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Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Economist Discussion

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In this episode of the JoshMeister's LOST Podcast, tJM and guests Spivvy (aka Josh) and Amanda from the Lost Flashbacks and Steve from the Smoke Hatch discuss Season 4 Episode 3, "The Economist."

The following notes are from the rerun of the previous episode, Confirmed Dead, which contained several popups with new information:
  • The woman in Dan Faraday's flashback was not Dan's wife—it's his caretaker!
  • Miles Straume is supposed to sound like maelstrom, which is a very powerful whirlpool
  • Faraday's remark about light scattering is a clue to the unique properties of the island
  • It was confirmed that Charlotte's name is reference to C. S. Lewis and Narnia
  • The phone number on the TV that Frank called is 1-888-548-0034, which is a real telephone number
  • George Minkowski's name is a reference to Hermann Minkowski, who introduced the concept of spacetime
  • Frank says: "Miles, this Juliet, she was not on the plane. ... She's a native."
  • Miles: Really?! Where is he [Ben]?
  • The popup confirms that the photo is supposed to be confirmation that Ben lied about never having left the island
  • Ben: these people are a threat
The following notes are related to this week's episode, The Economist:
  • Miles to Jack: "The people who hired me told me this is Benjamin Linus and they told me to find him. And for what they're paying me..."
  • On Naomi's bracelet: "N, I'll always be with you. R.G."

  • In a flashforward we find out that Sayid is one of Oceanic Six
  • "I insist, Mr. Avellino" Sayid says before shooting him
    • At this point we start to wonder if Sayid is an assassin, and if so, does he work for someone?
  • Later, Sayid meets a woman named Elsa, who says: "my employer is an economist"
    • After Sayid leaves, he makes a call and says: "I made contact," and then throws away phone and rubs snow on his hands for some reason
  • Hugo didn't like Locke's plans - maybe this is why he told Jack in the episode 1 flashforward that he should have gone with him?
  • Dan's experiment
    • "fire the payload"
    • "I don't have it ... that is far more than weird"
    • when the payload finally arrives, it's a rocket, and the time on its clock is off by 31 minutes
  • Locke (apparently) bound and gagged Hurley and left him at the barracks
  • Sayid finds Ben's secret room
    • currency from various countries
    • passports, one of which says his name is "Dean Moriarty" according to Lostpedia
      • Moriarty is the archenemy of Sherlock Holmes; if this name has some meaning, who might the Holmes be to Ben's Moriarty?
  • Hurley was working with Locke!
  • Sawyer to Kate: "I ain't lookin' to leave"
    • He tries to convince her to stay by reminding her that if she goes back, she'll still be a wanted criminal

  • In a flashforward, Sayid warns Elsa, "the man you are working for in not an economist"
    • She knew that already and shot Sayid (intentionally not killing him) and made a phone call in German
    • Sayid reached for his gun and shot and killed her
    • What was with her bracelet?? Was that the same one that Naomi wore?
  • Frank to Desmond (in explanation why he didn't know about Penny Widmore even though Naomi did): Naomi was "senior management"
  • Kate decided to stay behind with Sawyer
  • Dan to Frank: "Be sure you follow the same exact bearing you came in on... no matter what"
    • This is very reminiscent of Ben's comment to Michael that he must follow an exact bearing to "find rescue"
    • Could it be that Michael is the "man on their boat" that Ben referred to? If so, how have they been keeping in contact with each other? And why would Michael work for Ben?

  • The flashforward's major reveal: Sayid was working for Ben!
    • Ben and Sayid were keeping Sayid's friends safe? Which friends? The Oceanic Six, or the people still on the island (assuming there are still survivors on the island), or perhaps the woman Sayid used to love, Nadia?
    • Sayid: now they know we're after them
    • Ben: "Good."

  • Amanda pointed out that there's a deleted scene wherein Sayid and Kate try to disarm the pylon fence while Miles discovers that it's not on by walking through unharmed
The following section contains spoilers from the preview:
  • Preview for the next episode:
    • The fifth member of the Oceanic Six will be revealed
    • Kate gets with Sawyer... again
    • On the podcast, Amanda said that she thought she saw a different-looking Claire in the preview

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Confirmed Dead Discussion, and Does Hurley See Dead People?

