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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Kris White Interview, Part 2, plus Season 4 Finale Speculations and Spoilers

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On this special mid-week episode, the JoshMeister and Kylene roleplay part two of Congested's three-part interview with Kris White, host and producer of The Official LOST Podcast. the JoshMeister and fellow LOST fans also discuss Josh's predictions and speculations about the Season 4 finale and spoilers from The Official LOST Podcast.

Listen to Part 1 of the Kris White interview
Listen to Part 2 of the Kris White interview, plus tJM's Season 4 finale speculations and spoilers
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Show notes for this edition of the podcast:
  • Part 2 of 3, Kris White interview by Congested from Audibly Lost
  • Make sure to watch the special rebroadcast of the first part of the season finale, "There's No Place Like Home, Part 1," which contains additional footage of questions at the Oceanic press event
    • Josh will be sure to discuss the extended scene on Thursday's live podcast
  • At whom did Ben flash the mirror? At Richard Alpert? Why?
    • Josh thinks the most likely answer is that Ben signaled Richard Alpert that he was going to The Orchid to turn himself in, and that he would need backup; hence the Others with guns later in the episode
    • Was Richard Alpert at the Temple when Ben flashed the mirror at him? According to the (non-canon) LOST: Via Domus version of the blast door map, the Temple is near The Orchid. Ben told Richard to take the Others to the Temple in the Season 3 finale, and we haven't seen Richard on-island since then until this episode.
  • Why did Richard Alpert and the Others capture Kate and Sayid? To make sure they were out of the way so the Others could have the element of surprise in their coming attack on Keamy and his team?
  • Christina (MsAmaris) points out a YouTube video that attempts to put all the flashforwards so far in chronological order (although there's some debate about the order of certain scenes)
Note: The remainder of this post contains spoilers.
  • According to The Official LOST Podcast, we'll be treated to the following in Parts 2 and 3 of "There's No Place Like Home":
    • We'll find out who's in the coffin
    • There will be another electromagnetic event, and the sky will turn purple again
      • Josh thinks this will occur when John Locke successfully moves the island
      • Josh thinks that Locke's moving the island is the reason why Charles Widmore doesn't know where it is anymore in the flashforward where Ben talks with Charles
    • We're going to find out who's responsible for the bomb on the freighter
      • The most likely answer seems to be that Keamy did it, since he has a strange-looking metronome gadget strapped to his arm; presumably, if Keamy dies, the whole ship will blow up
    • We'll see what the inside of The Orchid station looks like
    • We'll get the full version of the orientation film for The Orchid (as opposed to the unedited/partially edited version of the Orchid film that was first shown last year at Comic-Con 2007)
    • There will be more flashforwards of the Oceanic Six members
  • Additional (mostly spoilery) notes from this week's Official LOST Podcast:
    • Someone wrote in to ask about antipodes. Based on Carlton Cuse's answer, Tunisia (where a polar bear and Ben have both appeared) may be located at the antipode of where the island is located.
    • Damon Lindelof: "we'll probably be seeing Walt again"
    • Damon suggested that it was fate that caused the accident when Jack was about to commit suicide in the Season 3 finale flashforward, indicating that the person who asked the question was correct in guessing that the island was keeping Jack alive just like it's keeping Michael alive.
    • Damon also said that Benjamin Linus and Charles Widmore are unable to kill each other and made reference to the "rules," stating that "...they know that unless the island is done with them, they cannot be killed, especially by each other."

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