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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Find 815: Tom Killen Explained

While Googling for a transcript of the Amelia Earhart radio broadcast heard by Sam Thomas, I came across a page referring to a "Kelly," who was the apparently the real-life author of the Oceanic Airlines press release PDF. This person was discovered to be Kelly Chapman, who has Find 815 in her resume (listed under the company "Hoodlum," a company with "11-50 employees" in the "Online Media industry"). I noticed that both she and Thomas Killen are from Bisbane, Australia. Apparently they're both developers of the Find 815 alternate reality game.

This doesn't exactly explain why Tom Killen decided to integrate himself with the gameā€”but then again, it seems his coworker Tracey Robertson, who is the owner of Hoodlum according to her LinkedIn profile, has done the same thing; Sam's friend who lent him her camera and has been helping him research things is named "Tracey R." (Credit to DarkUFO for links to Thomas and Tracey's LinkedIn profiles.)



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