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Saturday, August 18, 2007

LIVE "Through the Looking Glass" Season 3 Finale Discussion, Part 2, and Comic-Con 2007 Notes

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Following are additional notes from the Season 3 finale post-show live discussion (part 2 of 3). Also following are some Comic-Con 2007 updates from Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse!
  • Back at The Looking Glass, Charlie enters the code, and almost instantly Penny shows up on screen
    • Penny doesn't know who Naomi is, or anything about Naomi's freighter
    • If Penny doesn't know anything about Naomi, how did Naomi get Desmond and Penny's picture?
      • Did Penny simply not personally know the individuals involved with her own team of searchers?
        • Possibly, Penny knew the individuals at the Listening Station (who also spoke Brazilian Portuguese)
      • Was Naomi really working for Charles Widmore? Was she part of a plot, as Ben thought, to find and destroy the island?
        • There are a lot of connections between Widmore's company and the island, including the Widmore Labs pregnancy test, the logo on the real Henry Gale's balloon, etc.
        • There's a theory that may coincide with this, which is that Charles Widmore planned the boat race and got Libby to give Desmond a boat so that Desmond would get stranded on the island, and therefore be forced to stay far away from Penny
        • The real Henry Gale's reason for crossing the ocean in a hot air balloon is not entirely clear, so he may possibly have been in a Widmore-sponsored race, similar to Desmond
      • We're led to believe that Ben was telling the truth, and that Naomi is really "one of the bad guys"
        • In the live discussion, Amanda made a good point that Ben said that if Jack made the call using Naomi's phone, then "every single living person on this island will be killed"—but how can that be true?
  • Mikhail miraculously arises after having been harpooned in the chest, which until this point we assumed must have killed him (for real this time)
    • He apparently had time to put on scuba gear, find a grenade, and swim around the side of the hatch without being noticed
    • He puts the grenade up to the glass portal next to Charlie, who in turn shuts the door to keep Desmond away from the coming explosion, and Charlie drowns
  • Did Charlie's death really fit with Desmond's vision? Many people assumed that the whole hatch would flood and cause Charlie's death, especially after Juliet said that Ben claimed that the whole hatch was already flooded
  • Charlie was the one who stated that by turning off the jamming equipment, the station would be flooded. Bonnie and Greta neither confirmed nor denied this
  • Why didn't Mikhail just toss the grenade in at Charlie from within the station? It didn't make sense for Mikhail to risk being seen while he got up and got dressed in scuba gear, only to swim all the way around to the side of the hatch, give Charlie plenty of opportunity to escape, and then put the grenade up against the hatch window under the assumption that it would break the window and flood the room
    • Regardless of whether Mikhail's main goal was to damage the equipment or kill Charlie, throwing a dry grenade into the room would have been effective in fulfilling his goal, and could have still given Mikhail time to escape before Desmond could follow him
    • Now there's no chance of Mikhail communicating to the outside world via the equipment in that room of the station; he had spent so much time trying to get their other equipment working after the sky went purple at the end of Season 2, why would he do a complete about-face and stop trying to make contact with the outside world? The Flame went up in flames, so he can no longer use that station to try to make contact now that Charlie has unjammed the communication signals
  • Did Mikhail die when he set off the grenade?
    • Josh thinks not, because he's already survived death twice already (getting his brain fried by the sonic fence and getting harpooned in the chest by Desmond) and because there wasn't any blood in the water that came flooding into the hatch, plus why would he take the time to get in scuba gear etc. only to commit suicide?
  • How powerful would a grenade really be underwater?
  • Why the heck didn't Charlie exit the room when Mikhail flooded it, shut the door, and swim to the surface with Desmond? Surely Desmond wouldn't have been stupid enough to try to go in the room while it was flooding and die trying to say hi to Penny. Wouldn't Charlie and Desmond both have been saved if Charlie had only exited the room before shutting the door?
    • Did Charlie choose to die simply because he thought it was his destiny, and because he was afraid that if he didn't, Claire and Aaron wouldn't be saved?
  • There's no way the little portal in the room was big enough for Charlie to have fit through
  • Maybe Desmond actually saw himself die in the vision, but he wanted to see Penny again so he told Charlie that he would die. This might explain why Desmond felt so guilty and tried to convince Charlie to stay in the boat in Greatest Hits. However, Josh feels that after watching the season finale, it seemed fairly clear that Desmond saw the same things as he told Charlie because in the end, everything played out the same way as he described it
