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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"He's Our You" Discussion

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the JoshMeister and fellow LOST fans discuss Season 5 Episode 10, "He's Our You", and take a look at what we might see in episode 11, "What Happened, Happened".

The Official LOST Podcast - Non-spoiler notes:
  • Horace Goodspeed and Amy are Ethan's parents -- they confirmed that it's Ethan Rom, the same one who later became an Other, recruited Juliet, and abducted Claire

  • Geronimo Jackson song "Dharma Lady" from last week's episode "Namaste" is available on iTunes for free!

  • The popups are not canon. They are not regulated by the executive producers.

  • Sayid said on the show that there was an energy source behind the wall in the Swan Station. The concrete wall sealed off the station from that energy. Every 108 minutes, pushing the button "dispelled some release of energy that basically kept that thing at bay" like a dam.

  • Charlotte was not, in fact, born in 1979 as Ben says to her in "Confirmed Dead." She was really born in 1970 or 1971. The actress, Rebecca Mader, did not want to be viewed as being that much older, so she changed it on the set to 1979, but that change was not authorized by the writers or producers who knew about the time travel that would take place this season.
LOSTCasts notes:
  • How did The Others know to build a runway? Did someone (Jacob, Richard, Ben) predict/visit the future and know about Ajira Flight 316? Who specifically were they trying to save? Ben? Sun? Will Christian help Sun fix time so she can get back with Jin?

  • Did Ethan kill his dad (Horace Goodspeed) as part of the initiation into the Others? I looked up the date of the Purge, and it took place in 1992, so Ethan would have been about 15 at the time.
Season 5 Episode 10 "He's Our You" notes:
  • Flashback
    • As a young boy, Sayid killed a chicken when another boy (his older brother?) was afraid to
    • TheMissingToe: "Wasn't that young Sayid scene with the chicken similar to Yemi and Eko? (but with a chicken instead of a person?)"

  • 1977
    • Young Ben claims he talked to Richard 4 years ago, which would be 1973, and Ben arrived on the Island in 1972 (see Lostpedia's pre-crash timeline)

  • Flashback (sometime between October 2005 and late 2007)
    • Sayid working as Ben's assassin shoots a man and doesn't take his money
    • Meets with Ben
    • Ben: "Nowhere. You're done. We're done. You've taken care of everyone who was a threat to your friends."
    • Ben says they're from Widmore's organization

  • 1977
    • Sayid says Ben is a 12-year-old
      • Ben was born sometime in the 1960s. If Sayid is correct about Ben's age, this would put Ben's birth year at 1964 or 1965
    • Sayid chooses to be on his own rather than cooperate with Sawyer and become part of DHARMA

    • Hurley's assignment is in food preparation
      • His jumpsuit has a new DHARMA logo (representing food service; Kate and Juliet also have a mechanic DHARMA logo on their suits)
    • Kate finds out from Hurley that Sawyer and Juliet are together

    • Ben gets in trouble with his dad for bringing Sayid a sandwich; Ben admits that nobody asked him to make the sandwich

  • Flashback to 2007
    • Sayid is building a home in a yellow shirt
    • Ben comes to Sayid and says that John is dead and he thinks someone killed him
    • Ben says killing is in Sayid's nature

  • 1977
    • They take Sayid to Oldham. Sayid asks who he is, and Sawyer says "He's our you."
    • They strap him to a tree so his arms are out to his sides in a crucifixion pose
    • Oldham to Sayid: "There are side effects to what I'm giving you."
    • Oldham to Sayid: "One thing's for sure, friend. You will tell us the truth."

  • Flashback to 2007
    • Sun holding a gun to Ben, says he doesn't want any part of this and says "it will be extremely unpleasant for us both" if he sees Ben again
    • Sayid goes to a bar to get MacCutcheon
    • Ilana - she orders a "ribeye - bloody"
    • Ilana: "I like sad men."
    • She asks what Sayid does for a living, and he says he's trying to change

  • 1977
    • Sayid tells the truth to Oldham and the other DHARMA folks
    • "You're all going to die, you know. You're going to be killed."
    • Oldham: "Maybe I should use half a dropper. Oops."
    • Sayid: "You used exactly enough!" and he laughs insanely

    • James called Radzinsky "Stu"
    • Radzinsky: "Either we make a decision or I call Ann Arbor and they make a decision for us."
      • Ann Arbor, Michigan is the location of University of Michigan, where Karen and Gerald DeGroot founded the DHARMA Initiative with funding from the Hanso Foundation
    • Amy: "I can't sleep with one eye open."

  • Flashback to 2007
    • Sayid makes out with Ilana and they get in bed together
    • She kicks Sayid, points a gun at him, and promises to take Sayid back to Guam to pay for killing Peter Avellino

  • 1977
    • Sayid tells Sawyer he know exactly why he's there, and Sawyer says "To get shot? Are you out of your mind?"

