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Saturday, December 29, 2007

LIVE "Through the Looking Glass" Season 3 Finale Discussion, Part 3

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Following are notes from the Season 3 finale post-show live discussion (part 3 of 3).
  • Ben's diary was shown briefly, but much of the writing is illegible in the screenshots available online (see DarkUFO and Sledgeweb's shots). If anyone has a higher-quality screenshot or thinks they've found a better interpretation of what Ben wrote, please leave a comment on this post or e-mail me at thelostmeister at gmail dot com
  • Walt is back on the island! How did this happen? Is this really the real Walt back on the island, or a projection or apparition of him, or the smoke monster manifesting itself as Walt, or something else? You can read Sledgeweb's comments (and his readers') here
  • In the live podcast, Amanda (from the Lost Flashbacks podcast) commented that Locke loses the use of his legs (or in one case his voice) when he loses faith in the island
    • Josh pointed out that it doesn't seem to happen every time, for example after Locke went to The Pearl with Eko and destroyed The Swan
    • Spivvy (also from Lost Flashbacks) commented that perhaps the reason that Locke lost the use of his legs in Season 1 was so that Boone would be the sacrifice to the island rather than Locke
  • Another screenshot from Sledgeweb shows Penny Widmore on the monitor when she was talking with Charlie. It is interesting to observe the background elements; is she in a classroom, a library, a study? The items on the walls behind her include a full bookshelf, a globe, and a world map on the wall, and Penny appears to be dressed in a professional-looking suit. Could Penny be a school teacher? Perhaps more likely is that this is the headquarters of her operation to find Desmond.
    • It seems awfully strange that Penny happens to be sitting directly in front of her super high-res video camera at the precise moment to be able to communicate with Charlie
    • Penny said to Charlie that she didn't know anything about Naomi or her boat, so we're led to believe that Naomi had been lying
      • It's possible that Charles Widmore had access to the photograph of Penny and Desmond, and perhaps then Charles sent Naomi's team to kill off Desmond before Penny could find him
      • On the other hand, perhaps Penny simply didn't know the names of all the people working for her, and thus didn't recognize the name Naomi, but this seems like a bit of a stretch given the evidence and the nature of the show in general
      • In any case, there's definitely a conspiracy going on
  • The newspaper clipping that Jack was reading has been analyzed closely, and some think they have a good idea of what the original paper says
    • It looks like the name starts with the letters "Jo..." and ends with "...ntham." The first name seems closest to John Locke, but obviously the last name doesn't match anyone we know from the show. Some have suggested that the name is Jeremy Bentham, a 19th-century philosopher whose influences include John Locke and David Hume (a Desmond reference)
    • The name might be an alias that someone assumed after leaving the island, perhaps Sawyer since he may have been wanted for the murder of the man in Australia; there has been speculation that Sawyer, like Kate, may have been traveling with an air marshal
    • In the live chat, listener Tony suggested that the gap between the "Jo..." and "...ntham" seems to be too big for the name John
    • In the live chat, listener Justin (from the Lost Lowdown podcast) pointed out that sometimes props contain incorrect information, as in the episode ExposĂ© when the newspaper date was September 24th when it should have been September 22nd
    • Josh pointed out that they may have intentionally put a false name in the newspaper clipping so fans wouldn't be spoiled about who will die
    • Josh also suggests that this character may not have even been introduced yet on the show
    • Here are several screenshots for comparison: Sledgeweb, Lostpedia, and DarkUFO
  • A lot of people are saying that the coffin at the funeral home looked rather small, so perhaps the person who died was not very tall
    • Some people suggested that it's the right size for Walt
    • Then again, it could be an insignificant point or even a prop issue
  • When Jack made reference to his father "upstairs" he may have been referring to his deceased father, whom he perhaps assumed to be in heaven
  • DarkUFO pointed out that this is the first time we've seen the radio tower
    • Josh pointed out that although Danielle claimed that she had only been there once before, she knew how to disable the whole thing in just seconds—but then again, she somehow figured out how to get it to loop for 16 years, so she may be fairly savvy with the equipment
  • Josh offers answers to some of Lostpedia's Unanswered questions for this episode
  • Spivvy speculated that perhaps The Others have implanted devices into more than one Lostie (like the device they implanted in Claire that made her have illness symptoms)
  • In the chat, BaileyBear asked an interesting question: Whose death would make Jack so sad that he wanted to kill himself?
    • Listener AwesomeWells suggested that perhaps the reason that Jack was so upset was that the person in the casket may have known how to get back to the island
  • BaileyBear asked: What reason would Jack have to want to kill himself?
    • Josh suggested that he already seemed depressed, so there may have been multiple factors
    • Kyle (who podcasts about tech with Josh on Tech Pulse) suggested that Jack may have been upset about no longer being the person that he was before the island
    • Spivvy thinks that Jack may have been blaming himself for what happened, including calling the ship from the satellite phone, which perhaps in some way led to this person dying or led to all the bad things that have happened since that time
  • Are Jack and Kate the only ones we know survive? BaileyBear suggested that we know that Claire and Aaron get off the island, but Josh commented that we don't know how much Desmond saw in his flash; perhaps they get taken by helicopter to Naomi's ship but they may not necessarily make it home safely
  • In reference to the exact time of the flash-forward, Lostpedia says that Jack's phone is apparently a Motorola KRZR that was released in late 2006
    • The exact date may have been April 5, 2007 (or shortly thereafter) since Jack's newspaper appeared to be that day's edition of the Los Angeles Times
  • When the funeral director asked Jack whether he was "friend or family" of the deceased, Jack replied "Neither." (Refer to the losthatch.com transcript for S3E23)
  • Josh commented that there were some interesting character deaths on this episode, many of them bad guys
    • Naomi, Charlie, Tom, Mikhail (as has been confirmed by the producers after this podcast was recorded)
  • Josh suggested a way to keep up on LOST during the hiatus would be to review what was revealed during The LOST Experience through Lostpedia's extensive articles

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