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Monday, October 16, 2006

More Notes about "The Glass Ballerina"

Some callers to the LOSTCasts podcast and to The Lost Podcast with Jay & Jack had some interesting comments that I thought were worth repeating.

Some believe that rather than Ben once being Juliet's love interest that he may instead have been her prisoner, citing the same line, "You never made soup for me" as evidence.

There is a lot of speculation going around that Jae Lee did not commit suicide, as many assumed after seeing the pearls in Jae's hand, but rather that someone pushed him out the window. Some say that the position of Jae's body indicates that he either was pushed or fell out the window rather than that he jumped. Those who believe that Sun might be the killer cite the following as evidence. First, Sun did not accuse her father at Jae's funeral of being responsible for Jae's death. Second, Colleen tells Sun that she's not a killer, but Sun shoots Colleen with little hesitation or visible remorse, which may be a hint that Colleen was mistaken and that Sun had in fact killed before.

Various fans have posed that The Others might not have any real connections to the outside world other than television signals that they're able to intercept. They posit that the Red Sox game could have easily been recorded from TV, and that the details about Jack's life that Juliet shared with him could have been televised after the plane's disappearance in memory of the presumed deceased passengers. When Juliet told Jack that Sarah was happy, she could have been simply making it up. What doesn't fit about this theory, however, is that a television report about Jack would probably not have included any details about Jack's divorce.

One thing that hasn't been discussed much thusfar is Ben's revelation that Sayid's finding of the "decoy village" was "what [they] wanted." Why would they want Sayid to discover that The Others' village and the DHARMA Door were fake? And now that (we think) we know that The Others are no longer affiliated with DHARMA, it begs the question: why did they design a DHARMA station facade, anyway? If you have an interesting theory about this, post your comment below.

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