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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"This Place is Death" Discussion

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the JoshMeister, James721, dannoatlarge, and other fellow LOST fans discuss Season 5 Episode 5, "This Place is Death", review additional points from "The Little Prince", and take a look at what we might see in episode 6, "316".

Season 5 Episode 4 "The Little Prince" popup notes:
  • Popup: Ben was transported 10 months into future when he turned the wheel in The Orchid
LOSTCasts notes:
  • The name of the raft that Danielle's people were on is the same name as the planet whereon the protagonist lived in the French book The Little Prince.

  • Aaron is Christian Shephard's grandson. If Christian is someone important to the Island, sort of like a kingly figure, could that make his grandson Aaron a "little prince"? (Perhaps that's a bit of a stretch.)

  • The name on the side of Ben's van is Canton-Ranier (an anagram for reincarnation).
Season 5 Episode 5: "This Place Is Death" notes:
  • Flashforward:
    • Sun's mom calls her, Ji Yeon is really alive and has aged
    • Ben tells Sun, "Jin's still alive and I can prove it"

  • Island:
    • Montand listens to the transmission of the numbers
    • Jin asks Danielle what year it is - Danielle says it's 1988
    • Jin agrees to go with them to the radio tower
    • Nadine is suddenly gone - taken by The Others?
    • They hear the monster!
      • It killed Nadine
      • It pulled Montand into a hole and his arm was ripped off
        • Locke had the same thing happen to him in Season 1
    • Time jump, then Jin sees decaying arm
    • Hieroglyphics on the temple
    • Jin sees Danielle's trademark black smoke and follows it to the beach, where he finds two of Danielle's crew dead, shot to death
    • Danielle is about to shoot Robert, but Robert talks her out of it
      • Danielle thinks that because they went into the hole they were exposed to the monster and were getting sick
      • Robert says that the smoke monster is a security system for the temple
      • Danielle lowers her weapon and he tries to shoot her but his gun doesn't fire, so she shoots him in the head
        • So is Danielle crazy? Or was she right? Why did Robert try to shoot Danielle when she was clearly lowering her gun?
        • diesel929 (Paul R) said in the chat "maybe the island didn't want Danielle to die"
          • However, natalie_in_seattle reminded us "no danielle told sayid that she removed the pin from roberts gun"
        • baileybear (Vikki) wondered, "do you think smokey made Robert want to shoot Danielle?"
    • Danielle then sees Jin and says "You disappeared! You're sick, too!" and begins shooting at him
    • Jin runs into jungle, there's another flash, and he's reunited with Sawyer
    • Jin explains how he survived the freighter explosion: he says "in water" and makes a motion with his hands like diving
    • Jin asks about Sun, and Charlotte helps translate

  • Flashforward:
    • Kate leaves with Aaron saying that Jack and Ben are insane
    • Sayid leaves and says there will be trouble if they come to him again
    • Ben says to Sun that someone in Los Angeles can give her proof that Jin's still alive, the same person who can help them get back to the island
      • Sun agrees to go with Ben and Jack to meet this person, who was 30 minutes away

  • Island:
    • Charlotte says to Dan that she also speaks Klingon
    • Two flashes in a row, Charlotte passes out, Juliet's nose bleeds again and Sawyer's does for the first time
    • Charlotte says to Jin: "Don't let them bring her back no matter what! This place is death!"

    • Charlotte (whose mind is in another time): "Oh, turn it up! I love Geronimo Jackson."
    • "Look for the well. You'll find it at the well." What, The Orchid??
      • How could Charlotte have possibly known this, even though she had previously lived on the island? This seems like highly privileged information
    • They get to The Orchid, another flash, then it's no longer there, but Locke finds a well nearby

    • Charlotte tells Dan she grew up on the island, lived with her mum after the island, her mum denied that the island ever existed, so Charlotte became an anthropologist to find it
    • Charlotte to Daniel: "There was this man, crazy man, really scared me, told me I had to leave the island and never come back. He told me if I came back I would die. Daniel, I think that man was you."
      • This reminds us of the first episode this season when we saw Dan working in the cave near the frozen donkey wheel in a flashback
      • Mr. Bill (Bill McGehee): "I wonder if Daniel was really her father that would explain why he loves her. I think Daniel is really from the past and trapped in the future"
        • Personally, I don't agree with this theory because it seems to have a number of holes, but I thought it was interesting, at least, and we discussed it on the podcast
    • Jin makes Locke promise not to talk Sun into coming back, and gives Locke his wedding ring and instructs him to tell Sun that he's dead and that Locke buried him
    • John falls in the well, gets trapped hurt when he hits the bottom

