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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Eggtown Discussion and "Wormhole Clones"

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In this episode of the JoshMeister's LOST Podcast, tJM and guests Spivvy (aka Josh) and Amanda from the Lost Flashbacks and Steve from the Smoke Hatch discuss Season 4 Episode 4, "Eggtown."

Top of the show:
  • The Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike is over!
    • This block will include 7 episodes, then there will be a break, then 5 more episodes
    • New time slot for when LOST returns: after the break, the show will move to 10 PM
    • The 35 remaining episodes will be split between Seasons 5 and 6
    • sources: Lostpedia, UGO
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The Economist recap:
  • Is John Locke the economist?
    • John Locke has the same name as a famous economist
Eggtown notes:
  • on the island: Kate tells Sawyer has a secret agenda (we later find out that it's to find out from Miles whether they know about her history)

  • flashforward: Kate is standing trial for her murder, gets taken into custody for the duration of her trial

  • island: Jack said they're going to get is all off this island... Dan looks away
  • Kate wants to talk to Miles for a personal reason - asks him "Do you know who I am? Do you know what I did?"
  • Miles: I'm exactly where I want to be

  • flashforward: Kate: "you are not using my son"
    • This was the "he" who would be wondering where Kate was, mentioned in Season 3 finale
  • Jack: only 8 of us survived the crash, Kate rescued the rest of the Oceanic Six

  • island: Kate wants Sawyer to bust Ben out, but they end up doing the opposite; Kate busts Miles out while Sawyer distracts Locke
  • Sawyer plays Backgammon with Locke - black and white pieces
  • Miles wants Ben to give him money ($3.2 million) in exchange for Miles claiming Ben is dead
    • Miles says that Ben is a lot more powerful than the Flight 815 survivors think he is
  • Miles reveals to Kate that they know everything about all the crash survivors - including that Kate was wanted for murder and was being taken by a marshal back to the United States
  • Charlotte is teaching Dan how to predict what cards she's placed face-down
    • ...or so I thought at first. Actually she uses the word "remember," so it seems that this was a very simple memory game, and Dan was only able to remember 2 out of 3 cards, and got the 3rd completely wrong
    • Steve from the Smoke Hatch suggested that Dan may be an autistic savant
  • Reginna says to Charlotte over the phone: "What do you mean they took off with the helicopter? I thought the helicopter was with you!"
    • Where are Frank, Desmond, Sayid, dead Naomi, and the chopper?

  • flashforward: Kate and Jack conversation
    • Jack didn't seem to want to have anything to do with Kate's baby
  • Kate lives in a mansion!? How was she able to purchase and move into a mansion after coming home? Why wasn't she taken back into custody immediately after returning, since she was wanted for murder and had a history of evading the police?
  • Kate's baby is Aaron!?
    • So, is this Claire's Aaron? Presumably they wouldn't confuse us for no good reason... plus there was setup for it earlier in the episode when Claire asked Kate to hold Aaron, and when she told Kate that she should try becoming a mother sometime
    • Did Claire die? Is she still on the island? Did Kate steal Aaron from Claire?
    • Based on Kate's mom's feelings about seeing "her grandson," it seems she thinks that Aaron is Kate's biological son, which doesn't make any sense because Kate clearly wasn't 8 or 9 months pregnant when she boarded the flight. Does the general public think that Aaron is Kate's biological child? How would a woman who is wanted for murder be able to become the sole legal guardian of a child?
    • Presumably Jack knows that Kate's baby is actually Claire's baby Aaron, but why is Jack so afraid of seeing Aaron? Does he know by now that he's Aaron's uncle? Is he upset because Aaron is a constant reminder of Claire's death or that Claire's still stuck on the island? Does Jack know that Kate stole the baby from Claire?

  • Books in this episode:
    • VALIS
      • the book that Locke brought to Ben
      • "a 1981 science fiction novel by Philip K. Dick. The title is an acronym for Vast Active Living Intelligence System, Dick's gnostic vision of one aspect of God. VALIS is the first book in the VALIS trilogy of novels"
    • The Invention of Morel
      • the book Sawyer was reading
      • "A fugitive hides on a deserted island somewhere in Polynesia. Tourists arrive, and his fear of being discovered becomes a mixed emotion when he falls in love with one of them. He wants to tell her his feelings, but an anomalous phenomenon keeps them apart."
    • Screenshots at Sledgeweb's site
Notes from the Official LOST Podcast (there may be spoilers in this post beginning now):
  • Kate is indeed one of the Oceanic Six (we figured this out from Eggtown anyway)
    • "The remaining two are going to be very tricky."
    • We'll know the other two "soon," before the end of the season
      • Presumably Aaron was one of them, although the executive producers didn't say so
  • Although coy about the topic, Damon and Carlton admitted that the name of the actor who played Michael, Harold Perrineau, has been credited in each episode so far this season even though he hasn't been on the show in a long time
    • Clearly what this means is that Michael is going to become a regular character again this season, probably very soon
  • There are "future episodes" about the time mysteries related to Dan Faraday's experiment
  • SPOILER We will be seeing Libby soon - this season
  • When asked about the DHARMA polar bear remains that Charlotte found in the Tunisian desert, Damon said that there are properties of the island that are capable of transporting things off the island. Carlton recommended watching the film for the Orchid Station, which he says is somehow important to the show. Damon said that the polar bear has something in common with the bunnies
    • Josh has developed a theory about "wormhole clones," like the second bunny with the number 15 on its back in the Orchid film
      • Perhaps all the incarnations of Dr. Marvin Candle, Dr. Edgar Halowax, etc. are actually instances of the same person from alternate realities or points in time, or duplicates of the same person through some manner of space-time alterations caused by the island's Casimir effect. This could explain why one of the incarnations seemed to have a prosthetic arm while the others didn't, as well as the different names (of course, the names could just be made up)
      • Perhaps there are wormhole clones of Libby, which might explain why she seemed to be such a different person (with a different hair color each time) in the mental institution, Desmond's flashback, and the island
        • Here's an unrelated but interesting thought: If Michael hadn't killed Libby when he did, Desmond would have returned on his boat in time to see Libby alive and would have surely recognized Libby as the woman who sold him his boat. How would Desmond have reacted to that? Would he immediately suspect a conspiracy?
      • Josh also pointed out that the executive producers have said on another edition of The Official LOST Podcast that we will never hear the word "clone" on the show
  • The executive producers confirmed that the cow that Frank Lapidus saw was Mikhail's cow from the Flame Station
Preview for the next episode, The Constant:
  • The preview appeared to show Desmond shoving Daniel Faraday against a wall, possibly in a flashback?
  • There seemed to be a storm while they were on the helicopter, and it looked like there were guns drawn; perhaps Sayid and Desmond became afraid that Frank was going to kill them by leading them directly into the middle of a storm when Frank was really just trying to follow the exact heading that Dan said he must follow no matter what

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