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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"Namaste" Discussion

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the JoshMeister and fellow LOST fans discuss Season 5 Episode 9, "Namaste" and take a look at what we might see in episode 10, "He's Our You".

Season 5 Episode 9 "Namaste" notes:
  • Present (2007)
    • We see how Ajira 316 crashed - Frank landed on the runway, but they were going too fast and crashed into trees, and the copilot was impaled by a branch

    • Sun was with Frank, not back in time with Jack, et al.

    • Ben wasn't among the injured yet!? Who injured him after the crash? Caesar? Sun? Ilana?
      • baileybear: "How did Illana see them leave on the boat? It seemed they traveled quite a bit to the boats."
        • Did Ilana drag Ben back to the hatch? Did Frank go back and tell the other survivors that he was going to the other island on a boat? The latter seems less likely because some of the other survivors would have probably wanted to go with them
  • 30 years earlier (1977)
    • Jin going to the Flame to find out from Radzinsky if he's seen anyone else from the plane crash
    • Juliet says there's a sub coming in this afternoon. Is she jealous of Kate being back? Does she think James likes Kate better? Or was she just saying that because it was part of the con we find out about later to make it look like Jack, Kate, and Hurley were on the sub?
      • natalie_in_seattle: "Juliet made Kate a mechanic so that she can keep an eye on Kate....keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer"
  • Present
    • Frank says he can't make contact with the radio, but not to worry because once they realize
    • Caesar says there are building and cages, Ben walks off, Sun follows
    • Frank watches Sun walk off after Ben

  • 30 years earlier
    • Juliet goes to Amy to get the incoming sub's manifest
    • Amy mentions Pierre (Chang?)
    • Amy says her son's name is Ethan! She delivered a future Other and friend?
      • His name was Ethan Rom, though, not Ethan Goodspeed; what's with the different last names if it's the same person?

    • Sawyer tells Jack, Kate, and Hurley to dress like recruits and pretend to have been on the sub; he says nobody on the sub will know because all the other recruits were unconscious

    • Radzinsky's computer senses activity in Grid 325 and thinks there's a hostile in their perimeter
      • Jin runs there and finds Sayid
      • Radzinsky catches up and Jin has to pretend to not know Sayid and treat him like a hostile

    • The Swan station hadn't been built yet
      • AstroJones from Sledgeweb's site points out that it's weird for Radzinsky to have spent so much time creating the blast door map when he already knew so much about DHARMA and the stations
        • TheMissingToe: "Maybe Razinsky was trapped in the hatch when the purge happened. He was trying to map everything from memory to form some type of plan."

    • Jin tells Sawyer over the walkie-talkie that he found Sayid
      • Anyone could have been listening in! What would DHARMA think if they knew that Jin and "LaFleur" knew a supposed hostile by name?
  • Present
    • Ben plans to take an outrigger to the main island
    • Sun wants to go to the main island with him in hopes that Jin is there
      • Sun says "I have to trust him"

    • Ben starts to explain to Frank that he can get supplies for the survivors from the barracks (aka New Otherton), and Sun knocks Ben out, and tells Frank "I lied" [about trusting Ben]

  • 30 years earlier
    • Sawyer rescues Sayid but has to make Sayid admit to being a hostile

  • Present
    • Frank and Sun arrive at the other island
    • The pier is a mess, and something large rustles the branches
      • Sun and the viewers wonder if it might be the smoke monster
    • They go to New Otherton which is all run down
    • They hears whispers
    • A light comes on in a building that still has a DHARMA logo on it
    • Christian Shephard greets them, and Sun (not knowing who he is) asks if he knows where Jin is. Christian smiles and says 'Follow me."
      • The last person Christian asked to follow him was Claire, who many fans presume to now be dead (since she didn't seem at all bothered to have given up Aaron, etc.)
      • Christian shows Sun a photograph of Jin with her friends in the DHARMA Initiative in 1977 with the new recruits (see later for a possible Easter egg)

  • 30 years earlier
    • Young Ben brings Sayid a sandwich — is this before or after Ben has started to meet with Richard Alpert and rebel against DHARMA? He looks older, but of course the actor is older than he was when the other scene was filmed
  • baileybear: "I have a question. Can the Oceanic 6 that are in Dharma now be killed in 1970's? They are alive in 2004. I'm confused"
    • TheMissingToe: "Yes they can be killed - they are on their own timeline even though they are time traveling. That's why Frogurt could be killed"
    • Josh further explains time travel and potential paradoxes on the podcast

  • baileybear: "Radzinsky wanted to kill Sayid because he was a hostile. Wouldn't that break the agreement?"
    • Yes, but only if Sayid had not identified himself as being a hostile, according to Sawyer. But of course, Sawyer made Sayid admit to being a "hostile" so Radzinsky wouldn't be able to kill Sayid without breaking the truce
  • baileybear: "why is Christian still in charge? Lockes on the island"
    • TheMissingToe: "Locke hasn't made his way to Jacob or Richard to claim his throne"

  • baileybear: "Where is Faraday?"
    • He's probably working with the team that's digging next to the frozen donkey wheel

  • Screenshots and Easter Eggs:

    • Was the smoke monster in the room with Christian? (Or is Christian a manifestation of the monster?)
      • Josh doesn't think the wisp of white smoke was the smoke monster; we've never seen it white before
      • There has been some evidence of Christian being a manifestation of the monster: the smoke alarm going off in the Jack flashforward
  • Preview for the next episode:
    • Sayid looked like he was up against a tree with his arms stretched out in a T formation as thought he was being crucified
    • Sayid: "You're all going to die, you know" — he seems to be telling DHARMA folks about the Purge
    • Juliet tells Kate to stay away (presumably from Saywer)
    • Jack was looking at one of the barracks that's on fire
    • Sawyer tells Sayid he's on his own — and head-butts him?
    • Sayid: "Now I know exactly why I'm here"
    • Sayid fires a hand gun
      • Who was he shooting at? Young Ben? Would it even be possible?
        • On the podcast, Josh further explains the time travel paradox of killing Ben in the past
      • How did Sayid get out? Did Ben let him out?

  • From SpoilerFix (WARNING: don't click this link unless you want to risk being majorly spoiled!)
    • The next episode's title is "He's Our You" and it will be Sayid-centric
  • Official LOST Podcast:
    • The title of Episode 11 is "What Happens Happens", and in that episode it will be revealed what happened to Aaron

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