    • Charlotte is dying, Dan says that he sent Desmond to find his mother, who can save them
    • Charlotte dies
    • Christian Shephard greets John and says he's there to help him the rest of the way
    • Christian introduces himself as the one who gave Locke the instruction to move the island
      • However, he's not Jacob, based on what he said in that previous episode; Christian claimed that he just speaks on Jacob's behalf
    • Christian: "This woman" will tell you exactly how to come back, referring to Eloise Hawking
    • Christian confirms that Locke will die
    • Give the wheel "a little push" (it's not frozen, and it's making strange noises and flashing brightly)
      • Why is there no ice covering it? Or perhaps the right question is, why is there ice covering it later in time when Ben pushes it?
      • (Locke pulls it instead of pushing it)
    • Christian says he can't help Locke get up
    • Christian: "Say hello to my son!" Locke: "Who's your son?"

  • Flashforward:
    • Ben gives Jin's ring to Sun, convinces her the opposite of what Jin told Locke to tell Sun; Ben talks her into going back, not staying away
    • Desmond shows up at the same time they're about to go into the church
    • Desmond seems to recognize Eloise as the ring lady
    • Eloise, on not having Hurley, Kate, Aaron, or Sayid: "Well, I suppose it will have to do for now"

  • Regarding their inevitable return to the island:
    • Kenwalt in the chat commented: "The little island has a runway on it. If they land on the runway, they would need to take Canoes over to the big island"
    • Kenwalt: "I forgot about the food drop. Someone knows how to get a plane there"
    • diesel929: "or was that plane caught in a time loop? but the payload came in on a weird bearing and came in at the wrong time. and the dead doctor came to the island at the wrong time too"

  • Screenshots and Easter Eggs:
  • Preview for next week:
    • Eloise Hawking says: "This is how they found the island" and something like "Windows provide a route"
    • We see a clearer view of the pendulum
    • Desmond asks "You're all going back to the island willingly?"
    • Kate says to Jack "I'm going with you" and she makes out with him (Wow—what in the world prompted that sudden change of heart?!)
    • There's a guy in a full suit who appears to jump from some high spot (perhaps off a bridge?) into water
    • There's a closeup of a painting in the church which depicts Thomas feeling Jesus' wounds; this plays into the resurrection theme
  • Notes from The Official LOST Podcast (some are spoilery, hence these are in the Spoilers section):
    • Damon said we would "find out how Montand lost his arm," which occurred in this week's episode
      • He also said that the violin belongs to Montand
    • "I like the [episode] titles this season. We try to get death in there any way we can." -Damon
    • Rose and Bernard survived the flaming arrow attack. "Pretty much most of the 'socks'" died, according to Carlton. Damon says that "over the course of season 5," one of the questions they expect to get asked most often is "where and when are Rose and Bernard?"
    • They shot a conversation between Desmond and Charles Widmore in which Charles asks "why you would name your son after me, and Desmond says, 'I didn't name him after you! I named him after the man who gave his life to try to prevent you from finding the island.'" They cut that conversation from the scene because they felt the scene was more powerful without it.
    • The hieroglyphs in the "frozen donkey wheel station" (inside The Orchid) have to do with resurrection, which will be a theme on the show this season. I suspect that this is a strong hint that Locke will be resurrected when he returns to the island. It will be interesting to see who else (if anyone) will be connected with this resurrection theme.
    • This season will start to fill in some of the missing gaps between when Richard Alpert first met young Benjamin Linus on the island and when Ben became a leader of the Others.
    • At some point we will learn how Locke got the name Jeremy Bentham. The executive producers say that the reason for the name is to avoid people recognizing him as a member of the Oceanic Six, but we will find out more of that story.
    • "Vincent definitively will survive through the end of Season Six." -Carlton
    • Damon mentioned an interesting theory that Jacob might be Locke from the future. The way he said it and the context indicate that this is not really the case, but it nevertheless makes me curious whether Jacob could be another name for a character we already know.

  • Notes from the LOSTCasts podcast:
    • Ajira Airlines is going to be how they get back to the Island? Based on a holiday greeting from Ajira Airways
    • Flight 316 is a name of a particular flight mentioned on ajiraairways.com, and "316" is also an episode title later this season
  • From SpoilerFix (WARNING: don't click this link unless you want to risk being majorly spoiled!)
    • The next episode will be titled "316"

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