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Friday, May 12, 2006

Recap of "?"

Wednesday night was a new episode, "?". There were many new revelations in this episode, but I'd like to focus on just a few.

  • We now know for certain that the "?" in the center of the blast door map (as seen in "Lockdown") is the location of the hatch known as The Pearl.

  • The blast door map's cartographer (perhaps Desmond) obviously didn't know this, because next to the question mark is written "Designation [hatch name] Unknown" and "Purpose Unknown." Also, we see "The Pearl?" off to the right side of the map, which indicates that the cartographer thought The Pearl might be located elsewhere.

  • The Pearl is apparently a remote viewing facility from which the goings on inside The Swan can be observed.

  • In The Pearl's orientation video, which has a copyright date of 1980 (the same as the film in The Swan), the orientator states his name as Dr. Mark Wickman, while apparently the same person introduced himself in The Swan's orientation film as Dr. Marvin Candle. Is this the same person using two pseudonyms? Perhaps one or both of them are "bad twins" or clones? It doesn't seem likely that they could be identical twins because they would have the same last name.

  • Richard Malkin—better known as Claire's psychic—is seen in Eko's flashback. Malkin admitted to Eko that he is a fraud, meaning that the "readings" he gave Claire were false. Malkin pretended to not be interested in Claire's money, but this is probably because the Dharma Initiative offered him a much larger sum because they wanted Claire and her yet-unborn baby to come to the island. It is possible that Claire's boyfriend Thomas may have been in on this, too, since it seemed as though he changed his mind about becoming a father rather quickly, and since he bears a striking resemblance to the fake Henry Gale he may possibly be related to him. (This still doesn't explain why Claire and her baby are so important to the Dharma Initiative. On top of Richard Malkin and possibly Thomas being a part of the plot, the woman who tried to adopt Claire's baby was seen in a photograph with Desmond, and stranger still, the mobile in the medical hatch played "Catch a Falling Star," the song that Claire asked the potential adoptive mother to sing to her baby. There seems to be a pretty vast conspiracy against Claire and Aaron.)

  • We saw Libby in Eko's airport flashback. Some LOST fans (myself included) wondered whether she was really on the plane since we never actually saw her on it, but this brief flashback confirms that Libby must have been on Oceanic Flight 815.

    We still do not know why Libby was on that flight, however. Had she been secretly following Hurley? My theory is that Libby had been working for the Dharma Initiative, pretending to be a patient at Santa Rosa Mental Institute to keep an eye on Hurley's friend Leonard, who constantly repeated the numbers "4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42" ad infinitum. When Hurley left the institution and won the Lottery using the numbers, it became much more important for the Dharma Initiative to keep an eye on Hurley. Libby began to follow Hurley at this point, ending up in Australia and then taking the same flight that Hurley was taking back to Los Angeles.

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Blogger Josh Long said...

It has become apparent that the woman who was in the original version of Desmond's photograph was just a placeholder; the actress who would play Penelope Widmore had not been cast yet. According to Lostpedia, the June 14th rerun of the episode Orientation featured a shot of Desmond's photograph, this time with the new version of the photograph as seen in Live Together, Die Alone. This edited version of the Orientation episode also appears on the new Season 2 DVD.

Monday, September 04, 2006 10:41:00 PM  

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