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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Find 815: Another Sonya Ghost, and the Black Rock is Found

Note: This post may contain minor spoilers for portions of Chapters 4 and 5 of the Find 815 alternate reality game.

Here are the highlights of what's happened since my last post. As Sam stands looking out over the water, he thinks he hears Sonya's voice calling out his name. He then sees her face in the air:

The ghostly image of Sonya says to Sam, "Love you madly," the phrase they often said to each other. This is very much like a similar appearance of a ghostly Sonya in Chapter 1. Ockham hears Sam calling out Sonya's name, and tells Sam "This place can play tricks on you. Don't let it get to you." Is there any particular reason why "this place can play tricks" on the human mind?

The Season 2 clue for Chapter 5 is, strangely enough, the foot statue from the Season 2 finale. For some totally inexplicable reason, a miniature version of the foot statue is on the deck of the ship hiding behind some yellow cables. This is way weirder than the Swan playing cards and the Santa Rosa pill bottle, if you ask me.

After navigating the ship through some dangerous obstacles, the LOST Season 4 clue word is revealed to be "Southfields". According to Wikipedia, "Southfields is a suburban district in the London Borough of Wandsworth."

"Queen's College" is revealed to be "Your Season 4 clue". On the site, the name is printed on the side of a crate, which reads in full "PROPERTY OF QUEENS COLLEGE DEPT OF PHYSICS". There are actually several colleges called Queen's College, and so far there has been no reference to any of them on the show. The first hit in a Google search for "Queen's College" is the City University of New York. A number of main characters have had connections with New York. Another school named Queen's College is located in London, which is probably the one referred to in this game since the Season 4 clue words seem to correspond with the clues themselves, and this chapter's clue word refers to a location in London.

Sam seems to have found the Black Rock at the coordinates given to him in the e-mails, even though Talbot claimed they wouldn't likely find it there. According to Talbot, The Maxwell Group is in possession of Magnus Hanso's journal which contains a number of coordinates in it, but somehow Sam's contact within the company seems to have known about precisely the right location where the Black Rock could be found.

Sam is irritated about having received an encoded e-mail that contained the message "LOVE YOU MADLY". He wonders why someone in The Maxwell Group would tease him with this message.

Sam says that he met Sonya on a small island called "Tanna" in the Pacific.

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