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Monday, January 21, 2008

Find 815: Coordinates Revealed and The Tunisian Newspaper

Note: This post contains some spoilers for Chapter 3 of the Find 815 alternate reality game.

A few things have happened since the last time I posted. Sam saw some electronic equipment go haywire and then go back to normal. He also got another strange encoded e-mail, as seen here (click to enlarge, and note that the e-mail is pretty short so the second screenshot overlaps quite a bit):

Some of the letters (AABBCFC) are a little bit smaller than the others. Readers of DarkUFO's site figured out that these small letters (like the gray numbers in the previous e-mail) translate into a coordinate, in this case latitude (the letters correspond with their sequence in the alphabet, so AABBCFC=1122363, and it only makes sense for the decimal point to go after the 112). Combined with the previous clue, this gives us the longitude and latitude coordinate pair of -11.1784, 112.2363, as shown in the following map. Assuming that this is the location of the fake Flight 815 crash site, it's just off the coast of Bali, right where Naomi said it was.

There's another clue search activity. (Activity spoilers are ahead.) After finding the final clue and solving some puzzles, the player is presented with "Your LOST Season 4 clue word is '36-15-28'." This looks to me like it could be a code for a padlock or a safe. Entering this number reveals a "Tunisian newspaper - Your Season 4 clue" as seen here (click for a version of the paper enlarged to 150% for better readability):

Following is a translation of the newspaper from French (based on this translation):
The Journal of Tunisia

Flight 815: The Leaders of Oceanic Airlines Maintain Their Decision

The American airline company Oceanic maintains its decision to abandon...
search for Flight 815. The Boeing 777 has been reported missing since September 22...
were on board this flight, all trace of which was lost between Sydney, in Australia...
Neither wreckage nor survivors have been found. According to the leaders of the company...
[Oce]anic, despite all their efforts, among which a vague operation of research into...
Finally, Sam confirms in a new video diary that he now knows that Owen Talbot is working for The Maxwell Group.

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