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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Something Nice Back Home Discussion

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In this episode of the JoshMeister's LOST Podcast, the JoshMeister and other LOST fans discuss Season 4 Episode 10, "Something Nice Back Home".

Additional notes related to The Shape of Things to Come:
  • LOSTCasts:
    • Ben could have killed John et al. a long time ago with his hidden shotgun, but he didn't
    • Ben's barf was orange (perhaps orange juice) like the beverage Juliet was told to drink before entering the submarine.
  • Jay and Jack:
    • A caller suggested that maybe Charles is an island native like Richard Alpert seems to be, and/or maybe he was on the Black Rock and hasn't aged - might explain why he saw it as his island
    • Another caller suggested that maybe Alex wasn't considered a true family member so it wasn't breaking rules in Charles' mind
  • Official LOST Podcast:
    • It was the real Harper who visited Juliet in the jungle in The Other Woman, not Smokey, a manifestation of the island, etc. (apparently we were supposed to figure this out by the whispers, which are a sign of The Others)
    • Damon implied that what Desmond and Minkowski has was "the sickness" spoken of by Danielle Rousseau
    • (More from the Official LOST Podcast in the spoilers section)
  • Maybe the doctor who washed ashore with a slit throat could be a wormhole clone (Note: This theory was disproved by the next episode, Cabin Fever)
  • Maybe it was coincidence that Michael didn't die in the car crash, and the
    gun was planted by Tom... Maybe Michael really isn't invincible (Note: This theory doesn't seem plausible after seeing the next episode, Cabin Fever)
  • Heiroglyphics on the door inside of Ben's secret passageway:
    • A possible translation of the heiroglyphics from movv.org is "A time to command something dangerous" (The smoke monster?)
    • Other possible translations based on from DocArzt.com include "To summon protection," "Time to summon strength," "To summon time protection," "To summon time power," or "Time summons the power of life," among other possible meanings
Something Nice Back Home notes:
  • Present:
    • Jack collapses
  • Flashforward:
    • Jack is living with Kate! and there's a Star Wars Millennium Falcon toy on the floor - presumably Aaron's
    • Jacks reads a story to Aaron while putting him to bed (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland)
  • Present:
    • Jack has a fever

    • Miles finds Danielle and Karl's bodies; their faces are exposed
      • Is Danielle really, truly dead? More on this later

    • Jack has "cramping, dehydrated, nausea"
    • Juliet tells Jack that his appendix has ruptured, Jack says it hasn't ruptured yet, Juliet says "I guess we're just going to have take it out"
  • Flashforward:
    • Jack sees his dad!
    • Woman comments to Jack about "L4" - this is the same vertebra on which Ben had his tumor
    • Jack gets call from Santa Rosa about Hurley
      • Hurley thinks all the Oceanic Six are dead and never got off the island
      • Charlie wanted Hurley to give Jack a message: "You're not supposed to raise him, Jack."
      • "Charlie said someone's going to be visiting you, too... soon." (Christian Shephard, obviously)
  • Present:
    • Frank Lapidus saves Sawyer, Claire, Aaron, Miles' lives
  • Flashforward:
    • Jack proposes to Kate, she accepts
  • Present:
    • Charlotte speaks Korean, Jin tells her to make sure Sun gets on the helicopter when it comes back -- or else he'll hurt Daniel Faraday
  • Flashforward:
    • Christian Shephard appears to Jack
      • Did Christian's presence set off the smoke alarm? Is he Smokey?
    • Jack gets prescription for Clonazepam
      • Hurley asked Sawyer if he had any Clonazepam in his stash in Season 2, Episode 18, "Dave"
    • Kate talks to who she claims is Noreen, "one of the moms from the park" (we later find out that she "was doing something for Sawyer")
  • Present:
    • Claire sleeping by a fire, wakes up, sees her dad (Christian Shephard) holding Aaron!

    • Jack gets out of surgery, all went well
    • Juliet tells Kate that she kissed Jack, Jack overheard but pretended to be sleeping
  • Flashforward:
    • Kate "was doing something for Sawyer" - "I made him a promise"
      • Does this promise have something to do with Sawyer and Cassidy's daughter, Clementine?
        • Kate met Cassidy in a flashback
    • Jack: "He made his choice. He chose to stay. ... I'm the one who's here. I'm the one who saved you."
      • diesel929 suggested in the live chat during the podcast that maybe Sawyer stays to find Claire
    • Jack knows that he's related to Aaron; when and how did he find out?
  • Present:
    • Claire walked off into the jungle in the middle of the night following her dad
    • Sawyer finds Aaron
      • Is this why Kate takes care of Aaron? Claire just disappears? Will we actually see her die? Does she in fact die?
    Screenshots and Easter Eggs:

    • Jack has no scar from his appendix surgery when he wakes up in the future
    • Is it really Danielle in the dirt? (See these screenshots)
      • Miles asked Sawyer if that was Danielle, but Sawyer didn't answer
      • The executive producers have said as recently as this season that they'd like to do a Danielle flashback, but how could they if Danielle and Alex are both dead? (Unless Ben has a flashback that shows how he stole Danielle's baby)
The remainder of this post may contain spoilers.
  • Official LOST Podcast:
    • Carlton Cuse said that there will be a big electromagnetic event this season
  • Preview:
    • Michael: "He's going to kill everyone" - flash of Keamy
    • Kate walks holding a gun in front of her
    • Keamy and Michael fight
    • Someone says "We've been waiting for you a real long time"
    • Horace Goodspeed from the DHARMA Initiative tells John Locke "I'm not making a lot of sense, am I? Probably because I've been dead for 12 years."
  • From SpoilerFix.com:
    • Episode 4.11: Cabin Fever (Locke-centric)

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