  • Josh discusses the time travel-esque plot line of Desmond telling someone else the future, and whether that person might inadvertently change it simply because of knowing those future events, telling others about them, etc.
  • Charlie's last act was to write on his hand "NOT PENNY'S BOAT" to warn Desmond that Penny didn't know anything about Naomi
    • It's safe to assume that Desmond will find Jack and his crew and warn them about Naomi's group
  • John Locke killed Naomi by throwing a knife at her
  • Locke threatens Jack, then tries to negotiate with him and explain to him that he's "not supposed to" calling Naomi's people ("Jack, you're not supposed to do this.")
    • How does Locke know this? Is this something that the island told him?
      • Justin from The Lost Lowdown suggests that Walt might have been the one who told Locke not to trust Naomi or her people
      • Josh suspected at this point that the "Walt" that Locke saw was a manifestation of the island based upon how he showed up and suddenly Locke was healed
      • Spivvy pointed out in the live discussion that Locke might simply think it's a mistake because Locke doesn't want anyone to get off the island
    • Since Locke seems to be on the same page as Ben at this point, are they both independently communicating with the island or Jacob to obtain this information?
  • Josh recaps Jack's flashbacks
  • Oxycodone is the drug that Jack had been using
  • In the live discussion, Amanda points out that in Jack's flash, Gary Nadler is the name of a surgeon, and Nadler is Bernard and Rose's last name (Bernard is a doctor of dentistry)
  • At the end of Jack's flashbacks, we see that he meets up with Kate, and we figure out shortly thereafter that it's actually a flash-forward (which has never happened before on the show... at least not to our knowledge)
  • Kate apparently knew the person from the funeral parlor, too, so perhaps the person who died was someone on the island with them
  • An easter egg: the name the funeral parlor is Hoffs/Drawlar, an angram for "flash forward" (see a screen cap)
  • The maps in Jack's apartment were apparently part of Jack's attempt to find and return to the island; Jack said to Kate, "I'm sick of lying. We made a mistake. ... We were not supposed to leave."
    • Jack is obviously obsessed with getting back to the island. The big question is, "Why?"
    • Kate obviously disagreed with Jack's assessment
    • In the live discussion, Amanda pointed out that the way Jack is talking is similar to how Ben and Locke are currently treating Jack on the island, as though Locke and Ben are in fact correct that Jack is making a huge mistake by contacting Naomi's people
    • Does "I'm sick of lying" mean that those who returned are being forced by Oceanic or some other group to lie about what happened? Do they think that nobody would believe the truth so they are forced to lie? Or something else entirely?
      • Jack mentioned to Kate that he's been using his "golden pass" to take a lot of flights; presumably this means he can fly anywhere for free (or really cheaply) on Oceanic, so maybe Oceanic is who paid them to lie
  • Kate replied to Jack, "I have to go. He's gonna be wondering where I am."
    • Did Kate end up with Sawyer?
      • Is Kate still on the run from the law? When the police find out that Kate survived, won't they still be after her?
    • Did Kate end up with someone else? She obviously didn't end up with Jack.
    • Was she referring to her son, which may imply that she was able to have a successful birth after becoming pregnant on the island?
  • Unknown at this point: How much time exactly has passed since they returned from the island? Jay from Jay & Jack's podcast pointed out that Jack uses a Motorola KRZR in the flash-forward, and they came out in September 2006, so we know this must take place sometime after the phone was released. The plane crashed in September 2004, two years earlier. So far each season has spanned 31 days on average, so if there are three more seasons and they continue at roughly the same pace, they might end up staying on the island for 6 months or less, which would put the amount of time back at home before the flash-forward at roughly 1.5 years
  • Podcast participant Kyle suggested that perhaps the people on the freighter are Dharma Initiative folks trying to reclaim the island
  • Spivvy suggested that perhaps it could be people from the Hanso Foundation who found the island as a result of Locke entering 77 in The Flame
    • Josh expounded upon this theory by suggesting that, if true, perhaps Hanso knew that The Others had overtaken the Dharma Initiative and the island, and came to try to reclaim it, and that they might be so intent on regaining control of the island that they might be willing to kill everyone on the island, including the Flight 815 survivors. After all, how would Hanso know who was telling the truth about being on the plane? The flight manifest doesn't have photographs of the passengers.
To be continued...

