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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

"The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham" Discussion

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the JoshMeister and fellow LOST fans discuss Season 5 Episode 7, "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham", review additional points from "316" and "This Place is Death", and take a look at what we might see in episode 8, "LaFleur".

Season 5 Episode 6 "316" additional notes:
  • Popup: Same lagoon as Season 1 episode "Whatever the Case May Be" where Kate and Sawyer went swimming
  • Popup: The name of The Lamp Post station was inspired by the lamp post in The Chronicles of Narnia
  • Popup: The DHARMA Initiative used old sailing journals like the one from the Black Rock -- the same one that Charles Widmore would later win in an auction
  • Popup confirmed that Ben was going to fulfill his promise to Charles Widmore to kill Penelope
    • Could Ben have gone after their Penny and Desmond's baby Charlie instead, as well?
    • If Ben hurt Penny (and/or Charlie), Des would go back to the Island to kill Ben
  • Popup: "Y: The Last Man" comic series is about a plague that killed all male mammals on the planet
LOSTCasts' notes for "This Place is Death":
  • Sickness is not nosebleeds
  • Locke interacted with Smokey - is he "sick"?
  • Is Charlotte's adoptive mother from the Island of Korean descent? Might explain why Charlotte spoke Korean
    • LOSTCasts shared another, more plausible theory in their discussion of "316" below
  • Don't bring her back - Ji Yeon? Because she was conceived on the Island she's special?
  • Adam and Eve = Aaron and Ji Yeon?
    • Josh doesn't think so, but it's interesting to note that Aaron was conceived off-island and born on-island, and the opposite is the case with Ji Yeon; she was conceived off-island and born off-island. This would make them a good Yin/Yang, Black/White-themed pair
  • The painting of the apostle Thomas = doubting/needing to have faith theme
    • I pointed out on the previous podcast that the painting also had to do with the resurrection theme
  • Is someone on the Island Dan's dad? With Ellie as the mother (assuming she's Eloise Hawking)? Could it be that Charles Widmore is Dan's father?
LOSTCasts' notes for "316":
  • Jin's new DHARMA logo
    • Jin is working in DHARMA security?
  • On Ajira Flight 316, Sun was a proxy for Rose - she was holding her husband's ring like Rose was
  • Perhaps Jin taught the Korean language to Charlotte after living among the DHARMA people on the Island
    • diesel929: "Maybe she is the daughter of a very high up DHARMA operative"
Season 5 Episode 7 "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham" notes:
  • Island:
    • Caesar is in The Hydra DHARMA station looking at maps of the island
      • Caesar loads a shotgun, puts it in his bag (screenshot)
    • He and Ilana work together but don't trust each other
      • AlextheOther in the live chat: "He's the Jack of 316, keeping everything from everyone else"
    • Ilana said Roxanne was scouting, saw a man standing in the water, someone who (she thought) wasn't on the plane
    • Surprise, surprise: Locke is alive again on the island

    • Locke has taken off his shoes
    • Ilana: Pilot and some woman took a boat and took off during the night
      • Who is the woman?
        • Sun?
        • diesel929: "Maybe the ghost of Naomi came to Frank"
      • Are they the ones who shot at Sawyer etc. during the period after they found the Ajira bottle? If so, did they think they were someone else?
    • Locke: "Do you have a passenger list?"
      • Ilana: "You'll have to talk to Caesar"

