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Saturday, March 14, 2009

"LaFleur" Discussion

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the JoshMeister and fellow LOST fans discuss Season 5 Episode 8, "LaFleur", review additional points from "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham", and take a look at what we might see in episode 9, "Namaste".

Season 5 Episode 7 "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham" additional notes:
  • Popup: Caesar was in Ben's old office at the Hydra Station (makes sense to find a shotgun there, like the one in Ben's house in New Otherton)
  • Popup: "There was no camera when Ben arrived."
  • Popup: Matthew Abaddon "posed as" Locke's orderly -- was he already working for Charles Widmore then? The popup pointed out that it was Matthew Abaddon who inspired Locke to go on the walkabout which would ultimately lead him to be on Flight 815. Another popup reminded us that Abaddon recruited the science team for Widmore's freighter (Naomi, Daniel Faraday, Charlotte Staples Lewis, Miles Straume)
  • Popup: Reminder that Abaddon means means "guardian of the abyss" -- the meaning of his name seems to hint that Ben may be telling the truth about Abaddon and Widmore being bad guys
  • Popup: Reminder that after Ben left the Island three years ago, he convinced Sayid that it was Widmore whose people were responsible for Nadia's death; if Sayid knew that Locke was working with Widmore, he would be extremely upset (assuming he still believed what Ben told him)
  • Abaddon: After reminding Locke that he was the orderly who convinced him to go on the walkabout, he told Locke "I help people get to where they need to get to, John. That's what I do for Mr. Widmore."
  • Who is on "the wrong side"?
    • Ben and Widmore both want the Oceanic 6 to go back to the Island, so they both could be on "the right side" of the impending war, based on Charles Widmore's warning
  • From @mjparker75 on Twitter: "@theJoshMeister do you think Ben planned to kill Locke all along- knowing that suicide wouldn't allow a resurrection? Still think Ben=good"
    • I've heard this theory a couple times and it's interesting. I'm not sure whether that's the case because of Ben's comment when he left Locke's apartment that he was going to miss John; that comment seemed to imply that Ben didn't know that John would come back to life on the Island.
Season 5 Episode 8 "LaFleur" notes:
  • After Locke turns the wheel, there's a final flash and Sawyer, Juliet, Miles, and Daniel see a large statue off in the distance
    • Is this the future four-toed foot statue? (screenshots and theories later in this post!)
  • Miles: "That last flash was different... it was more like an earthquake"
  • No more headaches, nosebleeds all of a sudden

  • Three Years Later
    • Horace Goodspeed is drunk, throws dynamite
    • LaFleur = DHARMA Head of Security = Sawyer!
    • Sawyer calls Horace their "fearless leader"

  • Three Years Earlier
    • Sawyer chooses the con name "Jim LaFleur" and lies about how they got to the Island
    • Horace's wife Amy (played by Reiko Aylesworth -- "Michelle Dessler" from 24) is having a baby, which made me wonder whether she and the baby would die like all the Others that Juliet tried to save
    • Amy had been married to Paul until the Others killed him, and she later remarried Horace
      • baileybear asked in the chat: "Why did the others kill Paul and try to take Amy?" -- This seems to be an unresolved question
  • Three Years Earlier
    • Daniel says after Charlotte died, her body disappeared after a flash

  • Three Years Later
    • Sawyer tries to get Juliet to do the Caesarian section to deliver Amy's baby
      Jin says he searched Grid 1-3-3, and there was no sign of their people. Sawyer says to search Grid 1-3-4 next
      • Do the DHARMA folks really believe that after 3 years they're still searching for other survivors from their crash?
    • Jin: "How long do we look, James?"
      • Sawyer: "As long as it takes."
      • Jin's English is much better now that he's had 3 years of practice
    • Juliet: "It's a boy." -- and she says the mom (Amy) is okay
      • Clearly this is before women and their babies died during child birth on the island
      • bsnone ("bassoon one") in the chat said: "loved that Juliet seemed to get some personal redemption by helping to successfully deliver a baby on the island"
      • Kenwalt in the chat pointed out in the chat that "Not all babies die. Aaron was born on the island."
        • My response is that all of those we know of who died during child birth on the island also conceived on the island. Aaron was conceived off-island and was almost fully developed before arriving there and being born on-island, and Ji Yeon was conceived on the island but spent the majority of gestation off-island and was born off-island. Alex was also conceived before Danielle Rousseau and Robert came to the island, and Danielle and Alex survived Alex's birth. Amy and Horace would have been on the island when their baby was conceived, because Amy had previously been on the island when she was married to Paul and presumably she didn't leave the island after being married to Horace.

