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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Live podcast tonight!

I'm doing a live podcast tonight, and I'd love it if you would come join the discussion!

Tonight (Thursday, January 24th) at 7:30 PM PST / 10:30 PM EST

or call (724) 444-7444 and enter 16338 when asked for the Call ID

Planned discussion topics include updates on the Find 815 ARG, theorizing about what we'll see in Season 4, and LOST: Missing Pieces (aka "mobisodes") 9 through 12. I hope to see you there.

By the way, the episode I recorded in December is finally edited and should be online within the next few days, so stay tuned!

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Blogger Curt said...

Dude, I'm not even a link on your site? Boo Hoo hooo. J/K

I'll see if I'm up long enough to call in. I need to make sure I can do it before next week!

Site is looking great and reminding me of all of the stuff I have to do!

Thursday, January 24, 2008 6:55:00 AM  
Blogger Josh Long said...

D'oh! How could I have missed linking to the Black Rock? I had a LTN link, which links to your shows, but now I've added a direct link to your site. It's looking better than ever! Keep up the great work with the Black Rock LOST Podcast, Curt.


Thursday, January 24, 2008 7:51:00 AM  

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