At the end of the podcast, Josh noted that he's working on another podcast with Big-O and others during the LOST hiatus: Tech Pulse.

The remainder of this post may contain spoilers. Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse talked about some of what we can expect in Season 4 at Comic-Con 2007. Highlights from their address follow.
  • We left the season with Mikhail dead, according to Damon
  • According to MC Gainey, the new group coming to the island is far worse than The Others
  • Carlton: The smoke monster is a security system
  • Damon: Still planning to get around to Neil Frogurt story at some point
  • Carlton: "Harold Perrineau will be back on the show this coming season"
  • Carlton: Yes, there will be more flash-forwards (as well as flashbacks)
  • Damon: The question is, how forward and with whom?
  • Carlton didn't let Damon answer the question of whether Jack and Claire will find out they're brother and sister in Season 4
  • Carlton: "You may be learning more about the Dharma Initiative sooner than you even imagine."
  • Carlton: Season 3 DVD should be out by the holidays, perhaps around the end of November or beginning of December (someone said the DVD is coming out December 11th)
  • Carlton: Ben didn't intend to get caught in Danielle's net
  • Damon: "We will be revealing exactly why Ben was headed across the island when he accidentally got caught."
  • Damon dodged the question of whether Ben actually killed the real Henry Gale
  • Carlton: "What you just saw with Kate and Jack was not the end of the show."
  • Damon: "We wanted to communicate to the audience that the show has never really been about getting off the island.... There's this whole chapter of our story that takes place off the island."
  • Carlton alluded to the question of how the other survivors will react to Michael's return, since they now know that he betrayed them
  • Damon: "Harold [Michael]... is a series regular. He is rejoining the cast."
  • Carlton: "Rachel [Blake] is probably not going to end up on the island any time soon."
  • Carlton: The Verizon mobisodes are still in process, and they're hoping to get them done and out this fall
  • Nestor Carbonell (who plays Ben's sidekick Richard Alpert) is working on another project, so it remains to be seen how much he'll be able to be a part of LOST Season 4
  • Carlton and Damon don't have a final title selected for the first episode of Season 4
  • They refused to answer the question of who's in the coffin in the Season 3 finale flash-forward
  • Damon said one of the questions we should be asking is "Who's on that freighter out there and what do they want out of the island?"
  • Carlton said another is whether anyone other than Kate and Jack got off the island.
  • Damon said another is "What about those skeletons from Season 1 ["Adam and Eve"]"?
  • The person Hurley saw off a building in Season 1 was not Locke.
  • Carlton: "It is our intention to get to Libby's story this year, and we think you will be very happy when we actually do finish that."
  • Damon: "You're not barking up the wrong tree" if you're questioning whether Libby may have worked for Dharma
  • Carlton: "We would like to do Rousseau's flashback story. I'm not sure if we will do it this year or next year."
  • Damon: "There are important things revealed in that story and they kind of have to synch up with something else..."
  • Damon: "Barring unforeseen circumstances, you will be seeing that story in the next season or two."
  • Damon said that they will have written episode 14 or 15 by the time the first episode of Season 4 premieres.
  • Carlton called for fans to help police spoilers (in particular, it sounded like he was referring to full-episode or major plot spoilers)
  • "Cerberus" on the blast door map is indeed one of the names of the smoke monster. Damon confirmed that "CV" on the map stands for "Cerberus vents"
  • Damon: "What the monster is, who made it (if anyone did), and what motivates it to do the things that it does is hopefully going to be definitively answered. At least in our minds, we think it's a really satisfying answer."
  • Carlton warned that not every question and every mystery in the whole show can be expected be completely revealed by the end.
  • Carlton: "We obviously are trying to have a satisfying ending. It's not going to be ten seconds of blank tape."
  • Damon said that they won't start filming until four weeks after the ComicCon.
  • A new Dharma station film is online: http://abc.go.com/primetime/lost/index (I'll cover details from this video in a future podcast episode and blog post)

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