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In this episode of the JoshMeister's LOST Podcast, tJM and guests Amanda from the Lost Flashbacks and Steve from the Smoke Hatch discuss Season 4 Episode 2, "Confirmed Dead."
  • The episode starts out with an ROV apparently looking for a "chest full of doubloons" (very much like the Find 815 game... however, the people navigating the ROV whose voices we heard were clearly not Sam Thomas or Mr. Ockham)
    • They instead found what they thought was Oceanic 815
  • We see a Daniel (Dan) Faraday flashback, in which he cries as he sees the news report about the alleged Flight 815 being discovered
  • Back on the island, Dan calls George Minkowski
    • Apparently there was an electrical storm
    • Dan has a gun
  • Kate: "most of them are back at the beach"
  • Locke: "There's a cabin I have to go to"
    • Hurley: "The cabin is back that way."
    • Locke: "What did you say, Hugo?"
    • Ben looks at Hurley, apparently just as surprised as Locke that Hurley has apparently seen Jacob's cabin
  • Locke: "I got 'em [my orders] from Walt"
  • Jack and Kate find out that a gas mask fell from helicopter
    • Dan: "Rescuing you and your people... can't really say it's our primary objective."
  • Locke: "It was Walt, only taller."
  • Locke: "I'd probably be dead if I still had a kidney there" (pointing where Ben shot him)
    • Was it Locke's destiny to no longer have his kidney so he could survive Ben's gunshot?
  • Miles to Kate: "Naomi... the woman you killed, where is she?"
    • We find out later that Naomi asking about sister was a duress code
  • Flashback: Inglewood, CA
    • Radio: "Authorities are confirming, all 324 passengers, dead" (presumably talking about Flight 815)
    • Miles Straume (sounded like Strung) goes to Miss Gardner's house, and we find out that Miles is a dishonest exorcist
  • Talks to dead people - Tells Kate "I'll know [what really happened to Naomi]! Take me to her body."
    • Later: "They didn't kill her. It happened like they said it did."
  • Flashback: Medenine, Tunisia
    • Charlotte: polar bear skeleton in desert, Hydra logo on its collar!
    • She smiles upon finding the Hydra logo - is she a DHARMA Intiative employee? Are all of them currently working for DHARMA? This might explain the gas mask; they don't want to get gassed like Ben did to his father
  • Daniel says he's a physicist and talks about how the light scatters strangely
  • Miles claims he "collects soil samples"
    • Feigns surprise about Find 815
    • Josh's wife Kylene suggested at the commercial break that Miles wasn't surprised because he can talk to dead people and thus already knew they weren't dead
  • Charlotte running? Nope; Vincent
  • Flashback: Eleuthera, Bahamas
    • Sees TV report about Flight 815 and the "victim identification process"
      • They showed actual bodies in the plane - whose bodies are they really? Were they planted there by Widmore? Abaddon?
    • Seth Norris is the name of the pilot, whose alleged body was not wearing Seth's wedding ring, which Frank notices as proof that it's not the real pilot
    • When asked how he knows so much about the pilot, Frank says: "because I was supposed to be flying Oceanic 815 on that day"
  • What is the significance of Frank seeing a cow? Just to prove that there are random cows roaming on the island providing food for the Others, like Mikhail's meat locker in the Flame station (and lack of many cows outside) hinted
  • Ben shot (but didn't kill) Charlotte - she was wearing a bulletproof vest! She knew there was danger on the island
  • Frank Lapidus landed the chopper safely
  • Flashback: Naomi says: "So this is the team?"
    • Matthew Abaddon hired Naomi to lead the operation?!
  • Locke to Ben: "What is the monster?"
    • Ben: "I don't know."
  • Ben says that he knows why the freighties are there—for him! And he reveals several details about Charlotte Staples Lewis' life, which shocks her
    • Locke: "How do you know all this?"
    • Ben: "Because I have a man on their ship."
Also discussed:
  • Master Nak's theory that Hurley can see dead people:

    • Hurley isn't crazy; he can see dead people. I want to rewatch the Season 2 episode when we first hear about Dave... but I have a hunch Dave was really a dead guy. Maybe a guy who died in the mental institute and hung around Hurley.
      Supporting evidence:
      Hurley can see Jacob at first, but when he closes his eyes and looks again, suddenly the whole cabin is gone. Maybe Jacob is dead, just a spirit?
      Charlie certainly seems pretty real when he appears to Hurley in the flash forward.


