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Monday, February 15, 2010

"What Kate Does" Discussion

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the JoshMeister, Congested from Audibly Lost, Dan Ramos from Black Rock LOST Podcast, and fellow LOST fans discuss Season 6 Episode 3, "What Kate Does".

Thoughts inspired by LOSTCasts' podcast about the Season 6 Premiere:

  • Questions regarding the "flash sideways" timeline (some from the LOSTcasts podcast, some inspired by their questions):
    • Did Sawyer kill Frank Duckett just prior to boarding Flight 815?  He didn't seem to be the least bit distraught or depressed if he just murdered the wrong man in Australia
      • "Yeah, I couldn't help but wonder if Sawyer was a cop, or something in that field. He seemed to know what a 341 was." -StefanyMac
        • "if he was in australia to bust the guy who set him up" -Congested
      • Desmond has a wedding ring on his finger!  Who did he marry?  Was Penny Widmore ever born in this timeline?  We don't know whether Charles got off the Island.
      • Speaking of which, we find out in Season 4 that Eloise Hawking and Charles Widmore are Penelope Widmore's parents.  We find out in Season 5 that Eloise Hawking was pregnant with Daniel Faraday in 1977 and that she was in a relationship with Charles Widmore at the time, implying that Charles is the father.  That would make Dan and Penny brother and sister.
    • Did Eloise Hawking get off the Island?  If not, then Daniel Faraday doesn't exist in the flashsideways timeline.
    • Miles Straume (Pierre Chang's son) presumably got off the Island safely, along with his mother.  Prior to the Incident, Dr. Chang ordered the evacuation of the DHARMA women and children from the Island.
    • Will the Red Sox lose the series in this timeline, either for comic effect or to show how different things turned out?
    • The LOST writers' answer to the "grandfather paradox" is answered by the Season 6 premiere.  The paradox is that one can't go back in time and kill his own grandfather before his father was born, because then he never would have existed to be able to travel back in time and kill the grandfather!  The LOST writers have chosen to answer this by making it so they created an alternate timeline
    • Will old DHARMA people recognize them?
  • Christian told John he had to die; does that mean Christian is (or works for) the Man in Black?
  • Jacob touched Locke, presumably saving his life after his father pushed him from the 8th story of a building (apparently in both timelines).  Jacob can apparently see into the future, because he gave Hurley the ankh in the guitar case which contained the names of the people who he would later send to the temple after his death, and Jacob even gave the detail that Sayid needed to live.  Why would Jacob save Locke's life when Locke would eventually kill him?  Is it the same reason why Jacob let Ben kill him, even though he clearly knew Ben's intentions (and even provoked him)?  It seems that perhaps Jacob was deliberately trying to die, perhaps for a purpose à la Obi-Wan Kenobi.
  • Before Juliet died, she remarked to Sawyer that they should get coffee and "go dutch."  This comment seemed to indicate (to me, anyway) that she was losing her mind as she was dying, perhaps as a side effect of all the jumps through time like Charlotte, Minkowsky, etc. (see the Lostpedia article "temporal displacement").  On LOSTcasts, they talked about a very interesting theory that Juliet's comment was some sort of collision between the two timelines.  This could fit with what Juliet was about to say next (according to Miles), that "it worked" (presumably meaning their plan to derail the original course of history by detonating the hydrogen bomb).
Season 6 Episode 3 "What Kate Does":