  • Flashback:
    • Locke is in Tunisia
    • What's with the cameras? (We find out shortly)
    • Matthew Abaddon is there when they are performing surgery on John
    • Widmore is there when John wakes up: "I met you when I was 17."
      • Widmore says he placed those cameras there because "that's the exit"
      • Even though island is moving, the exit is always the same for some reason; the DHARMA polar bear Charlotte found was also in Tunisia
    • Widmore says he had been a leader of The Others: "We protected the island for decades, then he [Ben] exiled me"
    • Widmore is going to help Locke bring them back "Because there's a war coming john. And if you're not back on the island when that happens, the wrong side is going to win."
    • Widmore gives him the name Jeremy Bentham
    • Locke goes to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
      • Locke visits Sayid there
    • New York, NY
      • Locke visits Walt here
      • Walt says to John that he saw him on the Island in suit, and everyone was angry with him
        • diesel929: "Josh, do you think Ben makes them all turn on John?"
          • I wouldn't be surprised. However, Caesar and Ilana seem to dislike and distrust Locke already, even without Ben's provocation
      • Locke doesn't try to talk Walt into going back - tells Matthew Abaddon that "the boy's been through enough" and "I only need to convince one."
      • Ben watches Locke get back in the car
    • Santa Rosa, CA
      • Hurley tells Locke that Matthew Abaddon claimed to have been employed by Oceanic Air
        • Matthew reminds Locke that he was the orderly who helped rehabilitate Locke
        • james721: "It seems Locke should have been more believing to Hurley's warning about Abaddon"
          • Interesting theory, but what if Abaddon was really a good guy, or at least a better person than Ben is?
    • Los Angeles, CA
      • Locke fails to convince Kate
    • Santa Monica, CA
      • Locke goes to visit Helen - she's buried in a graveyard - died of a brain aneurysm - "June 30, 1957 - April 08, 2006"
        • Someone shoots and murders Matthew (we later find out that Ben did it)
        • Locke gets in an accident, is taken to Jack's hospital
          • Locke fails to convince Jack, even after telling him about Christian having sent him
    • Locke writes the suicide note and starts to hang himself, then there's a knock at the door -- it's Ben!
    • Ben: "I'm trying to protect you."
    • Ben admits to killing Abaddon, claims that Abaddon would have killed Locke and said that Widmore is extremely dangerous
    • Ben tells Locke that Jack booked a round-trip flight from L.A. to Sydney -- he did get Jack to want to go back
    • Locke tells Ben that there's a woman named Eloise Hawking that they need to find
      • How did John know about Eloise Hawking?
        • Christian told John?
      • How did Ben know about her? He recognized her name, but apparently didn't know she was nearby.
    • Ben kills Locke!
      • Why did Ben kill John? Because he wants control of the island for himself? Does this mean that Widmore was telling the truth?
      • james721: "John is NOT allowed to kill himself"
      • Maybe Ben knew Locke had to die anyway and would be resurrected on the island?
    • Ben fixes up the apartment to make it look like a suicide, takes Jin's ring
      • "I'll miss you, John. I really will."
        • This comment sort of seems to hint that Ben didn't known John would be resurrected

  • Island:
    • Caesar says that Hurley and some of the others from the plane disappeared while they were watching them
      • They must have gone back in time, while the rest of the survivors (including Locke) are presumably in the present
      • Past/present observances with the plane etc. from Sledgeweb's LOST site
    • Ben is one of "the people who got hurt"

    • baileybear: "Where is Sayid?"
      • For that matter, where is Sun? Unless we're supposed to assume that she's the one who went with Frank, perhaps to try to find Jin

    • james721: "Ceasar is WIDMORE's SPY or a free agent"
  • Screenshots and Easter Eggs:
    • Caesar's findings:
      • "Caesar locates some files in The Hydra station that includes Dan Faraday's map and one of his journal pages concerning time travel. Also included is Rousseau's map." -from Sledgeweb's LOST Stuff
      • Life magazine (screenshot)
        • Hydrogen bomb on the cover -- reminds us of Faraday's suggestion to bury the bomb, etc.
    • Sayid's shirt (screenshot)
  • Preview for next week:
    • Sawyer and Juliet with guns
    • A blonde woman has a bag on her head, which is removed
      • diesel929: "Libby maybe?"
  • From SpoilerFix (WARNING: don't click this link unless you want to risk being majorly spoiled!)
    • The next episode's title is "LaFleur" (which they said on The Official LOST Podcast is a person's name)

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