      [...] There is one interesting scene [in the episode "Dave"], however:

      Hurley walks into the gym to see Dave playing basketball with the other patients. At one point, Dave yells for the "rock" to be passed to him. Immediately afterward, the ball is passed to Hurley, who just happens to be standing directly behind Dave. Could it be that the patient was able to hear Dave speak but couldn't see him, and thus mistook his voice for Hurley's? Paralleling Hurley's flash forward, another patient was able to see Charlie. Interesting... [Josh notes: Could this mean that Hurley is actually able to subconsciously project his imaginary friends or delusions so that other people can sometimes sense them?]

      Perhaps Hurley is only able to see these spirits when he is in a disturbed emotional state. He was able to see Jacob because he had become separated from the others and was distressed. Dave seems to disappear after Hurley shuts the window on him in the flash back, but he returns right after Hurley sees that a new food package has been dropped on the island. We don't know much about the "future," but perhaps Hurley could see Charlie because he was worried that he made a mistake by leaving the island. When Hurley gains control of his emotions, he isn't able to see the spirits anymore (which is why Jacob's cabin [Josh: and Charlie] disappeared).


      Hmm... just read your blog about Ep. 1. This seems to give support to my theory that Hurley can see dead people.

      Christian Shephard did not die on the island, but Hurley saw him there. This could support my idea that Dave is really the spirit of someone who died in Santa Rosa.
      Also, Hurley has never (at least, not yet) seen Dave again on the island since Libby brought him back to his senses. He didn't need to take any Clonazepam in order to stop seeing him. If he was truly crazy, it's unlikely Dave would have just stopped showing up.

      Also, Locke didn't just "somehow run off" after throwing the knife at Naomi. They show him calmly walking away in the Season 3 finale. As to the "how," Jack is too busy talking on the satellite phone to bother chasing after him.

  • Josh suggested that perhaps the guy who pointed out Charlie to Hurley was actually in Hurley's imagination as well
  • Josh asked whether anyone noticed whether Desmond went with Locke or Jack, and callers on the show said that he went with Jack
  • Jorge Garcia, the actor who plays Hurley, said on Jay and Jack's podcast that the actor whose eye popped up in the window was NOT an actor who has played a regular role on the show before (thus, the theory that it was Locke in the cabin was apparently untrue... which is backed up by the fact that in Episode 2 Locke was surprised that Hurley knew about the cabin)
    • Also, Jorge wasn't told what to paint, so we can't read too much into Hurley's painting of an Eskimo and an igloo
The following section contains spoilers from the preview.
  • Preview for the next episode:
    • Kate: "I believe he can get us off the island"
    • One of the Oceanic Six will be revealed

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Special Find 815 Podcast with Big-O, Amanda, and Curt

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In this special edition, the JoshMeister and fellow LOST podcasters Big-O from Cranky Fanatic, Amanda from Lost Flashbacks, and Curt Yanko from Black Rock, along with folks from the DarkUFO community, discuss and analyze the Find 815 alternate reality game from start to finish. Organized by Congested from DarkUFO's LOST site and Find 815 sub-site.

A show outline follows, but much, much more was discussed in the show, which lasted 2 hours and 47 minutes.

