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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cabin Fever Discussion

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In this episode of the JoshMeister's LOST Podcast, the JoshMeister and other LOST fans discuss Season 4 Episode 11, "Cabin Fever".

Cabin Fever notes:
  • Flashback:
    • A teenage girl, Emily, is 6 months pregnant when she gets hit by a car and is taken to the hospital
    • We find out that Emily is John Locke's mom
  • Present:
    • Wait, the doctor is still alive? (So far)
    • Keamy can't kill Michael; he tries to shoot him but the gun jams! This seems to be even more confirmation that the island really won't let Michael die

    • Horace Goodspeed (to Locke in a dream): "You gotta find me, and when you do you'll find Jacob"
    • Ben to Locke: "I used to have dreams"
  • Flashback:
    • John had infections, pneumonia, but overcame all obstacles, and the nurses called him a "miracle baby"
    • Richard Alpert (young and spry as ever) was there watching when John was about to be taken out of the incubator
  • Present:
    • John shows Hurley the DHARMA Initiative bodies
  • Flashback:
    • John (age 5) is playing Backgammon
    • Richard shows up, says he runs a school for kids who are very special, and points out John's smoke drawing on the wall
      • Is this supposed to be the smoke monster, or a smoke cloud billowing from an explosion?
    • Richard puts several items on a table in front of John, asking John to indentify which items already belong to him
      • The items are a compass, a vial containing what looks like sand (at first, I thought it was perhaps volcanic ash), a Book of Laws, a knife, a baseball glove, and a comic book (see photos here)
      • John identifies all except the baseball glove and comic book as his own, and the last object he picks is the knife
      • Richard tells John: "no it doesn't" - the knife doesn't belong to him - and leaves, apparently disappointed
        • What is the significance of the knife? Does it symbolize something? Perhaps the island doesn't want Locke to be a knife-wielder
  • Present:
    • John finds the body of "Horace Mathematician" (as his jumpsuit identifies him) and finds blueprints for a cabin; according to John's dream, Horace was building it, but apparently this somehow became Jacob's cabin

    • Keamy forces Captain Gault to let him release the "Secondary protocol" which will tell Keamy "where Linus is going"
      • There was a DHARMA logo in the folder - the same one on Ben's parka (presumably the Orchid Station logo)
    • The captain asks Keamy how Widmore would know where Ben would go, and Keamy says "Widmore is a very smart man," and says that if they're going to torch the island, that's where Linus will go

    • Omar gets Morse code, and the doc is still alive at the time
    • Captain is willing to help Sayid to rescue the people on the island
  • Flashback:
    • John (age 16) is mocked by his peers
    • The school got a call from Portland, Mittelos Laboratories, Dr. Alpert wants John to go to science camp (they also sent a pamphlet; see a picture here)
    • Locke's teacher, Gellert, tells Locke that he'll never be the quarterback or anything like that, and he might as well face that he's going to be the science nerd working in a laboratory; this is the earliest time in John's life where we've heard him say "Don't ever tell me what I can't do!"
  • Present:
    • Michael tells Frank Lapidus that Keamy is going to kill everybody on the island, which Frank didn't seem to already know
    • Frank hadn't heard that Widmore planted the fake plane
    • Ben: "there are consequences to being chosen"
    • Hurley is the first to see the cabin
  • Flashback:
    • Matthew Abaddon tells John he needs to go on a walkabout
    • Abaddon: "I'm a lot more than just an orderly, John"
    • Abaddon: "When we meet each other again you'll owe me one"
  • Present:
    • Desmond watches as Keamy slit the doctor's throat
    • Keamy shoots and kills Captain Gault and forces Frank to fly the helicopter
    • Frank drops a satellite phone set to show the distance between the phone and Keamy's crew, presumably as a warning so the folks at the beach could stay safely away from Keamy; however, Jack interprets it as meaning that the people on the helicopter want those on the beach to come find them!
    • Ben: "My time is over, John. The time is yours now."
    • Christian says he's not Jacob, but can speak on his behalf
    • Christian is not wearing his typical suit as whenever Jack sees him; he's wearing the shirt he wore when he came to Claire and Aaron
      • What would Christian wear if he saw both Jack and Claire at the same time? ;o)
    • Claire was in the cabin, and Christian tells John not to tell anyone that he saw her
    • Claire was acting strangely; is she now dead like her father?
    • John asks the right question: "How do I save the island?"
    • After exiting the cabin, John tells Ben: "He wants us to move the island"
The remainder of this post may contain spoilers.
  • Official LOST Podcast:
    • We're going to find out who's in the coffin in the season finale
  • Preview:
    • Kate with a gun
    • Kate with baby Aaron
    • A woman's voice says "They're calling you the Oceanic Six"
  • From SpoilerFix.com:
    • The next episode is Episode 4.12: There's No Place Like Home, Part 1 (Season finale, part 1)

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