe situation with the hostiles, Ben turns around in his bedroom and sees his mother standing in front of him, and this shocks and frightens him
  • When Annie gives young Ben the two dolls, she says that Ben can always remember her
    • Why would Annie have any reason to think that they might be separated in the future? They were both stuck on an island together, and she didn't seem to be afraid of the hostiles hurting them
  • We find out that Ben has "daddy issues" like almost every other character whose back story we know
    • Ben's dad accused Ben of killing his mother, even though that was obviously not Ben's choice
  • As Ben goes to escape through the pylon fence, his mom appears again and tells him it's not time yet
  • Could Jack be considered a "bad guy" at this point since he hid the impending invasion from the other survivors?
  • In another segment of the flashback, young Ben somehow has the code for deactivating the sonar fence: 54439
    • How could Ben have gotten this code? The orientation film indicated that the code changes every day, so Ben would have had to find out the code the very same day he used it
    • In the episode "Left Behind," Juliet used the number 1623 (made up of two of the numbers from the sequence "4 8 15 16 23 42") to deactivate the fence
  • Ben has a white bunny that he uses to test whether the fence has been deactivated (perhaps related to the white rabbit with the number 8 spray-painted on its back in "Every Man for Himself"—presumably not the same one since rabbits have a lifespan of about 4 to 20 years according to Wikipedia)
  • Ben hears the whispers
  • Richard Alpert shows up, and he appears to be the same age in the flashback as he is in the present day!
    • Is he a ghost? Is he a pirate ghost?? Some fans suggest that he was dressed kind of like a pirate, so perhaps he's the ghost of someone who was on the Black Rock
      • Does this explain why there were whispers? Are the whisperers ghosts?
    • Do the island-native hostiles not age? Do they age slowly? Are they elves, like in The Lord of the Rings? Is there a connection with the legendary fountain of youth? Are they part of the ancient civilization of Atlantis?
    • Amanda points out that Richard is associated with "Mittelos Bioscience" (Mittelos being an anagram for "lost time")
      • The womb shown to Juliet was that of a young woman with a womb of a very old woman—rather the opposite of Richard, who seems to be old but not physically changing
    • The way Richard reacted to young Ben's story about seeing his mother may be a connection with why Ben was made their leader; perhaps they thought he could communicate with dead people, and perhaps Jacob is dead
  • The Jacob scene
    • Some people think it looks like the smoke monster was floating in Jacob's chair, but Josh doesn't believe it
    • Is Ben insane, or did he really see Jacob?
    • As Locke turned to walk out, he heard a gruff voice say "HELP ME," and apparently Ben didn't hear this
      • Can Ben see Jacob but not hear him, while Locke can hear him but not see him?
    • During the ruckus, there was a brief flash—just a few blurry frames—of Jacob's profile as he sits in the chair (image courtesy of Lostpedia; click to enlarge):

      • He looks quite a bit like Locke (especially the forehead and profile in general) with a very bad wig (brown in color, possibly Colonial-style) and a drab-colored outfit that's somewhat similar to what Tom used to wear with his fake beard
    • Amanda points out that there's also a brief flash of a dark brown eye that darts around
To be continued tomorrow...

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Blogger Rui Martins said...

Thanks for the picture... Maybe it was a sailor, or an officer from the Black Rock... Not aging, like Richard... By the way, how Locke discovered that the mission of that ship was to retrieve some "unknown mineral" from the Island as he told do Sawyer?...

Tuesday, May 15, 2007 2:24:00 AM  

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