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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"Lighthouse" Discussion

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the JoshMeister and fellow LOST fans discuss Season 6 Episode 5, "Lighthouse".

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Notes from The Official LOST Podcast:

The date on the Ultrasound in the episode "What Kate Does" was a prop error (or else the date on the Ultrasound machine was wrong... whichever you prefer to believe).  Oceanic Flight 815 departed on the same date, September 22, 2004, in both the original timeline and the flash-sideways.

Season 6 Episode 5 "Lighthouse":

2004 "flash-sideways":
  • Jack doesn't really remember having his appendix removed as a child
    • In the original timeline, Juliet removed it on the Island (Season 4 Episode 10, "Something Nice Back Home").
      • Theory: "this is not a parallel timeline so much as it is a time displaced continuation of their subjective timelines" -from "Republibot 2.0"
  • Jack has a son?!  David
    • Ha! David Shephard. David from the Bible was a shepherd
    • Who is David's mother?  Sarah?  Or perhaps it's someone else; I didn't see any hints about the identity of Jack's (presumaby ex) wife in the episode, which might mean they're intentionally keeping it a surprise for a future episode
2007 on the Island:
  • Jacob to Hurley: "I'm here because I need you. ... Someone is coming to the Island.  I need you to help them find it."
    • Is that really true?  If so, who is coming?  Desmond?  Charles Widmore?
  • Jack's son apparently doesn't get along very well with him, says he only sees Jack once a month
    • Jin: "How long have you been out here?"
    • Claire: "Since you all left."
      • Why does Claire think that they left her?  She's the one who left them in the middle of the night to follow "her father"
        • "smokey probably told her that" -baileybear
        • "'brainwashed' by Christian" -james721
        • "brainwashed by locke. locke meaning man in black" -Guest 16
        • "or they are friends" -bwoood
    • Jacob tells Hurley to tell Dogen that he's a candidate
    • Dogen says something in Japanese that Jacob refuses to translate, saying instead "You don't want to know."
      • Anyone have a translation?
    • Jacob tells Hurley that he needs to take Jack with him, but Hurley says that Jack will refuse
    • Jacob tells Hurley to tell Jack, "You have what it takes."  This seems to work
    • Claire: "If there's one thing that will kill you around here, it's infection."
      • How ironic; Claire's apparently the infected one
    • Jin: "Claire, have you been out here all this time by yourself?"
    • Claire: "Oh, no, I'm not by myself."
    • Justin tells Jin that Claire will kill both of them
      • "does claire know she was infected?" -Guest 16
        • Probably not; look at Rousseau thinking her teammates were infected when apparently Rousseau was the one who was infected
      • "i knew as soon as Jin said Kate has your baby ..Kate was a goner.  But Jin saved Kate" -baileybear
      • "rousseau tortured sayid the same way dogen did" -bwoood
        • I don't recall that, but Claire did say in this episode that The Others "branded" her and she showed a burn scar on her arm or shoulder to prove it
      • "the man in black wants to recruit her, so he lies to her to turn her against the temple" -Guest 16
    • Jack sees Kate at a river and invites her to come along, but Kate says she's going to find Claire
    • Jack's mom finds Christian's will and asks Jack if he recognizes the name Claire Littleton, which Jack doesn't seem to (little does Jack know that she was on the plane with him)
      • Christian apparently never told his wife about his daughter in Australia
    • Jack finds Shannon's asthma inhaler at the caves
    • Hurley finds the skeletons and asks, "What if these skeletons are us?"
      • Obviously, the two skeletons are not Jack and Hurley because one of them is female, as Jack pointed out in Season 1
      • I think the fact that they brought up the "Adam and Eve" skeletons in this episode indicates that we're going to get a definitive answer as to who they really are by the series finale
    • Jack tells Hurley the story of how he really found the caves and finding the empty coffin
    • Jack can't find his son David, goes over to David's mother's house to look for him
    • There's a message on the answering machine indicating that David is probably at a conservatory
    • Hurley asks Jack why he came back to the Island
    • Jack: "I came back here because I was broken and I was stupid enough to think that this place could fix me."
    • Lighthouse on the beach
      • Jack wonders why they've never seen it before
    • Jin tells Claire that Kate took Aaron and has been raising her for 3 years
    • Claire kills Justin the Other anyway
    • Jack kicks down the door to the lighthouse
    • "there is a light house in jacobs tapestry at the bottom" -bwoood
    • Jack sees David playing piano at the conservatory
    • Dogen's son tells Jack that David is really good, then Dogen talks to Jack!
    • Hurley says the fire pit mirrors need to be turned to 108 degrees in order to light the fire
    • Their names are degrees!
    • Jack turns it to 23 for his name and sees the house he grew up in in the mirror
    • Jack realizes Jacob's been watching them this whole time
    • Jack: "I want to know why he was watching me.  I want to know right now."
    • In a fit of rage, Jack smashes all the mirrors with a pipe
      • Was this Jacob's plan?
    • David tells Jack he didn't want Jack to see him fail
    • Jack tells David about his own father
    • Jack: "In my eyes, you can never fail."
    • Jacob's plan was for Jack to see what was in the mirror so he could see how important he is
    • Jacob: "I had to get you and Jack as far away from that temple as I could because someone's coming there.  Someone bad.  You can't warn them, Hugo.  I'm sorry, it's too late."
    • Jin lies to Claire, tells her what she wants to hear, that Aaron is at the temple and he'll help her get in
    • Claire says that if what Jin said was true she'd kill Kate
    • Fake Locke shows up
    • Jin: "John?"
    • Claire: "That's not John.  This is my friend."
      • This is further evidence that the infection is closely associated with the smoke monster/"Man in Black"
    bwoood shared a theory that the cave writings may have actually been made by the Man in Black rather than Jacob, either as a con or as his own version of the information at the lighthouse.

