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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Find 815: The Latest E-mail Decoded, the Box Company, and an Unsolved E-mail

Note: This post contains minor spoilers for the first part of Chapter 4 of the Find 815 LOST ARG.

Sam has figured out that the encoded e-mails he's been getting contain coordinates, and he decides to chart them on the ship's computer. He makes it appear to be broken so he can get Mr. Ockham to leave the room for a while so Sam can "fix" it. Sam has some password hacking software that can help him narrow down the letters and numbers most likely to be part of the password, and the player must guess the right characters and the correct order. I was lucky so it only took me a handful of tries to guess, but if you get frustrated by it, highlight the text between the bars below for the password:

| RU6JF |

Sam has gotten another voicemail, this time from someone named Richard calling from Randy's office. Richard says that a box company in which Sam had invested has burned down, but the insurance company is paying handsomely to its investors. (This may be another connection with the TV show, as John Locke used to work for a box company that was managed by someone named Randy.)

Another strange encoded e-mail has found its way to Sam's inbox. An explanation of how to decode the e-mail follows (spoiler for those who want to figure it out on their own). If you take the letters from each line and rearrange them, they spell a number (e.g. the first line is "twelve"). Take all these numbers and you have 12, 15, 22, 5, 25, 15, 21, 13, 1, 4, 12, 25. This spells the phrase "love you madly," which is what the ghostly flight attendant (who has been identified as Sonya) said to Sam in Chapter 1. Could this indicate that Sonya is working within The Maxwell Group? Or that the person at The Maxwell Group knows Sonya personally and is toying with Sam? (Credit to DarkUFO's site for the e-mail decoding.)

Tracey e-mailed Sam and mentioned a new Web site: www.baliholidayfun.com. This site contains an e-mail address, baliholidayfun@gmail.com. When I sent an e-mail to this address, I got a reply from "Mr Ole" with the subject "re: Amuses Mr Ole Re: " followed by my original subject line. The e-mail is encoded in plain text with the Windows-1252 character set, but appears to be encrypted somehow. I tried running it through a decompression utility to see if it was some kind of basic encoding, but it doesn't seem to be. The characters are too fragile to post here, so I recommend that you e-mail the aforementioned address and get your own fresh copy of the message for analysis. So far I haven't found any mention of this on my usual Find 815 clue sites, so see if you can be the first to crack it! (Assuming, of course, that this isn't just another dead end like Thomas Killen's purple photograph turned out to be.)

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