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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

"Jughead" Discussion

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the JoshMeister, Josh aka Spivvy from The Lost Flashbacks, and other fellow LOST fans discuss Season 5 Episode 3, "Jughead", review additional points from the season premiere, and take a look at what we might see in episode 4, "The Little Prince".

Show notes for this edition of the podcast:

  • Season 5 Episode 3: "Jughead"
  • Flashforward:
    • Penny is having a baby - it's a boy
  • Flashforward still further:
    • Desmond talks to his boy, about age 2
    • "We are here because of Daniel Faraday"

  • Island:
    • Charlotte's symptoms are getting worse
    • The meat socks/redshirts trip a land mine, die
      • Miles Straume, Dan Faraday, Charlotte Lewis get captured by the army
      • Miles says Dan is in charge, and an army woman (apparently the leader of the group) says to Dan "You just couldn't stay away, could you?" as if she knows him or knows what he's after (we find out later that her name is Ellie, and she apparently didn't know Dan personally yet after all)

    • The two army men speak Latin, Juliet knows the language, too. Juliet says they're Others

    • Miles says they just walked over a fresh grave of people from the U.S. army: 3 were shot, 1 died of radiation poisoning
    • The army group holding the freighter folk captive takes them to their leader... Richard Alpert! And he looks the same age as we've always seen him

  • Flashforward:
    • Des goes to find Faraday's mom, nobody by the name Faraday in the computer as having ever worked there
    • Des finds Faraday's old room with a fumigation sticker on it, and a photograph of Faraday with a blond woman
    • Janitor(?) to Des on Faraday's name being removed from the records: "Can you blame em? I mean after what he done to that poor girl."
      • We find out later that the girl he's referring to is Theresa Spencer, who Desmond visits later in the episode

  • Island:
    • Dan says he knows there's a hydrogen bomb and it's unstable and he needs to try to disable it
    • Dan says he's in love with Charlotte

    • One of the Others taken captive by Juliet's group trusts Juliet when she asks about Richard Alpert in Latin, but then Jones (the other Other) kills him and takes off
      • Sawyer tells John to shoot but he doesn't. Sawyer asks why, and John says "Because he's one of my people." John knows he's meant to be a leader of the Others
      • Of course, we later find out that the man Locke chose not to shoot was Charles Widmore! Although Charles is a bad guy, he obviously hadn't had his daughter Penny yet, and it would have drastically altered the space-time continuum if Widmore had been killed. We've learned from Ms. Hawking, however, that the universe has a way of course correcting, so it may not have allowed Widmore to die at that point in time anyway since he was meant to live.

  • Flashforward:
    • Des looks for Theresa Spencer, meets her sister Abigail who takes him to Theresa, who is in a state similar to Minkowski before he died, her mind seemingly jumping through time or causing her to relive her memories or hallucinate
      • How is it that Theresa stays in this state permanently and doesn't die like Dan's rat, Minkowski, and the others? (It's not because she has a constant, because if she did then she wouldn't still be skipping endlessly through time.)
      • We still don't know for sure whether this is the sickness from which Danielle Rousseau's team suffered
    • Abigail says that Widmore funded Daniel Faraday's research, and that when Daniel's experiments went awry, Widmore took full responsibility and paid for Theresa's healthcare

  • Island:
    • Richard says he answers to someone (Jacob, presumably)

    • Juliet: "Richard's always been here."
      • How long is "always"? As long as the island has been around?
    • Locke: "How old is he?"
    • Juliet: "Old."

    • Daniel tries to figure out how to disable the bomb.
      • The bomb says "Jughead" on the side
      • Daniel tells Ellie that it needs to be buried, and he knows that will work because the island still exists 50 years in the future
        • Ellie doesn't believe Dan and is about to shoot him, but Sawyer shows up with a gun and forces Ellie to surrender, and he says "You told her?" in such a way that should have convinced Ellie that they seriously believed they were from the future

  • Flashforward:
    • Des barges in on Charles Widmore! (Des had told Penny he would lie low and avoid being seen)
    • Widmore says Faraday's mother is "in Los Angeles" and gives Desmond an address
    • Widmore wants Des to keep his daughter out of this, and says "Wherever you were hiding, go back there."

  • Island:
    • Richard doesn't know who John Locke is yet, but John says "Jacob sent me" and Richard trusts him
      • "Jones" doesn't trust Locke, and Richard has to force him to put his gun down
      • Richard calls him "Widmore" and John says to the man "Charles Widmore?"
      • Widmore: "What's it to you?"
      • John: "Nothing. Nice to meet you."
        • So this is how Charles Widmore became acquainted with the island!
        • Charles Widmore was an Other!

    • Recall Charles Widmore's line from Season 4 Episode 9, "The Shape of Things to Come": [to Ben] "Everything you have you took from me."
      • Does this mean that at some point Widmore was a leader of the Others? If so, how did he go from being a peon working under Richard Alpert to becoming a leader?
      • Or did Widmore mean that he once had some perceived degree of control over the island, but through some different means than leadership of the Others?

    • How did Richard Alpert communicate with Jacob at this point in time?
      • As you may recall, the fact that Ben saw his deceased mother seemed to be of interest to Richard Alpert. I have always assumed that was why Ben was selected as a temporary leader. My theory as to why this was a quality they needed in a leader is that for some reason the Others had lost the ability to communicate with Jacob and needed someone with a special aptitude for communicating with the dead.
      • DawnOwar said in the live chat: "I have a dumb theory that Ben's mom is really on the island at some point in time, too, and that's how he saw her," meaning how Ben saw his dead mother
  • Flashforward:
    • Des returns to Penny immediately, still wearing the same clothes as when he left Widmore's office
      • How does Des know that Widmore didn't send someone to follow him? On the other hand, surely Widmore knew that they'd end up going to Los Angeles to look for Eloise Hawking anyway, so he knew they wouldn't be outside of his reach for long
    • Desmond's son's name is Charlie
      • Obviously their baby is named after rock star Charlie who sacrificed his life to save the people on the island, but giving the child that name is kind of funny because Charles (from which the name Charlie is derived) is the name of Penny's father, whom they hate
    • Pen says she and Charlie will go with Des to L.A., and Desmond doesn't object
      • Charles Widmore wouldn't be happy about this

  • Island:
    • Richard says it's 1954, before Locke was born
    • John tells Richard to go look for him on the day of his birth, which of course Richard does (in Season 4 Episode 11, "Cabin Fever")
      • This is why Richard has been following John all his life
    • At the end of the Charlotte begins bleeding profusely and falls to the ground, obviously affected adversely by time travel like Minkowski rather than like Theresa Spencer
  • Screenshots and Easter Eggs:
    • Ellie = Eloise = Ms. Hawking = Daniel's Mom!?!
    • Big-O suggested that Ellie could be Emily Locke (meaning it would be John Locke's mom, not Daniel Faraday's), posting this comparison photo:
      • There are lots of problems with this theory, including the fact that there were two different actresses playing Emily and Ellie, not to mention that Ellie is not usually a nickname for the name Emily, plus Emily Locke seemed like an uncontrollable teenager while Ellie had a very different, strong, militant personality
  • Preview for the next episode:
    • Lawyer tells Kate something like "It's time to prepare yourself to accept the fact that Aaron cannot stay with you."
    • Locke to Sawyer while they're still on the island: "I have to make them come back even if it kills me."
  • From SpoilerFix (WARNING: don't click this link unless you want to risk being majorly spoiled!)
    • episode 4 will be titled "The Little Prince"

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|was thinking that Charlotte could be Daniel's daughter....

Great post, very easy to follow. Thanks :)

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