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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Additional Notes from the Season 4 Finale and Season 5 Premiere

The past couple weeks I've forgotten to include these in the show notes for my podcasts, so I'll post these here separately now. These are notes from the "popup" versions of the episodes, plus some additional thoughts I had upon rewatching them, and a few notes from the LOSTCasts podcast.

Be sure to tune in tonight for the live podcast about Season 5 Episode 4, "The Little Prince"!

Season 4 Finale "There's No Place Like Home" popup notes:
  • Ben knew that Jacob wanted him to leave the island.

  • Voice on phone to Kate, when played in reverse: "The island needs you. You have to go back before it's too late."
  • Claire: "Don't bring him back, Kate. Don't you dare bring him back." [Don't bring Aaron back to the island]
    • Both of these happened during Kate's same dream or vision, yet they seem to give conflicting influences -- or do they? Could it be that the Island wants Kate to go back but not Aaron?

  • When Ben woke up in the desert, it was 11 months after he turned the wheel; apparently he time-traveled 11 months into the future
    • Another random note about this: some people have speculated that Ben arrived at the antipode of where the island had been located

Season 5 Premiere "The Lie" popup notes:
  • Ana Lucia's comment "What if I were real?" seems to indicate that she's in Hurley's imagination, or else perhaps a manifestation of the Island. She wouldn't have said she wasn't real if she was a ghost.
    • However, "Libby says hi" seems to contradict that, hinting that they're both ghosts.
  • Theory: Sun sent the lawyers to Kate's house to get her out of the house and in a position where she couldn't refuse to meet with Sun and would be more likely to do whatever Sun is about to ask her to do

  • Jack: [to Ben] "He's dead, isn't he?" referring to John Locke -- Ben doesn't answer

  • Popups hinted that Sayid and Hurley are in danger from Charles Widmore -- "someone who will do anything to get information about the island"

  • Flaming arrows -- how far back in time were they when this happened?
    • Who fired the fiery arrows? Island natives?

  • The popups didn't make a big deal about how old Sun's picture of Ji Yeon is

  • Sun tells Kate "the you need to take care of them" meaning the lawyers, and asks Kate "Wouldn't you do anything" to make sure she and Aaron could stay together? Kate asks "What kind of a person do you think I am?"
    • Sun seems to have been telling Kate to kill the lawyers if necessary!

  • What was the thing that stabbed Sayer's toe? It looked like something hand-carved, possibly
    • LOSTCasts shared someone's crazy theory that maybe Sawyer loses his toe to an infection, gets stuck back in time for a while, and the island natives make a four-toed statue of him

  • Jones the military guy who captured Sawyer and Juliet: "What are you doing on our island?"
    • Whoever they are, they think it's their island

  • Malcolm David Kelley (the actor who plays Walt) was in a commercial for Buffalo style hot chicken wings! Clever advertising spot =)

  • Popup: Uniforms resemble those worn by members of the U.S. Army in the 1950s
    • What about the people Locke killed?! He killed them in the past -- how will that affect the future? Or have they always been dead in the future? LOST keeps going back and forth on whether events changed in the past instantly affect part of the future (as was the case with Desmond at some arbitrary moment in the future suddenly remembering Dan speaking to him outside the hatch) or whether the events have always been that way

  • Popup: The old machines in the room with Ms. Hawking resemble those used by the DHARMA Initiative on the island
    • After seeing Season 5 Episode 3 "Jughead" and thus believing that Ellie is Eloise Hawking, it makes sense that she would use computers like the ones on the island

  • Ms. Hawking's first name is revealed: Eloise Hawking
    • She's definitely Dan's mom! Eloise is the the name of Dan's rat!

Season 5 Premiere - my notes while listening to LOSTCasts:
  • Miles seems to have found the dead boar because of his psychic ability to communicate with the dead

  • Daniel Faraday in the cave at the beginning of Season 5 Episode 1 could have been Dan from the present (or rather very near future, like in an upcoming episode) who went to that area of the island to investigate

  • In a Season 3 DVD extra, Damon Lindelof said Ms. Hawking was like a "temporal policeman" (which in other words means a "time cop"). I looked up the rest of the quote and found it on Lostpedia: Ms. Hawking "is a temporal policeman in place to make sure every person gets to the island that is supposed to."

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