NarrativeBrief Overview of What Happened In Each Chapter
  • Chapter 1
    • flyoceanicair.com commercial and press release
    • Sam hacks the site
    • Sam gets a mysterious e-mail from an anonymous person who claims to know Sonya, and the e-mail contains clues
    • Sonya's apparition????
    • When is this taking place? 2004?
      • The Oceanic press release says December 2007, but the Sam plot makes much more sense in 2004
  • Chapter 2
    • Talbot, our new antagonist
  • Chapter 4
    • Aurora? Except not that far north and such a short period
      • It wasn't Aurora Borealis, it was apparently Aurora Australis based on the Web site Sam pulled up
      • What Sam pulled up is one explanation but the broader explanation involves charged particles colliding with a magnetosphere
  • Chapter 5
    • Yet another Sonya apparition
    • Find the Black Rock!?
    • Apparent internal schism in the Maxwell Group?
      • Talbot and Sam's insider seem to be at odds
    • Widmore connections
Unraveling the Mystery
  • How Does The Game Tie In with LOST?
    • Maxwell Group owned by Widmore Industries (Charles Widmore's company)
    • We are witnessing the coverup of the crash
    • The Widmore Group is behind this salvage expedition tyhat 'accidentally' finds the plane
      • Considering that Naomi has a picture of Des and Penny and Penny didn't send it then the Widmores are also likely behind the freighter. Why a freighter? what was the freight? did they dump the plane prior to locating the island? Thus the widmore group orchestrating the entirte covrup and the faux rescue mission?!
    • Magnetic anomalies
General Discussion
  • Curt: With the hidden reference clues to James Clerk Maxwell in the recap video and the link to the 68 page .pdf file that contains the theories on electromagnetism and the bending of light due to it's electromagnetic properties I believe we were given an answer. The answer lies in how the island is invisible to the world while existing in plain sight. After scanning through the paper I couldn't help think that it seemed familiar and it is. The embodiment of Maxwell's theories were put to the test by the U.S. Navy at the end of WWII in the Philadelphia Experiment. This was the Navy's attempt to render a ship invisible by bending light through the use of a strong electromagnetic field. The results of that experiment have become the source of legend, but rumors have circulated for years that the ship was rendered invisible, teleported to another location, and traveled through time, all themes of Lost. I think as well the people participating in chat tonight that we have been provided with an answer tonight to one of the riddles of the island, why it can't be found, as well as supporting evidence for Desmond's time travel after the implosion, and some of the medical anomalies of the island. Thanks to Will, KeepingPace, AfflictedMuse, Cjojojo, Mando and all the others I can't remember for elaborating on this after I introduced this on the chat.
  • Season 4 clues
    • Chapter 2
      • 423 Cheyne Walk, (Penny's address, presumably in London)
      • Daniel Faraday
    • Chapter 3
      • Charlotte Lewis
      • Frank Lapidus
    • Chapter 4
      • Miles Straume
      • Queen's College Dept. of Physics
        • Which Queen's College? London or New York, or another one?
    • Camp Millar
    • Southfields
    • Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute

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Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Beginning of the End Discussion and Mobisode 13

