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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Find 815: Chapter 4's Clue Hunt

Note: This post contains spoilers for the clue hunt in Chapter 4 of the Find 815 ARG.

In the latest video, Sam looks out in the water and sees a strange cloud of colored lights, which appears to be an aurora.

In the clue hunt, there are some noteworthy items. First, the Season 2 clue is a swan, and the logo on the back of the playing cards looks almost identical to the swan from the Swan Station's Dharma logo:

Are we supposed to think there might be some connection between The Maxwell Group (who is running this boat expedition) and the Dharma Initiative?

After playing a brief game, the Season 4 clue word is revealed to be "Frank Lapidus". When the player enters this clue word on find815.com, we see a picture of a "Santa Rosa Pill Bottle - Your Season 4 clue":

This seems to hint that we may be getting to see Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute again this coming season. "Frank Lapidus" is not a name we've encountered before on the show, so he may be a patient or doctor, or connected in some other way with Santa Rosa.

It seems really strange that a pill bottle from a mental health institute in California would find its way onto this ship. Is someone on the ship mentally ill and from California? This may be one of those things we're just supposed to overlook, but it's hard to do that with anything related to LOST, especially an ARG wherein we're supposed to be looking for clues.

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