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Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Other Woman Discussion

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In this episode of the JoshMeister's LOST Podcast, tJM and Steve from the Smoke Hatch discuss Season 4 Episode 6, "The Other Woman," plus more details from "The Constant" and notes from the latest episode of The Official LOST Podcast.

The Constant recap:
  • Notes from the popups:
    • Eloise being "unstuck in time" is a reference to Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse Five
    • It was implied that the "friend on this board" referenced by Minkowski is Ben's spy on the boat
    • Tovard Hanso is a distant relative of Magnus Hanso, as well as Alvar Hanso
  • Danielle Rousseau - was the "sickness" she mentioned the same thing as George Minkowski and Desmond had?
  • Did Dan know to send 1996 Desmond to see him because he had already lived through the event in the past? (This is a time travel paradox)
  • The rat never was in the future to learn the maze because he died - paradox pointed out by Curt Yanko on the Black Rock podcast
  • Did Dan set up Desmond meeting him in the past for the selfish reason of giving himself a "constant"?
  • When Dan saw the news report on TV about Flight 815 supposedly being discovered, did he know at that moment that this would lead him on the expedition in which he would find Desmond? If so, why was he sad?
The Other Woman notes:
  • Flashback: Harper Stanhope
    • Juliet's was assigned a therapist right when she got to the island??
  • Present: Juliet heads into jungle to search for Dan and Charlotte, hears whispers, then Harper appears and says "long time no see"
    • says that Faraday and Lewis headed to The Tempest (electrical station) to release gas to kill everyone on the island
    • there are more whispers, then Harper disappears
  • Flashback: Harper is Goodwin's wife
    • Goodwin was having an affair with Juliet
  • Present: Charlotte nearly shot Kate
    • Kate lied and said Miles is fine
    • Charlotte lied about phone not working
    • Kate saw gas masks, Charlotte knocked her out
  • Flashback: white blood cell count plummets, immune system turns on the fetus
    only happens to women who conceived on the island
    • Harper: Juliet looks just like someone close to Ben (his mom?)
    • Ben would hurt Goodwin if he knew about Julet's relationship with him
  • Present: Ben tells Locke that their common enemy is not the people on freighter; the enemies are "the ones they work for"
    • Combination to safe: 36 15 28
    • Ben shows Locke a candid video of Charles Widmore beating one of Ben's people, says that Widmore is the man who commissioned the freighter and that he wants to exploit the island (e.g. its healing properties)
    • Ben has a file on Charles Widmore: some of it is vague, some of it is guesswork, some of it is concrete
  • Flashback: Juliet asks Ben, "Do the children from the plane really belong here?"
  • Present: Dan in gas mask and full suit, trying to hack the system in The Tempest station: "Juliet, what are you doing here?"
    • Dan was actually trying to render the gas inert, not release it
  • Flashback: Ben to Juliet: "How can you possibly not understand that you're mine?"
  • Present: Juliet to Jack: "Ben thinks that I'm his and he knows how I feel about you" - they kiss anyway
WARNING: The remainder of this post may contain spoilers.

Notes from the preview:
  • Juliet: if she [Sun] doesn't get off this island in 3 weeks, she will die
  • we will find out the last of the Oceanic Six
  • we'll see the face of someone we never expected to see again (Michael, presumably)
Notes from The Official LOST Podcast:
  • Damon said that we will learn "in this pod of episodes" (presumably before the mid-season break) what is going on with the Others who Richard was told to take to the temple
  • It will also be very clear who are the members of the Oceanic Six by that time
  • We will see more of Penny and Charles Widmore this season

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