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In this episode of the JoshMeister's LOST Podcast, Josh and fellow LOST fans have a very in-depth discussion of Season 4 Episode 1, "The Beginning of the End." Mobisode 13 is also discussed in connection with Christian Shephard's mysterious appearance in this episode. A show outline follows, but much more was discussed in the show, which lasted about 2 hours and 7 minutes.
  • Jack watches a car chase on TV, and the driver is Hurley
  • Hurley: "I'm one of the Oceanic Six!"
    • Does this mean only 6 people made it back from the island?
  • Ana-Lucia's partner Big Mike talks to Hurley
    • He presses Hurley to admit knowing Ana Lucia, but Hurley doesn't
      • This seems to hint that Big Mike suspects something is up with the story about the Oceanic Six. Does he (or anyone other than the survivors) know about the island?
  • Hurley keeps seeing things, and he's excited to go back to mental institute
    • We find out that he saw Charlie twice by this point; the first time was in the convenience store where he saw Charlie by the Ho Hos, the second time in the police station when Charlie had "THEY NEED YOU" written on his hand
  • Back on the island, Locke somehow ran off after throwing the knife at Naomi. How did he get away?
  • Jack says he'll kill Locke if he comes back
  • George McCowskey is the name of the guy on the freighter with whom Jack spoke
  • Naomi's body is gone
    • Naomi wasn't dead??
  • In a flash-forward, supposed "Oceanic attorney" Matthew Abaddon offered Hurley an "upgrade" to a different psych hospital with his own bathroom
    • His last name has implications of evil
    • No business card
    • Asks Hurley "Are they still alive?"
      • Does he know about the island?
  • On the island, Hurley found Jacob's house? Or was this all in his mind? And if he imagined it, why did it look the same as when Locke saw it, and how could he have imagined Christian Shephard being inside the house when (as far as we know) he's never met Jack's father?
    • In Jacob's house someone was in the rocking chair (apparently Christian Shephard) and someone else (who at first glance looked like Locke) popped up and stared at Hurley, scaring him
    • Jacob's house disappeared and reappeared in another place, then disappeared again
    • After this, Locke stood over Hurley with a torch
      • Was Locke visiting with Jacob?
  • Speaking of Christian Shephard, he was the main star of Mobisode (LOST: Missing Pieces) number 13, "So It Begins," which was released recently. It takes place just moments before Season 1 begins, with Christian Shephard (or so it seems) instructing Walt's dog Vincent to go wake up Jack in the jungle because "He has work to do."
  • The blood trail that Jack is following ends
    • We find out that Kate stole the satellite phone from Jack because she was going to search for Naomi on a different path
      • This seems to show Kate's lack of faith in Jack at this time
    • Naomi somehow climbed a tree while bleeding profusely
    • Naomi died after telling George on the sat phone that she was injured parachuting; she covered for Kate and the other survivors, in spite of John Locke attacking her and ultimately causing her death
  • Hurley tells Claire that Charlie died
  • In a flash-forward, Hurley sees Charlie again, and this is when we find out that he saw Charlie in the store, too
    • Another person at the hospital tells Hurley that someone is staring at him, and points to Charlie
      • Did Hurley imagine the other hospital guy, too, or did the other guy actually see Charlie too? If the latter, what could this mean? Are the island's group hallucinations (like Kate and Sawyer seeing "Kate's horse") somehow affecting people off the island as well?
    • Charlie slaps Hurley to "prove" that he's there, although Hurley hallucinated physical sensations with his imaginary friend Dave as well
    • Hurley counts to 5 and opens his eyes and Charlie is gone
  • Back on the island, Jack tried to kill Locke!!
    • ...but Locke's gun wasn't loaded
  • Hurley gave a speech about believing Charlie
    • A number of the survivors went with Locke to the barracks (it was unclear how many were in Jack's and Locke's groups)
  • The flash-forwards from this episode take place before the Season 3 finale flash-forwards
    • Jack hasn't grown a beard yet
  • Hurley to Jack in a flash-forward: I'm sorry I went with Locke - I should have stayed with you
    • Hurley: "I think it wants us to come back" (My wife and I thought he said "I think he wants us to come back" - if we heard right, who is "he"? Charlie? Jacob?)
  • Eli Stone/Oceanic Airlines ad - YouTube link
    • A flight attendant from the Find 815 Oceanic ads says that the Golden Pass (presumably the same one that Jack and the Oceanic Six were given) allows you to fly anywhere in the world as many times as you want (no price is mentioned)
  • Vantage Point movie ad (use the clue 000-815 at abc.com/solvethepuzzle) leads to supposedly new information about LOST, but Josh didn't have time to play the game before or during the podcast

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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Season 3 Finale with Popup Notes

