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Friday, January 11, 2008

Find 815: Amelia Earhart, Black Rock, Penny's Number

Note: This post may contain minor game spoilers.

In the final segment of Chapter 2 of the Find 815 LOST ARG, Sam turns on a radio and hears a reporter talk about the disappearance of Amelia Earhart as though it has just happened. Curious, he sends an e-mail to "Broadcasting Authority" to ask whether there were "any radio documentaries broadcast in the last few days on Amelia Earhart's disappearance". In reply, the Broadcasting Authority representative says that they are not aware of any such broadcast, although it could have happened without them knowing about it. Interestingly, fans have speculated based on comments from executive producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof that the "Adam and Eve" skeletons found in the caves might be Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan. Another theory is that the Other named Amelia might be Amelia Earhart.

Sam e-mails Tracey to tell her that the video camera he's borrowing from her is acting up. "Something is interfering with the playback heads and affecting the motor drive." Tracey says that it was working fine when she gave it to him. Could the "something" that's interfering with the device be a magnetic anomaly like those on and around the LOST island?

Sam receives another e-mail from Tracey, who has found some information about the Black Rock. (In Chapter 1, Sam discovered the text "Black Rock" in the digitally altered photograph of Sonya that was sent to him.) Tracey says that the Black Rock was a slave ship, possibly owned by New World Sea Traders. Tracey says that the owner of New World was a man named Magnus Hanso, who "may have been captaining the Black Rock when it vanished." The blast door map seems to confirm these facts, as it lists the Black Rock as the "known final resting place of Magnus Hanso". Former LOST writer-producer Javier Grillo-Marxuach confirmed during The LOST Experience that Magnus is the great-grandfather of Alvar Hanso, who is the founder of the Hanso Foundation, one of whose projects was the Dharma Initiative. Tracey continues: "After the Black Rock disappeared, New World Sea Traders was sold to a company called the East Ocean Trade Group. In the 1950s the East Ocean Trade Group was taken over by the Hanso Group, who renamed the company Allied Copenhagen Marine Merchants."

There's a memorization activity which leads to a "LOST Season 4 clue word," which is "423 Cheyne Walk". Presumably this is part of an address, but what exactly does it have to do with Season 4? When this code is entered on Find815.com, it unlocks a "Season 4 clue" dubbed "Penny's Number". There is a shot of a book or diary with words written in the front: "If found please return to Penny 020 7946 0893", as seen in this screenshot:

Unlike previous phone numbers in the ARG, this one is not a real telephone number (source: DarkUFO). Since the clue is Penny's number, are we to assume that 423 Cheyne Walk is her address in London?

In the video, I noticed the prominent tattoo on Sam Thomas' left arm, which appears to be a black, filled-in, five-pointed star:

This could simply be the actor's tattoo, but this is so far unconfirmed. Matthew Fox (who plays Jack) had tattoos prior to the first season of LOST, and the writers chose to work them into the plot—even devoting an entire episode's worth of flashbacks to explain them—so there's a precedence for tattoos having meaning in the LOST universe. If anyone can confirm whether actor Rodger Corser has this tattoo, please post in the comments section.

Finally, this is probably insignificant, but I noticed while playing the clue hunt game at the end of Chapter 2 that the photograph of Sonya on Sam's desk looks strangely distorted:

Note that the map above the photograph also looks ghostly, so it's possible that some accidental (or intentional) smudging of the image took place when editing this scene together during game design.

The final part of Chapter 2 is a video recorded by Sam in which he explains that he's found out that the boat he's on, Christiane I, is searching for the Black Rock, which is presumed to have sunken on a return trip from a gold mining expedition. Sam says that he's getting tired of searching for a needle in a haystack and questions what any of this has to do with Flight 815 anyway.

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Blogger iTOMMY said...

The image is smeared because when the web disigner, designed the page he or she cut the image into many pieces than than faded the edges and pieced them back together.

Monday, January 14, 2008 11:05:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just checked Roger Corsers filmography on imdb and had to laugh when I saw that he played on two episodes of Stingers. His role name was Karl De Groot.
De Groot? sounds familiar.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008 3:54:00 AM  

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