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Thursday, April 05, 2007

LIVE "Left Behind" Initial Thoughts

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Josh and his wife Kylene podcasted LIVE right after "Left Behind" (Pacific time). Hear their initial thoughts about Locke joining The Others, the smoke monster's weakness, and Juliet's story about being "left behind." (19 minutes)

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*UPDATE, 9 April 2007*
Here are some notes from the live podcast:
  • John Locke is "going with them" (The Others). Why?
    • Does it have something to do with his dad (or rather, perhaps, "his dad") being on the island?
      • Spoiler: This plot line will be revisited later this season, according to The Official LOST Podcast
    • Kylene points out and Josh agrees that Ben is really good at conning Locke; perhaps Locke is playing into Ben's hands?
  • Did The Others really gas-bomb Juliet, or is it a con?
    • We know Juliet lied to Kate about the handcuffs and the monster
    • Juliet was right back working with The Others after not getting on the boat, as evidenced by the fact that she made a sandwich for Kate
    • Kylene points out that the title "Left Behind" refers to Juliet, who claimed to have been left behind by The Others
    • So far, Sayid has been really good at judging The Others for who they are, and he obviously has concerns about Juliet
    • Spoiler: The upcoming episode is Juliet-centric, and we'll see Ethan again, so we'll most likely learn more about her motivations soon as we find out more of her back story
  • The smoke monster was stopped by the pylon security perimeter. Why didn't the smoke monster try to go over the "fence"?
    • Josh points out that this is an answer to some fans' questions about the purpose of the security perimeter; it's not to keep polar bears out—it's at least in part there for protection against the smoke monster
  • Josh asks: Where is Danielle? Had she left already before the gassing, or is she still hanging around Otherville? Josh opines that she'll pop up again later this season
  • Josh comments: Jack's place was ransacked. Why was his place all torn apart?
    • Kylene posits: Perhaps this is why The Others had to wear gas masks—because they were going to enter one of the buildings where they had thrown a gas bomb
  • Josh wonders how fifty Others got away without leaving any tracks (for a theory about this, see the April 9th edition of this podcast or the associated blog post)
  • Kylene points out that Kate apologizes to Jack for ruining his life when she only meant to help him
    • This is a parallel to her flashback; Kate thought she was saving her mom by killing Wayne when she was actually ruining her life by taking away someone she loved
    • Cassidy is another parallel; she admitted that she didn't want to retaliate against her former lover (who we known was Sawyer) because Cassidy still loved him
    • Josh points out that Juliet may also be a parallel to this story; all the Flight 815 survivors except Jack will see Juliet as an enemy, so she'll be the odd person out
  • Josh opines that Jack doesn't know Juliet as well as he thinks he does; she's obviously still a liar. Jack probably isn't making a very wise decision

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