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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Season 5 Premier "Because You Left" and "The Lie" Discussion

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the JoshMeister, James721, and other fellow LOST fans discuss the Season 5 premier episodes, "Because You Left" and "The Lie," and take a look at what we might see in episode 3.

Show notes for this edition of the podcast:
  • Season 5 Episode 1: "Because You Left"
  • Flashback:
    • Alarm clock goes off at 8:15
    • Dr. Marvin Candle — whose real name is Dr. Pierre Chang — is an actor in the orientation films but is really a scientist
    • Frozen donkey wheel x-ray
    • Faraday was there working in the cave!

  • Flashforward:
    • Ben: "Did he tell you what happened to them when the island moved?"
    • Jack: "No."
    • Ben: "Then I guess we'll never know."
    • Caption: "Three years earlier"

  • Present (?):
    • There's a flash, and Locke suddenly is by himself

    • Faraday: "We must have been inside the radius"
    • Bernard: "There is no camp ... kitchen, tents, all food and water ... gone"
    • Faraday: "It's not gone ... before it happens again ... camp is not gone; hasn't been built yet"
    • Faraday: either they or the island are moving through time
    • Locke unaccounted for -- cut to Locke, he sees Yemi's plane crash, Ethan Rom shoots him in the leg

  • Flashforward:
    • Sun flying to L.A.
    • Charles Widmore has her detained - he refers to her remark about their common interests
    • Sun explains that they both want "to kill Benjamin Linus"

    • Sayid and Hurley go to "safe house"? Two people inside tried to kill them but Sayid got them first, people took picture of Hurley after he picked up the first assailant's gun

  • Present (?):
    • Charlotte wondered if Widmore was looking for them
    • Miles goes hunting and finds a dead boar
    • Dan: "You cannot change anything."
    • Sawyer: "Then who can [stop the time-jumps]?" — cut to Locke
    • Richard Alpert to John Locke: "The only way to save the island, John, is to get your people back here - they're already home so you have to convince them to come back - you're going to have to die, John"
    • flashes again, John is back in the past when Yemi's plane is on the cliff

    • Sawyer, Juliet, etc. are back outside the hatch - hasn't been found by Locke yet
    • Charlotte's nose is bleeding, Dan panics, looks up something in the journal, knocks on hatch back door, tells Desmond to go find Dan's mother in Oxford, doesn't get to tell Des her name?
      • Who is Dan's mother? (Theory on this later.)
  • Flashforward:
    • Penny: "You've been off the island for 3 years now"
    • Des: "It wasn't a dream, Pen. It was a memory." Going to Oxford

  • Season 5 Episode 2: "The Lie"
  • Flashback: Three years ago
    • Jack is making up a story about going back home

  • Flashforward:
    • Hurley tries to wake up Sayid
    • Ana Lucia pulls him over!!
      • Ana Lucia: "What if I were real?"
      • Says Hurley needs "new clothes... safe place... someone you trust, stay away from cops, do not get arrested... Oh yeah, Libby says hi."

  • Present:
    • Neil Frogurt is with the group on the beach — previously we had only seen him on a mobisode, and before that he had been mentioned by the executive producers on The Official LOST Podcast

  • Flashforward:
    • Ben flushes Jack's pills, tells Jack to pack anything he wants because he's never coming back

    • Kate about to call Jack, decides against it, someone calls her (we find out later it's Sun!)

    • Hurley takes Sayid to his dad's house

    • Kate: floor 31 (Kate says to Aaron "three-one") 3 + 1 = 4, one of the numbers
    • She went to see Sun!

    • Ben has an ally (June) who is watching Locke's body, knows all about Jack, etc.

  • Present (?):
    • Charlotte has a headache, couldn't remember her mom's maiden name
    • Neil Frogurt gets hit with a flaming arrow!

  • Flashforward:
    • Hurley's dad takes Sayid to Jack, Jack takes Sayid to hospital

    • Hurley comes clean to his mom, says they shouldn't have lied

  • Present (?):
    • Sawyer and Juliet are captured - by DHARMA Initiative people? army people?
      • Based on the screenshots, it doesn't appear that they're DHARMA since they don't seem to have DHARMA jumpsuits

  • Flashforward:
    • Jack hooks up Sayid to breathing machine, injects him with something, takes his vitals, Sayid wakes up

    • Ben tries to talk Hurley into going with him, but Hurley turns himself in to the police

  • Present (?):
    • Locke rescues Sawyer and Juliet

  • Flashforward:
    • Woman making calculations on chalkboard (much like Daniel Faraday did in "The Constant")
    • The woman looks at computer screen: "Event Window Determined"
    • We see that the woman is... Ms. Hawking! (the "ring lady" from "Flashes Before Your Eyes")
      • Wait... is Ms. Hawking Daniel's mom?! If so, they work for opposing sides; Hawking is obviously with Ben, and Dan works for Charles Widmore
    • Hawking to Ben: "You have 70 hours
    • If Ben can't get them all back, "then God help us all" -Ms. Hawking

  • Screenshots and Easter Eggs:
  • Minor spoilers ahead. Preview for next week's episode, "Jughead":
    • Desmond tells Penny he needs to go back to the island
    • Jack and Ben try to talk Kate into going back
    • Locke says to Sawyer: "You want her [Kate] to come back, don't you?"
    • More of the military people with guns
    • Locke asks Richard Alpert how to get off the island

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

can’t wait to see what Desmond finds in tonights episode, but I especially can’t wait to hear Al Trautbig’s comments on it…He's a commentator for knicks/rangers and a MAJOR LOST FAN! He started a weekly LOST Video blog and brings up some really interesting points on time travel and how he thinks Miles is Dr. Marvin’s son! watch it here: Lost

You should share your theories with him...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009 2:57:00 PM  

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