2007, Island:
  • Translator to Japanese man: "He's alive" (about Sayid)
  • Sayid says he feels light-headed
  • Sawyer's ticked off because Sayid, a former Iraqi torturer, was brought back to life and not Juliet
    • He should have brought Juliet with him!  If they were going to save Sayid's life, maybe they could have saved (but of course, how was he to know?)
2004 alternate timeline:
  • Kate hijacks cab, won't let Claire out
  • Arzt gets in the way of the cab
  • Kate sees Jack in the mirror and seems to recognize him
  • Cab driver runs off, Kate takes Claire's purse and lets her out of the car
  • Claire is pregnant
2007, Island:
  • Hurley to Sayid: "The Others captured us... again."
  • Jack observes that Sayid's wound is almost completely closed, even though it's only minutes later
    • Water is closely tied to healing properties of the Island, perhaps? -Congested
  • Japanese" and translator want Sayid to go with them alone, Jack puts up a fuss
  • Sawyer tells Kate don't come after me
  • Translator says they need Sawyer back
  • Kate volunteers to track him, Jin volunteers to go with her
2004 alternate timeline:
  • Kate offers $200 to a mechanic to get her out of the cuffs
  • Kate opens Claire's bag and sees photo of her pregnant and Shamu whale doll
2007, Island:
  • Kate to Jack: I'll take care of James.  You take care of Sayid
  • Japanese man has Sayid strapped down, blows dust on him, hooks wires into his skin and electrocutes him
    • "the ash should have protected sayid from pain, if he was not infected." -Guest 21
  • Translator says it was a "test to be sure" -- "don't worry, you passed"
    • Translator to Japanese man: "I just lied to him, didn't I?"
          Japanese man: "Yes"
2004 alternate timeline:
  • Kate drives back to Claire to give her her bags back
  • Claire says that the family who was supposed to pick her up from the airport never showed up, so she's going to their house
2007, Island:
  • Aldo, an Other we haven't seen in a while, is giving Kate a hard time
  • There's a trap, another Other, Justin, says Rousseau died years ago
  • Japanese man says Sayid is "infected" and give him medicine to give to Sayid
  • Jack asks what will happen if he doesn't give Sayid the medicine, and the Japanese man says "the infection will spread"
  • Miles questions Sayid about death - no white light or anything, he just remembers being shot
    • "I read it as a no read as well, I thought the look was because he had no reading, like he should've if he were dead. I think it was the same reason he was so drawn to Claire in season 4. Claire also had no read, and then turned bad." -StefanyMac
  • Hurley: "You're not a zombie right?"
  • Sayid: "No.  I am not a zombie."
  • Sayid tells Jack he'll take the pill if Jack asks him to
  • Jin wants to find Ajira plane so he can find Sun
2004 alternate timeline:
  • Claire asks Kate to come in with her to the adoptive parents' house because she doesn't want to go in alone
  • The woman who answers the door says "My husband... he left me.  And believe me, I wanted the baby so much but I can't do it alone.  I'm sorry.  Look, I know I should have called you."
  • Claire suddenly screams that she thinks the baby is coming as they're standing at the doorstep
2007, Island:
  • Kate goes to DHARMA barracks to look for James
  • He plies up the floorboards in the room where he used to live with Juliet, pulls out a shoe box with something of Juliet's in it and smells it - ring bag?
  • Sawyer sees Kate, and Kate tells him that she was worried about him, and he just walks past her
2004 alternate timeline:
  • Kate takes Claire to hospital
  • A police car pulls
  • Ethan introdces himself as Dr. Goodspeed - Horace's last name
    • Apparently Ethan got off the Island safely and never joined The Others, and never renamed himself Rom
  • He says to stop the baby from coming she would need to take drugs via needle injection
  • Claire: "Is my baby okay?  Is Aaron okay?"
    • She already picked the name?
    • Ultrasound date - close to when Claire gave birth on island Lostpedia says born Nov 1 2004
2007, Island:
  • Sawyer blames himself for Juliet's death because he convinced her to stay
  • Sawyer says he guesses some people are meant to be alone, and says, "I was going to ask her to marry me."  He throws a wedding ring into the water and says Kate can make it back by nightfall.  Kate cries.
  • Jack asks the Japanese man why he has a translator, and he has one to differentiate himself from those he leads, and that it makes it easier to keep people from being mad directly at him
  • Says his name is Dogen
  • Jack starts to take the pill, Dogen makes him spit it out and Jack demands to know what's in it
  • Dogen admits it's poison
    • Jacob said Sayid needed to live. Did he mean uninfected Sayid needs to live, or zombie Sayid?
      • "I think it meant it would be bad if he died and then was taken over, not bad because he died. Because they didn't care when he originally died." -StefanyMac
2004 alternate timeline:
  • Detective Rasmussen asks for Joan Hart - one of Kate's aliases
  • Claire tells them she left already
  • Claire asks what Kate did, and Kate says "Would you believe me if I told you I didn't do it?"
    • Did she kill Wayne Janssen in this timeline?
    • "In the alt timeline did her mom set the bomb?" [and frame Kate] -Guest 21
  • Kate suggests that Claire should keep the baby
  • Kate: "Aaron's a great name."
  • Claire: "I don't know why I said it.  It's like I just knew it, or something."
  • They wish each other luck
2007, Island:
  • Jack asks, "Why would you people want to kill Sayid?"
  • Dogen says Sayid is sick, which Jack disputes based on his medical knowledge
  • Dogen: "We believe he has been claimed. ... There is a darkness growing in him, and once it reaches his heart, everything your friend once was will be gone."
  • Jack: "How can you be sure of that?"
  • Dogen: "Because it happened to your sister."  Jack looks confused.  He must mean Claire!
  • Jin steps on bear trap
  • Aldo tries to shoot him
  • Claire walks out of jungle looking like Rousseau!  she shoots Aldo and Justin
    • So Rousseau had the sickness?  NOT her shipmates?
    • "Clair was hanging with Christian, so ther is the opportunity for her to get infected" -RatFace
      • I think she was already infected before we saw her in the cabin
    •     Christian is on the smoke monster's side? (or is him?)
      • "In the season 5 episode 'Dead Is Dead' Christian Shepard told Sun, & Frank Lapidus to follow the Fake John Lock if she wants to Jin again." -RatFace
    •     When did Claire get infected?  Possible at barracks?
      • "yes... some people said after the explosion she should have been dead" -Jason Heilman
      • "Claire - "I'll be fine." / Miles "I'm not too sure abt that." From Shape of things" -LiamKapranos
      • "Maybe Miles sensed something and wanted to protect Aaron... she said I'll live" -StefanyMac
      • "but... claire never got in that water soo...." -Jason Heilman
      • "sayid and ben water... claire no" -Jason Heilman
        • So could Ben also have the sickness?
        • "I don't think being infected has to do with the water directly. though the two are sort of bundled together with sayid, i think two seperate things are." -Congested
Screenshots and Easter Eggs:

Claire's Ultrasound says "10-22-2004" even though in the original timeline Flight 815 departed on 9-22-2004.  Why is there a discrepancy of an entire month?  Just to bring Claire closer to her due date?  Thanks to Jack Glatfelter from The Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack for passing this along:


Notes from The Official LOST Podcast, February 4th, 2010

Preview for upcoming episodes:
  • Fake Locke: "Hello, James."
  • Sawyer: "I thought you were dead."
  • Fake Locke: "I am."
  • Richard: "He wants everyone -- everyone you care about, all of them"
  • "What is this place?"
  • Fake Locke: "I promise I'll tell you everything"

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