    RatFace wondered, "All I want to know is, where on the island is that dog VINCENT?"  Presumably he would be back in 2007 along with Rose and Bernard; where have they been since the detonation of the hydrogen bomb?
    "I wonder if Jacob and MIB are the same person... why else are they not naming him? Maybe he's just the 'dark side' of Jacob. it's just weird that they would go through so much trouble to keep his name hidden... they've given us names of so many unimportant people. unless he's someone we know or something... there doesn't seem to be a reason to do that" -icebird
      Screenshots and Easter Eggs:

      As with the cave in the previous episode, there are tons of names in the lighthouse.  See screenshots on DarkUFO and Sledgeweb.  Lostpedia has a list of names seen in the cave and lighthouse.  Some observations from the lighthouse screenshots:
      • "oh wow  the numbers for Burke dont match. 58 in the Lighthouse  55 in the Cave" and "Faraday doesnt match either 101 in the lighthouse 761 in the cave" -Josh "Spivvy" from The Lost Flashbacks Podcast 
        • "i bet the hand drawn number from the cave was misinterpreted" -Amanda from Lost Flashbacks
        • "yeah.  maybe in the Cave was harder to see" -Josh "Spivvy"
        • An alternate theory, at least in the case of Burke, is that one number could refer to Juliet and the other could refer to her deceased husband Edmund.  However, this doesn't explain the apparently two Faradays
      • 51 is Austen (Kate?)
      • "109 is Mr Friendly!!" -james721
      • "apparently no one from the tail section is a candidate" -Josh "Spivvy"
      • Some names in the lighthouse are darker than others
        • theory: "it looks like Shephard was written in later" -icebird

      Preview for upcoming episodes:
      • Claire: "You're going to hurt them"
      • Man in Black: "Only the ones who won't listen"

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          Blogger Unknown said...

          Dearest Joshmeister,

          Just wanted to let you know that you have been mentioned on We Hate Your Blog.

          We don't hate your blog. We can't say we like it though. That's against the rules. Just take the absence of hate and consider it a high honor.

          Wednesday, February 24, 2010 6:28:00 AM  
          Blogger Unknown said...

          I think 'Adam and Eve' are Bernard and Rose, died after the bomb.

          Wednesday, February 24, 2010 7:56:00 AM  
          Blogger Josh Long said...

          Good thought, coryt. I've previously theorized that Bernard and Rose are "Adam and Eve," but after considering the fact that they should have jumped through time along with Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Juliet, Sayid, Hurley, and Miles, I find it harder to believe that just Rose and Bernard were left behind.

          Wednesday, February 24, 2010 9:36:00 AM  
          Blogger Josh Long said...

          Re: Ashby and "We Hate Your Blog":

          Thanks for the praise! Please know that I'm only publishing your comment because Mike V. from the blog you hate (or is that "hate"?) seemed to like your blog post.


          Wednesday, February 24, 2010 9:49:00 AM  
          Blogger Josh Long said...

          Re: Ashby and "We Hate Your Blog" (continued):

          And to be fair, I think one of the reasons my blog gets so few comments is that I typically post my show notes really late, as in a day before the next episode is airing, because I don't usually have time to edit and post them before then. This week was an exception. I would appreciate more comments and theories from readers, though. =)

          Wednesday, February 24, 2010 9:58:00 AM  
          Blogger Mike V. said...

          LIKE is a strong word Josh! I just don't care is more like it. My opinion is all press is good press.

          btw...thanks for the twitter follow!

          Wednesday, February 24, 2010 1:38:00 PM  

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