    • Sawyer asks Kate why she came back. She says she doesn't know why the rest came back, but she knows why she did.
    • Kate doesn't get to finish the conversation because a flaming DHARMA bus drives by!
      • Young Ben apparently did it so he could release Sayid
    • Sayid to Ben: "My father was a hard man as well."
      • Young Ben: "If I let you out, will you take me to your people?"
      • Sayid: "Yes, Ben. That's why I'm here."

  • Flashback to 2007
    • Sayid: "Are you sure we're going to Guam?"
    • He sees Kate and realizes he's going back to the Island
    • Sayid asks Ilana if she's working for Benjamin Linus. She asks who he is and says "Why would I work for someone like that?" — not explicitly denying it

  • 1977
    • Sayid to Young Ben: "You were right about me. I am a killer."
    • Sayid shoots Ben once near the heart.

  • Did Ben really die?
    • irvine_cattle_ranch: "Is this when Ben finds that he can't die? The island won't let him?"

  • dannoatlarge wonders whether Jack could save Ben's life a second time (that is, Jack's second time saving Ben's life, but chronologically Ben's first time getting saved by Jack ;o)
    • That could explain why Ben wanted Jack there when Flight 815 crashed. After all, Jack "wasn't even on Jacob's list" according to Danny Pickett in Season 3 Episode 6, "I Do".

  • baileybear wonders whether Amy is a mole; she wanted to make sure Sayid got killed (although perhaps that was just a motherly concern and not an indication of undercover espionage)
    • TheMissingToe points out that this theory could explain how Ethan became an Other; his mom brought him in
    • diesel929 speculates that perhaps both Amy and Paul were moles, "hence the ankh"
      • The ankh could be a possible connection with the (Anubis?) statue which appeared to be holding an ankh, which could indicate that Paul and Amy were association with whomever built the statue on the beach, which could possibly be Island natives, who might be associated with the Hostiles/Others -- after all, if Richard Alpert never ages, he may have been on the Island when the statue was built
    • Personally, I don't know if there's sufficient evidence yet to come to that conclusion, but it's an interesting idea so I thought it was worth posting
  • Screenshots and Easter Eggs:
    • The book that Ben gave to Sayid was A Separate Reality (Wikipedia link) — see also this Sledgeweb's LOST...Stuff article
      • Ben says he read it twice
      • It's about drug use
      • danzam: "it's all an illusion. Sayid tonight is given LSD to speak the truth. LSD was created by Timothy Leary and get this with a Dr Richard Alpert who later became Baba Ram Das and wrote 'Be Here Now' in the late 60's."

    • Photos of Young Ben getting shot also from Sledgeweb's site
  • Preview for the next episode:
    • Kate: "We caused this."
    • Jack: "I was trying to save you."
    • Juliet: "We didn't need saving."
    • Horace: "Somebody let him out of his cell. It was one of us."
    • Jack: "We're under house arrest."
    • Sawyer to Kate: "Keep your mouth shut and stop asking questions."

  • From SpoilerFix (WARNING: don't click this link unless you want to risk being majorly spoiled!)
    • The next episode's title is "Whatever Happened, Happened"
  • The Official LOST Podcast (spoilery stuff):
    • A fan wrote in and asked about Walt's dream about John Locke, in which John was in a suit and surrounded by people who wanted to hurt him. Damon said that the people who wanted to hurt him could either be before the Island (e.g. the Oceanic Six) or the Ajira Flight 316 survivors. He hinted that it's the Ajira folks but doesn't confirm anything.

    • Damon confirmed that Jacob told someone to build the runway next to the Hydra station. Damon: "Jacob said to somebody 'build a runway.' So, you know, Ben was building a runway. He's always been a dutiful soldier. So were we planning on something landing on the runway?"
    • Carlton: "Well, no, but Jacob might have been."
    • Damon: "Jacob might have been. If you're building a runway, something's gonna land on it, right?"

    • We will see another scene with Ethan this season.

    • The season finale episode is called "The Incident". It will be two hours back-to-back on May 13, 2009.
    • The surprise in the season finale this year is something "you'd never see coming in a million years," there will be "some mythological elements to it"

    • We're going to find out more about the Swan station this season. Carlton hinted that the station has something to do with the Incident in the finale.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

In order for someone to know they had to build or repair an old runway for the future crash, it would have to have been one of the people who crashed in the plane on the smaller island.

Possibly Frank, Sun, Ben or Locke go into the past, (in a future episode) and someone lets slip to, say, Richard, that they need the runway to be built/cleared.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009 9:43:00 PM  

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