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In this episode of the JoshMeister's LOST Podcast, Josh announces an upcoming special Find 815 podcast episode, covers some Find 815 updates, and discusses the popup notes and some additional thoughts from the special Season 3 Finale rerun from Wednesday, January 30th (recorded that night right after it aired). Show notes follow.
  • There's going to be a live multi-podcaster discussion of the Find 815 alternate reality game on Monday, February 4, 2008 at 7:00 PM Pacific / 10:00 PM Eastern, organized by DarkUFO's site
  • Josh talks about some information about Find 815 that he had posted here
  • In the rerun of the Season 3 finale, the popups say that the person in the article Jack was reading on the plane was from New York and died in Los Angeles
  • Why did Ben lie to the Others about the Looking Glass?
    • Is he trying to trap everyone on the island by disabling communications?
    • Or did Jacob tell him to do it?
  • DHARMA is spelled in all caps this time. Last time it was spelled out on the show (when Ben came to the island) only the D was capitalized
    • DHARMA, of course, is an acronym for "Department of Heuristics And Research on Material Applications," as we learned in The LOST Experience
    • I guess I'll go back to capitalizing the whole word DHARMA again on the blog
  • Ben to Richard Alpert: "You're going to take everyone to the temple as planned"
    • What and where is this temple?
    • Who built it, ancient inhabitants of the island? Richard Alpert's people?
      • Josh talks about Richard Alpert's non-aging, which may indicate that he's one of the ancient inhabitants who built the foot statue, etc.
        • Does the non-aging thing have anything to do with not being able to have children? Sort of like how in some theologies, Adam and Eve could not have children while they were immortal in the Garden of Eden?
  • Dr. Gary Nadler, the spinal surgeon at St. Sebastian, has the same last name as Bernard, the dentist, Rose's husband
  • Ben told Mikhail to kill Charlie, and Mikhail followed his orders
  • Sawyer asked Juliet what he and Kate had been doing hauling rocks
    • Juliet: building a runway
      • this was confirmed in a Season 3 DVD extra
  • On Ben's map it says "Pascal Flats"
    • popups say this was a homage to Blaise Pascal, who abandoned science for theology
  • John Locke was about to commit suicide (like Jack in the flash-forward earlier in the episode) and he saw... Walt?
    • Is it really Walt or is it the island helping him?
      • Walt to John: "You have work to do."
      • This was reminiscent of the sweat lodge dream that Locke had at the beginning of Season 3 where Boone appeared to him, with the exception that Boone was already dead and the executive producers have said that Walt is alive and well
    • If this is the real Walt, is Michael back on the island, too? And where did he go the remainder of the episode?
  • Jack tells Kate "he loves you" referring to Sawyer, then tells Kate he's sticking up for Sawyer "because I love you"
  • Who is in the coffin?
    • Damon Lindelof has said that this is one of the questions we should be asking
    • Nobody showed up for the viewing, there was no funeral - this indicates that not many people seem to care about whoever this person is. Was he or she a traitor? An enemy? Could it be Michael, who turned on his own people and killed Ana Lucia and Libby?
    • The popups hint that the person in the coffin may be one of the survivors of Flight 815
  • It looked like the spear Desmond shot at Mikhail went in deep
    • Is Mikhail immortal, like Richard Alpert may be considering his non-aging?
    • It's very frustrating that the executive producers have said that once someone dies on the show, they're really dead, and can only come back in flashbacks, while Mikhail seems to have died twice and come back from the dead (and perhaps three times if it turns out that the grenade didn't actually kill him even though they confirmed that it did)
  • Perhaps the biggest revelation from the popups was that that the guy in the pharmacy wasn't referring to the car crash rescue—Jack has become a celebrity in the aftermath of Flight 815!
  • The popups say Ben may have a point... we don't know a lot about Naomi
  • Why will every single living person on the island be killed if Jack calls the freighter? How could Ben know this? Is Ben lying because he's afraid people will leave the island?
  • Jack says he's going to kill both Tom and Ben because he thinks they killed Bernard, Jin, and Sayid—this is a much more angry Jack than before the island
  • Oxycodone is "an extremely powerful and addictive painkiller" according to the popups
  • The popups say that the radio tower was built by the DHARMA Initiative and was broadcasting the Numbers before Danielle changed the recording to her distress signal
    • As you might recall from The LOST Experience, the DHARMA Initiative's goal was to change one of the core values in the Valenzetti Equation to try to prevent the end of the world
  • Survivors have been on island for 91 days, say the popups
  • When John Locke kills Naomi by throwing a knife at her back, it's the first time he's killed someone by his own hand
  • Why is it that Kate isn't in jail? She was wanted for murder in the United States before the crash, and now she's living in Los Angeles (310 telephone area code, as the popup said)
  • Jack: "I was hoping that you'd heard" and go to the funeral
  • Kate: "Why would I go the funeral?"
  • Jack: "I am sick of lying. We made a mistake. We were not supposed to leave."
  • Sarah and Kate both said a very final-sounding "Goodbye, Jack."
  • Jack: "We have to go back!"
  • Spoilers ahead. From the preview for upcoming episodes:
    • Guy from freighter says, "Rescuing people... can't really say it's our primary objective."
    • Locke says, "Whatever they came for, it isn't us."

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