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Friday, May 26, 2006

DJ Dan Second Podcast Postponed

For some unknown reason, as of this morning the DJ Dan Web site now says that the second podcast will be coming on June 1 instead of today—that's 6 days late. This seems odd considering that there's a hidden DJ Dan recording available already through sublymonal.com, as mentioned below. Will the June 1 podcast be a new one, or will they just post an MP3 of the recording currently available through sublymonal.com?

The 5/25 sublymonal.com message talks about Widmore Corporation coercing college students to build "electromagnetic super weapons." An unnamed student claimed that the project was designed to bring down "a space-borne body" from orbit—a space-borne body "like, the moon." This seems to tie in significantly with the Season 2 finale, in which we learned of the powerful effects of the Swan station's electromagnet. With this new information, it seems very likely that Widmore Corporation designed the technology and licensed it for use by the Dharma Initiative.



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