  • There was an advertisement for a movie called "Knowing" with Nicholas Cage -- numbers predict the future = LOST plot ripoff! (We found out in the first LOST ARG, The LOST Experience, that the main purpose of the DHARMA Initiative was to use the numbers to predict and prevent the end of the world.)

  • Three Years Earlier
    • Horace tells Sawyer ("Jim LaFleur") that he needs to leave the Island the next morning on a sub, and says that James isn't "DHARMA material"
      Daniel sees Charlotte as a young girl living amongst the DHARMA folk
    • Richard Alpert shows up in the DHARMA village (the future "New Otherton") with a torch
      • Horace Goodspeed goes out to speak with him
      • The sonic fence doesn't keep The Others out
      • Horace mentions a "heavy ordinance" -- what was he referring to?
      • Sawyer goes outside and tells Richard Alpert the truth; Sawyer was one of the time travelers with Locke, and the Others' death was their fault, not DHARMA's
      • Horace says the deal is to send Paul's body back with Richard, and says if Amy doesn't want to, they will suffer the consequences
      • Amy says that Paul would want to sacrifice himself for the rest of them, and she takes Paul's ankh
    • Sawyer talks Juliet into staying instead of taking the next sub off the island -- they seem to be developing some kind of romantic relationship

  • Three Years Later
    • Sawyer and Juliet are living together
    • They say "I love you" to each other
    • Sawyer asks why Horace was too busy drinking and blowing up trees to be there for the birth of his son, and he says it was because he found Paul's ankh in Amy's sock drawer and he was worried that she might not have gotten over Paul yet
    • Sawyer tells Horace about Kate (or so we assume, although it's possible that he could have been talking about Cassidy)
      • He says he doesn't remember what she looks like anymore, and says that three years is "absolutely" long enough to get over someone

    • Sawyer drives his blue DHARMA Jeep to meet Jin with Hurley, Jack, and Kate in his DHARMA Volkswagen van
      • Kate smiles and Sawyer and he doesn't seem to know quite what to make of the whole situation

  • Mormegil: "What year does Ben come to the island as a child?"
    • According to Lostpedia's pre-crash timeline, probably 1976 or 1977
    • Ben wouldn't see himself because he stayed with the pilot, Locke, etc. in the present, but it's certainly possible that Sawyer etc. (who are currently stuck in 1977) could run into young Ben among the DHARMA folks

  • John_Carter: "Did Widmore leave the island before Ben arrived?"
    • TheMissingToe: "no - Widmore said Ben tricked him into turning the wheel"

  • baileybear: "i was watching the bonus features for season 4 and Locke told Jack that Ben was in town. so Jack met up with Ben b/4 Ben came to Locke's room to kill him. they didn't show that scene. ben said did locke tell you i was in town. jack says yes. so since locke is dead he had to have met with ben b/4 he died. and told jack this when he was in the hospital."

  • Is Horace and Amy's baby boy anyone we know?
    • James721: "baby Goodwin?"
      • TheMissingToe: "kind of creepy for Juliet though - she delivered her future lover"

  • Screenshots and Easter Eggs:
    • Girl's Geronimo Jackson shirt

    • Ankh:
      • From "Ankh" on Wikipedia: "The ankh was the Egyptian hieroglyphic character that read "eternal life"... Egyptian gods are often portrayed carrying it by its loop, or bearing one in each hand, arms crossed over their chest. It is also known as the key of life, the key of the Nile, or as crux ansata, Latin for 'cross with a handle'."
      • TheMissingToe: "interesting Richard Alpert connection there with Ankh" - Richard seems to have some form of unending life since he never seems to age

    • Is the statue of Anubis?
  • Preview for the next episode (March 18, 2009):
    • Sawyer and the other DHARMA infiltrators try to figure out what to do about Jack, Hurley, and Kate so they won't be seen as Hostiles
    • A DHARMA member says to James (referring to Sayid, who they think is a Hostile): "We can end this right now. We shoot him."
      • Kenwalt in the chat had a good point: "James will have a tough time explaining why Sayid is in handcuffs"

  • From SpoilerFix (WARNING: don't click this link unless you want to risk being majorly spoiled!)
    • The next episode's title is "Namaste"
  • Official LOST Podcast:
    • The title of Episode 11 is "What Happens Happens", and in that episode it will be revealed what happened to Aaron

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