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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Season 3 Finale with Popup Notes

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In this episode of the JoshMeister's LOST Podcast, Josh announces an upcoming special Find 815 podcast episode, covers some Find 815 updates, and discusses the popup notes and some additional thoughts from the special Season 3 Finale rerun from Wednesday, January 30th (recorded that night right after it aired). Show notes follow.
  • There's going to be a live multi-podcaster discussion of the Find 815 alternate reality game on Monday, February 4, 2008 at 7:00 PM Pacific / 10:00 PM Eastern, organized by DarkUFO's site
  • Josh talks about some information about Find 815 that he had posted here
  • In the rerun of the Season 3 finale, the popups say that the person in the article Jack was reading on the plane was from New York and died in Los Angeles
  • Why did Ben lie to the Others about the Looking Glass?
    • Is he trying to trap everyone on the island by disabling communications?
    • Or did Jacob tell him to do it?
  • DHARMA is spelled in all caps this time. Last time it was spelled out on the show (when Ben came to the island) only the D was capitalized
    • DHARMA, of course, is an acronym for "Department of Heuristics And Research on Material Applications," as we learned in The LOST Experience
    • I guess I'll go back to capitalizing the whole word DHARMA again on the blog
  • Ben to Richard Alpert: "You're going to take everyone to the temple as planned"
    • What and where is this temple?
    • Who built it, ancient inhabitants of the island? Richard Alpert's people?
      • Josh talks about Richard Alpert's non-aging, which may indicate that he's one of the ancient inhabitants who built the foot statue, etc.
        • Does the non-aging thing have anything to do with not being able to have children? Sort of like how in some theologies, Adam and Eve could not have children while they were immortal in the Garden of Eden?
  • Dr. Gary Nadler, the spinal surgeon at St. Sebastian, has the same last name as Bernard, the dentist, Rose's husband
  • Ben told Mikhail to kill Charlie, and Mikhail followed his orders
  • Sawyer asked Juliet what he and Kate had been doing hauling rocks
    • Juliet: building a runway
      • this was confirmed in a Season 3 DVD extra
  • On Ben's map it says "Pascal Flats"
    • popups say this was a homage to Blaise Pascal, who abandoned science for theology
  • John Locke was about to commit suicide (like Jack in the flash-forward earlier in the episode) and he saw... Walt?
    • Is it really Walt or is it the island helping him?
      • Walt to John: "You have work to do."
      • This was reminiscent of the sweat lodge dream that Locke had at the beginning of Season 3 where Boone appeared to him, with the exception that Boone was already dead and the executive producers have said that Walt is alive and well
    • If this is the real Walt, is Michael back on the island, too? And where did he go the remainder of the episode?
  • Jack tells Kate "he loves you" referring to Sawyer, then tells Kate he's sticking up for Sawyer "because I love you"
  • Who is in the coffin?
    • Damon Lindelof has said that this is one of the questions we should be asking
    • Nobody showed up for the viewing, there was no funeral - this indicates that not many people seem to care about whoever this person is. Was he or she a traitor? An enemy? Could it be Michael, who turned on his own people and killed Ana Lucia and Libby?
    • The popups hint that the person in the coffin may be one of the survivors of Flight 815
  • It looked like the spear Desmond shot at Mikhail went in deep
    • Is Mikhail immortal, like Richard Alpert may be considering his non-aging?
    • It's very frustrating that the executive producers have said that once someone dies on the show, they're really dead, and can only come back in flashbacks, while Mikhail seems to have died twice and come back from the dead (and perhaps three times if it turns out that the grenade didn't actually kill him even though they confirmed that it did)
  • Perhaps the biggest revelation from the popups was that that the guy in the pharmacy wasn't referring to the car crash rescue—Jack has become a celebrity in the aftermath of Flight 815!
  • The popups say Ben may have a point... we don't know a lot about Naomi
  • Why will every single living person on the island be killed if Jack calls the freighter? How could Ben know this? Is Ben lying because he's afraid people will leave the island?
  • Jack says he's going to kill both Tom and Ben because he thinks they killed Bernard, Jin, and Sayid—this is a much more angry Jack than before the island
  • Oxycodone is "an extremely powerful and addictive painkiller" according to the popups
  • The popups say that the radio tower was built by the DHARMA Initiative and was broadcasting the Numbers before Danielle changed the recording to her distress signal
    • As you might recall from The LOST Experience, the DHARMA Initiative's goal was to change one of the core values in the Valenzetti Equation to try to prevent the end of the world
  • Survivors have been on island for 91 days, say the popups
  • When John Locke kills Naomi by throwing a knife at her back, it's the first time he's killed someone by his own hand
  • Why is it that Kate isn't in jail? She was wanted for murder in the United States before the crash, and now she's living in Los Angeles (310 telephone area code, as the popup said)
  • Jack: "I was hoping that you'd heard" and go to the funeral
  • Kate: "Why would I go the funeral?"
  • Jack: "I am sick of lying. We made a mistake. We were not supposed to leave."
  • Sarah and Kate both said a very final-sounding "Goodbye, Jack."
  • Jack: "We have to go back!"
  • Spoilers ahead. From the preview for upcoming episodes:
    • Guy from freighter says, "Rescuing people... can't really say it's our primary objective."
    • Locke says, "Whatever they came for, it isn't us."

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Blogger Unknown said...

I enjoyed your podcast very much. As I was traveling, I did not see the "enhanced" finale episode (and might not have watched it anyhow), so your comprehensive overview was appreciated.

Concerning your speculation about Kate's legal status, I think I can add some clarification. Although I'm an attorney, criminal law is not my area of practice; nonetheless, I can confirm that Kate's supposed death would not wipe her criminal record clean, leaving her a free woman on her return. There are a number of possibilities here, setting aside the additional one that Naomi was simply lying about the discovery of a facsimile 815.

If the passengers were officially declared dead, that would permit their survivors (meaning their families and estates) to distribute their assets and recover legal damages for their deaths, etc. Hurley alluded to this from a lay man's perspective in the premiere when he mentioned that since his family thought he was dead, all of his lottery money will be gone. Declaring someone dead is a legal workaround when we simply don't know what happened; as such, if subsequently-discovered facts indicate that someone's alive, the arrangements made because they were declared dead can be undone in many instances. Criminal charges which were pending before are not abandoned unless other circumstances make that so -- for instance, the running of a statute of limitations or the issuing of a Presidential pardon. Prosecutors can elect not to prosecute charges, but I doubt that they would make that kind of decision formally if someone were deceased (there would be no point); they'd be more likely just to let the matter go cold.

In my opinion, there are two possibilities here for Kate: First, she came back as one of the Oceanic Six and prosecutors elected not to proceed because either they'd destroyed crucial evidence in the meantime (thinking she was dead) or determined that they would not proceed for another reason, such as public opinion (or their own) suggesting that Kate had gone through enough already and the interests of justice would not be served by prosecuting. I think that's less likely than my second possibility -- she's not one of the "Oceanic Six".

As I mentioned on my own blog (http://infamyorpraise.blogspot.com/2008/02/lost-is-found.html), depending on who's "rescuing" the survivors and why, it's entirely plausible that she's laying low and, with outside help, hiding from public recognition by not being "officially" rescued and recognized as one of the Oceanic Six. I had the impression that her whereabouts were known to Jack amongst very few in last season's finale, which would tend to support this theory. Bottom line, I think there are four of the Six still unknown rather than three.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008 9:35:00 AM  

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