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Monday, February 09, 2009

"The Little Prince" Discussion

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the JoshMeister, Congested, DawnOwar from The LOST Fashion Review, and other fellow LOST fans discuss Season 5 Episode 4, "The Little Prince", review additional points from "Jughead", and take a look at what we might see in episode 5, "This Place Is Death".

Season 5 Episode 3: "Jughead" popups and additional notes:
  • Popup: "The Others' primary objective is to protect the island at all costs"

  • Dan told Ellie "You look so much like someone I used to know." When I first saw the episode I thought he meant Theresa, but he probably meant his mother Eloise Hawking
Season 5 Episode 4: "The Little Prince" notes:
  • Kylene called the meaning of the episode title in advance: it centers around Aaron

  • Flashback:
    • Jack and Kate and baby Aaron on Penny's boat
      • Kate suggests that they say the baby is hers because "I can't lose him, too" (like she lost Sawyer)

  • Flashforward: Three Years Later
    • Kate borrows a dress from Sun, leaves Sun to babysit Aaron
    • At this point in the episode I wondered:
      • Where is Kate going?
      • Will Sun take a blood sample from Aaron?
    • Sun gets a package as soon as Kate leaves
      • What do the documents say? (More on this later; there are screencaps, and I'm going to transcribe it in an upcoming post on the blog)
      • There's a recent photo of Ben with Jack when he still had a beard, and a box of chocolates with a gun hidden underneath

    • Someone attacks Sayid in the hospital, tries to shoot Sayid with tranquilizer darts
      • The man has Kate's address in his pocket
        • Why? Was he planning to tranquilize Kate and/or Aaron? To take Aaron away?
      • Who does he work for? Ben Linus? Charles Widmore? (We discussed this at length on the podcast)
  • Island:
    • Locke sees the beam of light coming up from the hatch the night that Boone died
    • Sawyer watches Claire give birth to Aaron and Kate helping her
  • At the commercial break, there was an ad for a new TV series called "The Unusuals" starring Harold Perrineau, Jr. (who plays Michael on LOST)
  • Island:
    • Miles had a nosebleed
      • Miles: "I've never been here before two weeks ago"
      • Dan: "Are you sure about that?"
        • This seems to be a pretty strong hint that Miles might be Dr. Pierre Chang's baby

    • Ajira Airways water bottle
      • This is the same company as in the most recent LOST ARG

    • Locke and crew find a canoe on the beach, they take it
      • Someone on another canoe was shooting at them, Juliet says it wasn't her people
      • There ws DHARMA beer on the beach so it had to have been during a time during or after DHARMA was on the island
      • Congested believes that this was in the future, suggesting that Ajira Airways is an indication of this; this was a future version of the abandoned beach camp
        • Congested also theorizes that they were shooting at people they know, and we'll find this out later

  • Flashforward:
    • Claire's mother is the ones who sent the lawyers after Kate
      • How did she find out? Did she put the pieces together after meeting Jack and Kate at Christian's funeral? Or did Widmore tell her?

    • Jack convinces Kate to let him talk to Claire's mother, Mrs. Littleton
      • She doesn't know about Aaron and still thinks that Claire died in the crash
      • The lawyer was a setup!

    • The lawyer works for Ben!
      • He told Ben that there was no solid case against Hugo Reyes (Hurley)
  • Island:
    • Juliet's nose starts bleeding
    • They jumped in time to when Danielle Rousseau's team came to the island!
      • Rousseau's team finds Jin in the water!!
        • This must be present-time Jin! His body must have been jumping in time like the rest of Locke's team.
        • How did Jin survive the explosion? Did he jump in the water at the last moment?
        • Is it remotely possible that Jin could still be alive after all that time floating in the water? (Theory on this later)

  • At the commercial break, there was an ad for a new TV series called "Castle" starring Nathan Fillion (who played Kate's husband on LOST)

  • Flashforward:
    • Ben admits to Kate that he's the one who's been trying to take Aaron
    • Sun is in a car watching them while Aaron is sleeping in the back seat
    • Sun grabs her gun and starts to get out of the car (presumably to go after Ben)

  • Island:
    • Jin is alive!!! How?!
      • Here's my theory (which was much-liked by those who listened during the live podcast): The Island saved Jin, just like it wouldn't let Michael commit suicide. In other words, the Island wouldn't let Jin die because Jin still has some special purpose to fulfill for the Island
    • Danielle Rousseau is much younger and pregnant, Montand is there
      • Will we get to find out how Montand loses his arm?
      • Will we get to find out more about the sickness that Danielle claimed her team had?
    • Jin seems to realize that he's talking to the same Danielle Rousseau, only somehow she's much younger
      • Continuity problem: Wouldn't older Danielle have recognized Jin after Flight 815 crashed?
  • Screenshots and Easter Eggs:
    • Screenshots of the contents of Sun's package
      • Soon I'll post a transcript of the typed document in the package
    • What's the deal with the string instrument case seen in this screenshot?
      • They took the time to zoom in on the case; why would they put this odd prop on the show unless it has some significance?
      • My wife Kylene thinks it looks like a case for a violin
  • Preview for next week:
    • Ben: "All those people back on the island need our help"
    • Locke says to Sawyer he's trying "to find a way off the island"
    • Kate tells Jack he's crazy
    • Sun is about to shoot Ben, but Ben stops her by telling her "Jin's still alive and I can prove it."
    • Sun said "Move away, Kate," presumably as she prepares to shoot Ben or take him hostage
  • From SpoilerFix (WARNING: don't click this link unless you want to risk being majorly spoiled!)
    • The next episode will be titled "This Place Is Death"
    • Based on the episode title and no other spoilers, I'm guessing that at least one person will die in episode 5 (possibly related to the temporal displacement and nosebleeds, or due to the "sickness" that the older Danielle Rousseau claimed her group had)

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