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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Guest Appearance on Big-O's Live Podcast

I think it's only fair if I post the latest podcast episode here before I post it in my podcast feed to make up for taking so long to mention the TheoryCast here on the blog. I'll put it in the podcast feed soon.

Big-O from the Cranky Fanatic Lost Podcast is tearing up the virtual airwaves with his latest podcasting efforts. I happened to be online when he was recording his first live TalkShoe show, so he invited me to jump into the discussion. We chatted about the cancellation of Daybreak and what we've liked and disliked about Season 3 of LOST thusfar. You can download the episode here:

Live Chat about Lost and Daybreak (MP3 download link)

You can also check out Big-O's show notes.



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