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Monday, February 22, 2010

"The Substitute" Discussion

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the JoshMeister, Congested from Audibly Lost, and fellow LOST fans discuss Season 6 Episode 4, "The Subsitute".


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Jorge Garcia (the actor who plays Hugo "Hurley" Reyes) has his own LOST podcast called Geronimo Jack's Beard where he and his friend recorded their initial reactions to the script for each episode, offering a different perspective on each LOST episode.

Season 6 Episode 4 "The Substitute":

  • Locke gets out of car in wheelchair
    • Who was driving the car and why didn't they help John get out?
  • He lives with Helen!?!  They're planning to get married.
  • John apparently told Helen he was going to a conference, not a walkabout
  • Fake Locke: "John's a candidate, or at least he was a candidate"
    • Richard: "What do you mean a candidate?"
    • I would never have treated you like that, kept you in the dark.  I would have treated you with respect.
    • Fake Locke wants Richard to go with him, and Richard refuses
  • Fake Locke sees a boy in the jungle and seems surprised
  • Ilana cries in Jacob's home
  • Ben enters and tells Ilana that Locke kicked Jacob's body into the fire, and she picks up some of the ashes and puts them in a bag
    • Are these the same ashes they're using to defend against the Man in Black?  Did they take Jacob's ashes back in time somehow?
  • Ilana tells Ben the reason why Fake Locke carried Richard out into the jungle: "He's recruiting"
  • Fake Locke shows up at the barracks and greets Sawyer
  • Sawyer: "I thought you were dead."
  • Fake Locke: "I am."
  • Sawyer: "You sure as hell ain't John Locke.  Cause Locke was scared. ... But you, you ain't scared."
  • Fake Locke: "What if I told you that I was the person who could answer the most important question in the world? Why are you on this Island?"
  • Fake Locke: "That's not why you're here and if you come with me I can prove it."
  • Locke tries to scratch a yellow Hummer who parked next to him -- it's Hurley's
    • Hurley, of course, has good luck in this timeline, so the Hummer doesn't get scratched
  • Hugo Reyes introduces himself to John Locke
  • Locke says he was just fired by Randy Nations, and Hugo says Randy is a douche
  • Hurley says "I own a temp agency too. ... Tell them Hugo sent you and to hook you up with a new job pronto.  And chin up.  It'll work out."
  • "But the flashsideways is derived from the fact that the Island is not there anymore, it's at the bottom of the ocean. Hurley is understandable. No crazy numbers, no crazy numbers to play, no terrible luck. The numbers as in the numbers on Jacob's list?" -flyboypatrick
    • Perhaps Hurley played the same numbers but it actually gave him good luck with the Island being sunk.  Or maybe not... where would he have gotten the numbers?  According to Lostpedia, Sam Toomey and Leonard Simms heard the Numbers transmission in 1988, just before Danielle changed the transmission.  Thus, if the Island was sunk in 1977, Hurley never could have gotten the Numbers from Lenny in the hospital.
  • "maybe the Island is Atlantis, and the whole show has been in an alternate timeline" -Josh "Spivvy" from The Lost Flashbacks
    • Ilana tells Sun that if Jin's alive, he'll be at the temple
    • Sun: "What about John?  We need to bury him."
    • Fake Locke sees the young boy again.  He looks like a young Jacob.  Sawyer sees him too.  Fake Locke chases the boy and falls down.
    • Boy: "You know the rules.  You can't kill him."
      • Jacob?
      • Sawyer? -Kylene
        • "He wants them all gone so there's no replacement for Jacob" -Congested
        • "Maybe Not-Locke isn't allowed to kill the candidates? Therefore, Eko wouldn't be on the list." -flyboypatrick
      • Smokey has to follow the rules?
        • Same rules as Ben and Widmore follow? SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME.
    • Fake Locke uses one of the real John Locke's oft-repeated lines: "Don't tell me what I can't do. Don't tell me what I can't do!"
    • Richard quietly approaches Sawyer and asks where the man went
    • "Don't be naive.  He's going to kill you.  He wants everyone dead.  Everyone you care about.  All of them.  And he won't stop--" He runs off as Fake Locke approaches.
    • Rose Nadler is the office supervisor
    • She says she has terminal cancer
    • Sawyer asks Fake Locke if he's read Of Mice and Men by Steinbeck, and Fake Locke says it's after his time
      • "John Steinbeck (Of Mice and Men)was Published in 1937, so that would make Fake Lock near 70+ years old." -RatFace
      • Actually, he was also there much earlier during the Black Rock time
      • In the temple there are images of the Smoke Monster -Congested
    • Sawyer: "What are you?"
    • Fake Locke: "What I am is trapped.  And I've been trapped for so long that I don't remember what it feels like to be free... but before I was trapped I was a man just like you.  I know what it's like to feel joy, pain, anger, fear, to experience betrayal.  I know what it's like to lose someone you love.  If you want to shoot me, shoot me.  But you're so close, James, it would be such a shame to turn back now."
      • Maybe even the MIB was brought to the Island by Jacob -courthaven
    • Ilana says that the Man in Black can't change his face, "not anymore. He's stuck this way."
      • How does she know so much about these things?  How is it that Richard knows so little compared to her even though he worked with Jacob on the Island?
    • Ben eulogizes John Locke: "John Locke was a believer, a man of faith, a much better man than I will ever be, and I'm very sorry I murdered him."
    • John calls Jack's office but hangs up
    • John tells Helen that he got fired, and John's lost luggage is delivered right then, so John has her open it
    • John says there are no miracles
    • Helen: "There are miracles, John.  And the only thing I was ever waiting for was you."
    • Helen's shirt says "Peace & Karma"
    • Fake Locke invites Sawyer to go with him down the side of a cliff on the water's edge
    • Sawyer falls but Fake Locke saves him
    • They go into a cave on the side of the cliff
    • "What is this place?"
    • black and white rocks on a scale
      • Fake Locke throws the white rock into the ocean
      • Sawyer: "What was that all about?"
      • Fake Locke: "Inside joke."
    • "That's why you're here.  That, James, is why you're all here."  The 815 survivors' names are written on the ceiling in this room and some of the names are scratched out.
    • Locke teaches high school gym and anatomy - he's a substitute (like the episode title)
    • Ben teaches there too!  European History
    • "Who wrote all this?"
    • "His name was Jacob.  He died yesterday."
    • "Why are all the names crossed out?"
    • "They're not all crossed out."
    • 23 - Jack Shephard.  "That'd be Jack Shephard?"
    • 8 - Hugo Reyes
    • 16 - Jarrah
    • 42 - Kwon "I don't know if it's Sun or Jin"
      • "maybe it is ji yeon kwon" -Paul R "diesel929"
    • 4 - Locke
    • 15 - Ford
    • "He was pushing you, James.  Pushing you to the Island.  Because you're a candidate.  He thought he was the protector of this place.  And you, James, have been nominated to take over his job.  You have three choices: do nothing and see how all this plays out.  And possibly your name will get crossed out. [He crosses out Locke's name.]  Second option: you can accept the job, become the new Jacob, and protect the Island.
      • (This is apparently the other reason for the name of the episode; Jacob was apparently looking for a "candidate," or substitute, to replace him)
    • "From what?
    • "From nothing, James. That's the joke. ..."
    • "You said there were three choices."
    • "The third choice, James, is that we just go.  We just get the hell off this Island and we never look back."
    • "And how do we do that?"
    • "Together.  So what do you say, James?  Are you ready to go home?"
    • "Hell yes."
    Screenshots and Easter Eggs:

