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Monday, February 08, 2010

Notes from The Official LOST Podcast, February 4th, 2010

Following are my notes from the February 4th episode of The Official LOST Audio Podcast.

(Note that the executive producers' comments contain spoilers.)

Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse won't reveal their intentions for the space between LA and X in the Season 6 premiere episode title.  "It could mean LA X as though the X means it's been negated," said Carlton.

In explanation of the "flash sideways," Carlton said, "We have two distinct timelines that we are showing you on the show.  One timeline seems to be derived from a theory that when the bomb went off, exactly what Faraday was postulating occurred.  There was a reset, and basically 815 flew over what was once the Island, landed in LA, and these people never experienced the crash, never met each other by crashing on the plane, and there's a timeline going forward.  The other timeline is obviously on the Island Juliet hit the bomb, it basically jumped them, you know, forward in time but they're still stuck on the Island and they're dealing with the consequences of the fact that they're still marooned there."

Damon said regarding the flashsideways, "Just one clarification: I think a lot of people are referring to these things as an alternate timeline, and we want to go out of our way to basically not use that word.  We're not interested in alternate anything, alternate realities, alternate timelines. ... To basically imply that one of these timelines, either the Island or off the Island, is less than real is just borderline offensive to me, Carlton.  They are both equally real, and hopefully will reconcile in some way."  Carlton Cuse responded, "I hope they reconcile!  I mean, I would be very disappointed to go through the end of this season and not understand what the interrelation between these two timelines is."  Damon: "I wouldn't blame you."

Damon: "Would Desmond have been at the stadium if he wasn't training for a race around the world? ... Would he have been training for a race around the world if the Island had never existed?  What happened to Charles Widmore in 197- so, all these great issues are being raised, but more importantly, how does it affect our characters? ... You think that not that many things have changed, but a lot more things have changed than you probably think, and that's going to be the exploration of the season."

"What Kate Does" (the title of the upcoming episode) ties in with the episode title "What Kate Did".

Regarding Sayid, Carlton said, "The question is, was he dead, and I think the second question is what does it mean that he's up and walking around?  What are the consequences of the fact that they threw him in the murky water.  Clearly it would have been better if that water was clear."

Carlton Cuse said that Neil Frogurt will get justice for having been killed by a flaming arrow in the original timeline:  "You'll see more of Frogurt.  If you like Frogurt, Frogurt's run is not done."

Damon indicated that the identities of Adam and Eve might possibly be addressed in the last couple episodes of the series.

Carlton said that Hurley never paid Walt for his $83,000 in Backgammon winnings because "I think the debt was forgiven in the spirit of having left the Island."

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