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Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Shape of Things to Come Discussion

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In this episode of the JoshMeister's LOST Podcast, the JoshMeister and other LOST fans discuss Season 4 Episode 9, "The Shape of Things to Come". (Sorry again for being late this week; thanks again for bearing with me!)

Pre-Show Notes:
  • During the mid-season hiatus, Josh was on the Cranky Fanatic podcast as a contestant on Big-O's special LOST Jeopardy game. Josh was up against Curt Yanko from the Black Rock podcast and Amanda from Lost Flashbacks. Amanda won, but Josh was lucky enough to get a prize anyway: Anne Dawson's cool LOST Mind Games book, full of brain benders and worth hours of fun, available from Amazon.com.
  • If you liked the music sound bites from this week's podcast, you can get an MP3 of "Weird Al" Yankovic's song "I Lost on Jeopardy" for 99 cents, also on Amazon.
The Shape of Things to Come notes:
  • Present:
    • Jack is sick - "stomach bug" - takes antibiotics
    • Vincent barking, Bernard finds body in surf - it's the doctor from the ship! His throat was slit!
      • Who did it? Why?
    • Hurley: "Australia's the key to the whole game"
    • 1622 (or was that 1623 - two of the Numbers?) is fence code Alex enters - apparently a panic switch
    • phone rings in Ben's house, woman's automated voice repeating "code 14J" - Ben says "they're here"
  • Flashforward:
    • Ben wakes up in Sahara Desert wearing DHARMA jacket, pukes, quickly takes out two attackers who ride up on horses with machine guns
      • Why was Ben's arm hurt?
      • Josh thinks this scene makes it clear that there's some sort of wormhole (or something conceptually similar) that can be entered into from the Orchid station; the logo on Ben's coat (as seen in a screenshot - see link below) is a new logo and the name on the coat is Halliwax, which is the name of the doctor in the Orchid orientation film
  • Present:
    • Claire's house goes up in flame after rocket explosion
  • Flashforward:
    • Ben is in Tunisia
    • He's been to the hotel before - he uses his Dean Moriarty passport as ID
    • The date is October 21, 2005
    • Sayid says on TV: "I just want to bury my wife in peace"
      • We later find out for sure that Sayid married Nadia, the woman he loved and had been searching for before Flight 815
  • Present:
    • Ben says Locke and Hurley are important because Ben needs to go to Jacob
    • Claire's not dead - how exactly did she survive?
    • The freighties sent Miles to Ben's house with a walkie-talkie
  • Flashforward:
    • Ben goes to Tikrit, Iraq for Nadia funeral to find Sayid
    • Ben takes photos of someone - who? (He later tells Sayid that the man murdered Nadia days before in Los Angeles)
    • Then Ben takes pictures of Sayid carrying the casket, and Sayid sees Ben
    • Ben: "I'm going to find the man who murdered your wife"
    • Ben lies about how he got off the island - says he took Desmond's boat
  • Present:
    • Ben finds out that they have Alex
    • Martin Keamy, employee of Charles Widmore
    • He killed Alex
    • Ben says that the rules have changed - what does this mean, exactly? (More on this in a moment)
    • Ben goes into his secret passageway
      • Josh speculates that this may perhaps lead to the Orchid Station
  • Flashforward:
    • Ben follows Nadia's murderer
    • Sayid kills the man and begs Ben to tell him "who's next"
    • Ben walks away smiling; this was his plan all along
    • On the podcast, we discussed whether Ben might have actually set up Naomi's death (which Josh doesn't believe based on what we saw in the episode) but Michelle brought up a good point that Ben may have orchestrated it specifically because he knew it would empower him to recruit Sayid; why would Charles Widmore specifically want to kill Naomi?
      • Of course, maybe the man Sayid killed was someone who knew about Naomi's escape from the Iraqis and killed her for that, and perhaps the man didn't know about Charles Widmore at all, but Ben used Nadia's death as a way to trick Sayid into working for him
  • Present:
    • Earthquake, smoke monster passes by, there are gunshots, and (at least some of) Keamy's men are killed by the smoke monster
      • Can Ben summon the monster? He must know more about it than he lets on
    • Ben goes to say goodbye to his daughter while Sawyer, Hurley, Claire, and John Locke head for the tree line in the opposite direction of the monster
    • Daniel Faraday sends Morse code signal "What happened to the doctor?"
      • Signal comes back: "The doctor is fine." Daniel lies; Bernard knows Morse Code
      • Daniel admits that he's never going to take them off the island
    • Jack starts to feel sick

    • Sawyer takes Claire and Aaron back to the beach, Hurley stays with Locke and Ben
      • Miles goes with Sawyer, Claire, and Aaron (not surprising, considering that he knows what Locke and Ben are capable of, and that Ben's being hunted)
  • Flashforward:
    • Ben visits Charles
    • Charles: "Have you come to kill me?" Ben: "We both know I can't do that" - Why can't Ben kill Charles? Is it against "the rules"? Whose rules are they, anyway?
    • Charles: "Everything you have, you took from me."
    • Ben says he's going to kill Penelope, "and once she's gone, once she's dead, then you'll understand how I feel, and you'll wish you hadn't changed the rules."
      • Josh speculates that Sayid may end up being faced with killing Penelope; on the podcast, Christina wonders whether Sayid would do it considering his friendship with Desmond
    • Charles to Ben: "You'll never find her."
      • Why would Charles think so? We know Ben has good information sources because he knows an incredible amount about all of the Flight 815 survivors, etc. However, maybe Charles is right considering that Ben's file on Charles was largely incomplete
    • Charles: "That island's mine, Benjamin; always was, will be again"
    • Ben: "But you'll never find it"
      • How is it that Charles can't find the island when his minions (the freighties) already have? Not to mention that Charles' daughter Penny independently discovered the location of the island through her own research. It doesn't seem to make any sense that Charles can't find the island
    • Charles: "Then I suppose the hunt is on for both of us"
    • Ben: "I suppose it is"
      • At first Josh wondered whether Charles meant that the hunt for the island was on for both of them, but it makes more sense that Charles' hunt is for the island while Ben's hunt is for Penelope
Screenshots and Easter Eggs:
  • "Halliwax" and new DHARMA logo (Orchid Station?) on Ben's parka
  • Heiroglyphics on the door inside of Ben's secret passageway
    • A possible translation of the heiroglyphics from movv.org is "A time to command something dangerous" (The monster?)
    • Other possible translations based on DocArzt.com's article include "To summon protection," "Time to summon strength," "To summon time protection," "To summon time power," or "Time summons the power of life," among other possible meanings
  • The smoke monster "train"

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