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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ji Yeon Discussion

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In this episode of the JoshMeister's LOST Podcast, tJM, Steve from the Smoke Hatch, and other LOST fans discuss Season 4 Episode 7, "Ji Yeon," plus more details from "The Other Woman" and notes from the latest episode of The Official LOST Podcast.

The Other Woman additional thoughts:
  • In the first flashback, Harper Stanhope (Juliet's therapist) had a certificate of recognition on the wall that had a Hanso Foundation logo on it!
    • Was she a member of the DHARMA Initiative who somehow survived the gassing and joined The Others?
    • Is she supposed to be Ben's childhood friend Annie?
      • This would perhaps be another reason why Ben hated Goodwin enough to send him to his death
    • Why would someone who proudly displays a certificate from The Hanso Foundation be working with Ben and The Others??
  • Notes from the popups:
    • Harper has a bachelor's from Columbia and a master's degree in psychology from Yale
    • Ben used the tempest station to deploy the gas in the purge that killed
    • Stanhope is also Goodwin's last name (as opposed to being Harper's maiden name which she continued to use after marriage, as some women do)
    • The Tempest is a reference, in part, to a Shakespeare play about a group of people who get stranded on a magical island
    • The popups hinted that Juliet looks like Annie!!?!
      • This is pretty ridiculous, in my opinion. The most obvious reason is that Juliet is blonde while Annie was a brunette as a child. But if you compare Annie and Juliet side-by-side, there are so few differences in their appearance. Who writes these popups, anyway?
      • What makes a lot more sense to me is that Ben thinks Juliet looks like his mother, Emily Linus. Harper looks a lot more like Annie than Juliet does
    • Zach and Emma - Juliet has been "wonderful" with them
    • The lists indicated who was worthy to join The Others' community
    • Ben was, in fact, involved with the plot to get Juliet to kill Dan Faraday and Charlotte Lewis; if Juliet had succeeded it could have opened up the way for The Purge II
Ji Yeon notes:
  • Present:
    • Regina had her book upside-down... can't read?
      • The book is The Survivors of the Chancellor, an 1875 novel written by Jules Verne about the final voyage of a British sailing vessel, the Chancellor, told from the perspective of one of its passengers (in the form of a diary)
    • Jin wants to name the baby Ji Yeon if they have a daughter
  • Flashforward:
    • Sun called emergency services, we see that she's very pregnant, and rather than being in labor she says that she thinks something's wrong
    • Sun is watching Nikki's episode of Exposé on TV
  • Flashback:
    • It appears (so far) as though Jin makes it off the island, too
  • Present:
    • A note is passed in to Sayid and Desmond that says "DON'T TRUST THE CAPTAIN"
      • Presumably passed to them by Michael? But why would Michael (or Ben, assuming that Michael is Ben's "man on the boat") want them to distrust the captain when the captain seems to be telling the truth about what a bad person Charles Widmore is?
  • Flashforward:
    • Substitute doctor, baby is in distress
  • Present:
    • Juliet told Jin that Sun was with another man
    • Lapidus is running an errand to go to the island?
    • Regina committed suicide
      • Captain made Desmond and Sayid stop when they tried to save Regina
    • Some of crew have cabin fever
    • Sabateur on board has been destroying engine
    • Charles Widmore gave the captain his orders
    • Captain has the black box of the supposed Flight 815
    • Wreckage was obviously staged - imagine the resources
      • Where did Charles get 324 bodies?
    • "That's why we want Benjamin Linus" - Why exactly?
  • Flashforward:
    • Sun gives birth to a girl, names her Ji Yeon per Jin's wish (hence the episode title)
  • Present:
    • Blood stain on the wall, reminiscent of Radzinsky
    • Michael introduces himself as Kevin Johnson
  • Flashforward:
    • Sun and Hurley go to Jin's tombstone which has the crash date (22 September 2004) as his date of death
Non-spoilers from The Official LOST Podcast:
  • The relationship between the Widmores and Alvar Hanso as described in the book Bad Twin is part of the LOST canon
WARNING: The remainder of this post may contain spoilers.

Notes from The Official LOST Podcast:
  • Carlton said that one way that the Tempest Station could be interpreted is that "there were not all entirely peaceful missions that were going on in the DHARMA stations. Another interpretation is that the DHARMA Initiative was aware that there were hostile forces on the island and created gas to protect themselves. Those might be two viable explanations."
  • We will find out by the end of the season whether Ben was telling the truth to Locke about Charles Widmore
  • The scenes in The Other Woman are not the last we'll see on Harper, Juliet's therapist
  • Carlton confirmed that "we will be seeing more of Jack's dad in the future. I think it's a really good question to ponder what exactly is Christian Shephard's role in the lives of Jack and the other survivors on the island and it was a good observation also to say that it was Christian Shephard indeed in the cabin."
  • We will see the smoke monster again soon. Damon said that they like to unleash the monster once per season at least. Says Damon, "We have a rule, though, and the rule is: every time we show you the monster that we evolve its mythology a little further so you learn something about it that you didn't know before."
  • We will see Locke return to more of a Season 1 Locke, "an energized and activated Locke," as soon as this season
  • Episode 8 will be titled "Meet Kevin Johnson"
From a UGO interview with Damon and Carlton:
  • Carlton: "We can't say much about what the format and structure of next season will be like because I think it would spoil the ending of this season. As this season gets closer to the end it is going to become more than apparent where the story wants to go next."
Notes from the preview for Meet Kevin Johnson:
  • We'll find out about Michael's story
  • Someone will die
  • Ben apparently revealed to Locke that Michael is on the boat
  • You can watch sneak peeks at DarkUFO's spoiler site—but be careful about other comments and posts there!

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