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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Yankees-Red Sox Article Narrows Flash Forward Timeline

Hey everyone, this is Master Nak. I've been on the podcast and posted comments in the past. the JoshMeister asked me to be a contributor to the blog starting with my thoughts on "Something Nice Back Home."

The newspaper article shown in Jack's flash forward (titled "Yankees bludgeon Red Sox in Series Sweep") caught my eye. The headline rung a bell; I had a hunch it was from the 2007 season. I did a search of "Yankees sweep Red Sox" on Google, and found this article that confirmed my suspicion.

Much of the text in the article shown on TV was taken directly from this real-life edition of the New York Times. For example, this part was in both the actual newspaper clipping and the one on the show:
"It was good, because as a team, we're behind," said Robinson Canó, who smashed two opposite-field home runs against Curt Schilling. "We need to start winning some games if we want to make the playoffs. We’re a half-game up for the wild card, but we're not worried about the wild card. We're just trying to win games."
The name "Suzy Allman" appears in the Lost version. After looking up her name, I discovered that she is in fact a photographer for the NY Times.

Assuming that the date of the newspaper article is the date on which the flash forward is taking place, that would make it August 31st, 2007.

However, after taking a closer look at both articles, I found some discrepancies between them. The opening paragraph of the Lost version says the Yankees "rampaged into Fenway Park and won three games to bury the Boston Red Sox." Actually, the series this is referring to (in August 2006, one year earlier) was 5 games, not 3. This could easily be passed off as a simple mistake, but the next thing I noticed put the actual date of the newspaper in question.

The score box right below the Yankees-Red Sox piece was for the Angels vs. the Astros. The Angels are an American League team and the Astros are a National League team, meaning they would rarely play each other. They did, in fact, play each other in 2007, but the 3 game series was from June 18th - June 20th - not at the end of August. How, then, do we know for certain that the paper is supposed to be from August 31st?

At any rate, it still appears as if the year is supposed to be 2007.

Supporting evidence:
  • The newpaper in Jack's lap in the Season 3 finale flash forward was based off of the April 5th, 2007 edition of the LA Times.
  • Considering how big Aaron is, 2007 would make sense - he would be about two and a half years old. If these flash forwards were in 2005 as some speculate, the kid would be pretty huge for a one-year-old.

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