    There are tons of names on the cave other than those specifically pointed out by the Man in Black.  See screenshots on DarkUFO and Sledgeweb.  Lostpedia has a list of names seen in the cave, which interestingly includes names such as:
    • Littleton (Claire or Aaron? although the name is crossed out, which may be a reference to Claire's infection or Aaron having left the Island and not coming back on Ajira 316)
    • Faraday (Daniel?)
    • Burke (Juliet?)
    • Carlyle (Boone?)
    • Rutherford (Shannon?)
    • Linus (Ben or Roger?)
    • Straume (Miles? although the name is crossed out and Miles is still alive, so it may refer to someone else)
    • Fernandez (Nikki?)
    • Brennan (from Rousseau's team?)
    • Lacombe (from Rousseau's team?)
    • Pickett (Danny?)
    • Chang (Pierre?)
    • Goodspeed (Horace or Ethan?)
    • Mars (Edward, the marshal?)
    • Henderson (Rose? her maiden name)
    • Troup (Gary, author of Bad Twin and the guy who was sucked into the jet engine in the pilot episode?)
    • ...and a number of others.

    Jimmy Kimmel Live - Damon and Carlton interview:
    • When asked whether it was a coincidence that Michael and Walt were not on the plane in the new timeline, Carlton replied simply that it was "Fate."
    • Carlton: "We hope to see Shannon this year."
    • Sunday, May 23rd - final episode of LOST
    • Watch clips of the interview on Hulu: Part 1, Part 2
    Preview for upcoming episodes:
    • "Someone is coming to the Island"
    • clips of Clairousseau
    • Kate is sitting down by a stream and she points gun at someone behind her
    Regarding the boy with the bloody arms in The Substitute:
    • "His casting was very interesting... He's dealt with a horrible family accident. Even at a young age, he has been put in charge of something very important... and it weighs heavily on his shoulders." -flyboypatrick

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