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Saturday, December 30, 2006

LOST TheoryCast

Those of you who subscribe to my podcast know that I recently did a special "TheoryCast" with Big-O from the Cranky Fanatic Lost Podcast, Curt Yanko from the Black Rock LOST Podcast, Chris Serra from Your Theories About Lost, and Luke Brown from Luke's Lost Podcast. We discussed several theories about:
  • The smoke monster
  • The island's healing powers
  • Possible factions of Others
  • The guy in the eyepatch
  • The DHARMA stations
  • Kate and Sawyer's escape from Alcatraz
For those who subscribe to the blog but not the podcast, you can download this special episode by right-clicking (or control-clicking on a Mac) the following link and selecting the option to "Save Target As," "Save Link As," or "Download Linked File":

TheoryCast (MP3 download link)

You can also check out the TheoryCast show notes.

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