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Saturday, September 30, 2006

New Season 3 Spoilers for September 30, 2006

There have been several ads on ABC and on the Internet recently showing very brief flashes of scenes from Season 3, and a couple of brief scenes from the first episode have also become available. Some of these flashes and scenes have included the following (spoilers ahead!):
  • Tom (the formerly bearded Other) takes Kate somewhere, with Kate dressed in a different outfit from the Season 2 finale (which begs the question, why did they put Kate in a skimpy dress instead of leaving her in the clothes she had been wearing when she was captured?)

  • Kate cries while lying down in the dress

  • In another scene, Jack has his hands chained up and screams at someone, "Tell me where my friends are!"

  • Sayid shooting a rifle

  • Locke, apparently with a painted face and possibly firing a gun

  • Sawyer and Kate kissing

  • Jack opening some kind of a hatch door, only to get knocked off his feet by a tidal wave

  • Sawyer is behind bars in an outdoor, rudimentary jail cell which appears to be a Skinner box or a Pavlovian experiment; there are several switches, some of which appear to not do anything upon initial inspection. Sawyer presses a button twice that bears a fork-and-knife symbol, and each time a recorded voice says "Warning." As Sawyer is about to press it again, a male prisoner in an adjoining cell whom we've never seen before says, "I wouldn't do that," but Sawyer ignores his advice, presses the button again, and is thrown backwards, apparently electrocuted based on the sound effect that is heard.

  • Jack wakes up to find himself in a room by himself with a small bandage on his arm, the kind a doctor might use to stop the bleeding after giving an injection. There is a "Communicate" button on the wall, which doesn't seem to work. He then turns around and walks straight into a transparent wall which seems indestructible and partially soundproof.
Lost-media.com has several photographs of upcoming LOST sets (more spoilers ahead). From the first episode are shots of Jack and his wife Sarah, who appear to be having problems with their relationship, and shots of Jack speaking heatedly with his father, Christian Shephard. There is a picture of Sawyer lying on the floor of a holding cell, possibly unconscious. From the second episode of Season 3, it appears that Charlie may lose his hearing entirely, as John writes messages and draws pictures to communicate with Charlie. We will see a flashback in which Locke went hunting with a young man. This young man may perhaps be a relative; other photos show what appears to be an outdoor family gathering or a picnic, and the guy is sitting next to Locke. He is also wearning a Geronimo Jackson t-shirt; a Geronimo Jackson album appeared in the hatch and the band was later mentioned in the LOST Experience.

Speaking of the LOST Experience, it has finally ended now that Season 3 is about to start. At the conclusion of the Experience, the protagonist, Rachel Blake, discovers that Alvar Hanso is apparently her father, that he is alive, but that he is being held captive in his own home by Thomas Werner Mittelwerk, who has overtaken the Hanso Foundation for his own gain and evil intentions. Since thehansofoundation.org stated that Alvar "made his mark during the Second World War," he must be at least in his 90s, or possibly well over 100, so he looks unbelievably young for his age; perhaps this is a result of the Hanso Foundation's Life Extension Project.

Don't forget—the new season starts this Wednesday night! Don't miss the action!

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