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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Special Find 815 Podcast with Big-O, Amanda, and Curt

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In this special edition, the JoshMeister and fellow LOST podcasters Big-O from Cranky Fanatic, Amanda from Lost Flashbacks, and Curt Yanko from Black Rock, along with folks from the DarkUFO community, discuss and analyze the Find 815 alternate reality game from start to finish. Organized by Congested from DarkUFO's LOST site and Find 815 sub-site.

A show outline follows, but much, much more was discussed in the show, which lasted 2 hours and 47 minutes.

NarrativeBrief Overview of What Happened In Each Chapter
  • Chapter 1
    • flyoceanicair.com commercial and press release
    • Sam hacks the site
    • Sam gets a mysterious e-mail from an anonymous person who claims to know Sonya, and the e-mail contains clues
    • Sonya's apparition????
    • When is this taking place? 2004?
      • The Oceanic press release says December 2007, but the Sam plot makes much more sense in 2004
  • Chapter 2
    • Talbot, our new antagonist
  • Chapter 4
    • Aurora? Except not that far north and such a short period
      • It wasn't Aurora Borealis, it was apparently Aurora Australis based on the Web site Sam pulled up
      • What Sam pulled up is one explanation but the broader explanation involves charged particles colliding with a magnetosphere
  • Chapter 5
    • Yet another Sonya apparition
    • Find the Black Rock!?
    • Apparent internal schism in the Maxwell Group?
      • Talbot and Sam's insider seem to be at odds
    • Widmore connections
Unraveling the Mystery
  • How Does The Game Tie In with LOST?
    • Maxwell Group owned by Widmore Industries (Charles Widmore's company)
    • We are witnessing the coverup of the crash
    • The Widmore Group is behind this salvage expedition tyhat 'accidentally' finds the plane
      • Considering that Naomi has a picture of Des and Penny and Penny didn't send it then the Widmores are also likely behind the freighter. Why a freighter? what was the freight? did they dump the plane prior to locating the island? Thus the widmore group orchestrating the entirte covrup and the faux rescue mission?!
    • Magnetic anomalies
General Discussion
  • Curt: With the hidden reference clues to James Clerk Maxwell in the recap video and the link to the 68 page .pdf file that contains the theories on electromagnetism and the bending of light due to it's electromagnetic properties I believe we were given an answer. The answer lies in how the island is invisible to the world while existing in plain sight. After scanning through the paper I couldn't help think that it seemed familiar and it is. The embodiment of Maxwell's theories were put to the test by the U.S. Navy at the end of WWII in the Philadelphia Experiment. This was the Navy's attempt to render a ship invisible by bending light through the use of a strong electromagnetic field. The results of that experiment have become the source of legend, but rumors have circulated for years that the ship was rendered invisible, teleported to another location, and traveled through time, all themes of Lost. I think as well the people participating in chat tonight that we have been provided with an answer tonight to one of the riddles of the island, why it can't be found, as well as supporting evidence for Desmond's time travel after the implosion, and some of the medical anomalies of the island. Thanks to Will, KeepingPace, AfflictedMuse, Cjojojo, Mando and all the others I can't remember for elaborating on this after I introduced this on the chat.
  • Season 4 clues
    • Chapter 2
      • 423 Cheyne Walk, (Penny's address, presumably in London)
      • Daniel Faraday
    • Chapter 3
      • Charlotte Lewis
      • Frank Lapidus
    • Chapter 4
      • Miles Straume
      • Queen's College Dept. of Physics
        • Which Queen's College? London or New York, or another one?
    • Camp Millar
    • Southfields
    • Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute

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