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Monday, April 19, 2010

"Everybody Loves Hugo" Discussion

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the JoshMeister, Spivvy from The Lost Flashbacks, and fellow LOST fans discuss Season 6 Episode 12, "Everybody Loves Hugo".

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Season 6 Episode 12 "Everybody Loves Hugo":

The episode title is a reference to Season 2 Episode 4, "Everybody Hates Hurley".

2004 "flash-sideways":
  • Dr. Pierre Chang narrates a presentation about Hugo Reyes, the museum's Man of the Year
  • Hugo's mother Carmen tells him that she set him up with a blind date with Rosalita
2007 on the Island:
  • Puts fresh flowers on Libby's grave
  • Tells Libby it would be nice if she could visit him like others who have died
  • Ilana says they're going to get dynamite to destroy the plane
  • Whispers
  • Michael: "I'm here to stop you from getting everyone killed."
    • What do the whispers mean?  (Note: We find out later in the episode.)  A dead person is nearby?  We used to think it was associated with The Others or perhaps the smoke monster, but now it's really unclear; Michael can't be the smoke monster because he's stuck in the form of Locke, and it can't be The Others either
  • Hurley: "Why should I trust you?  You murdered Libby and Ana Lucia"
2004 "flash-sideways":
  • Libby sits down at Hugo's table at a restaurant and introduces herself
  • "Hugo, do you believe that two people can be connected, like soulmates? ... You don't remember me, do you?"
  • Dr. Brooks: "What are you doing, Elizabeth?"
  • Libby: "He's an old friend"
  • Hugo watches Libby enter a van with "Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute" on the side
    • Ilana accidentally detonates the dynamite and blows herself up, à la Arzt
    • Man in Black: "You were only able to come back to this Island because you all did it together. ... We're waiting for your friends to get back, Kate. Hugo, Sun, Jack."
      • "they still can't leave yet, they dont have jin" -kane
        • "trade off desmond for jin" -kane
          • Charles probably wouldn't trade Jin back to the MIB, unless perhaps Charles thinks getting Desmond back will be critical to winning the war
    • Sayid returns and takes the MIB to see what was on the sub—it's Desmond, who is tied to a tree
    • MIB tilts his head to the side and smiles oddly
      • What does he think was the purpose of bringing Desmond back to the Island?  Is he smiling out of amusement?  Or was he already hatching a plan (e.g. an exchange so he could get Jin back)?
    • Hurley looks though Ilana's stuff, including a book in Russian and her bag of Jacob ash
    2004 "flash-sideways":
    • Desmond tells Hurley to give Libby a chance to explain how she thinks she knew him
    • Desmond's order is number 42
    • MIB frees Desmond
    • Desmond responds, "Of course.  You're John Locke" when the Man in Black asks Desmond if he knows who he is
      • Does Desmond really think it's Locke, or has Charles Widmore told him the truth?
    • Ben comments on Ilana's death and wonders aloud about what will happen to the rest of them when the Island is done with them
      • Meanwhile, Jack is holding a shotgun over his shoulder that's almost directly pointed at Sun's head
    • Hurley detonates the Black Rock: "I'm protecting us."
      • He's lucky the shrapnel didn't kill all of them
    2004 "flash-sideways":
    • Doctor: "She has issues with reality."
    • Hurley offers a donation of $100,000 to see her
    • No Leonard Simms; he was only there in the original timeline because the Island existed beyond 1977
    • Libby talks about her memories of the original timeline on the Island and in the mental hospital
    • Libby is there voluntarily
    • MIB and Desmond see the boy in the jungle
    • MIB tells Desmond to ignore him
    • He really looks a lot like Jacob!
      • "it's definitely jacob" -kane
      • "someone point out previously it's like the island is a genesis, so jacob is being reborn. spockish" -kane
    • Hurley tries to convince the others to go talk to Locke, and pretends that Jacob instructed him to do that
      • What is Hurley's plan?  Why is he lying?
        • Does he plan to use the Jacob dust somehow against the Man in Black?
    • Richard calls him out on it, and tries to convince the others that they still need to destroy the plane
    • Ben and Miles go with Richard
    • Frank Lapidus shakes his head at Richard, and Jack says that he's going to go with Hurley to talk to Locke
    • Sun doesn't respond; she understands English but presumably still can't speak it, but she obviously didn't choose to go with Richard
    • Sun writes "Did we make a mistake?" to Lapidus, who says "Probably."
    • Whispers
    • Hurley: "Wait.  It's cool.  I think I know what these things are."
    • Hurley to Michael: "You're stuck on the Island, arent you?"
    • Michael: "Because of what I did. ... We're the ones who can't move on."
      • "not sure about the whispers, i remember sayid being in the jungle by himself and he was surrounded by the whispers. so are the whispers (the ghosts) trying to warn whoever at that specific time?" -kane
    • Hurley: "Do you know where Locke is?  [Michael tells him.]  Thanks.  Is, is there anything I can do to help you?"
    • Michael: "Don't get yourself killed.  And Hurley?  If you ever do see Libby again, tell her I'm very sorry."
    • Hurley: "I'll be sure and do that, dude."
    2004 "flash-sideways":
    • Picnic on a beach with Libby
    • Libby kisses Hurley and he suddenly has flashes of remembrance of her
    • Desmond watches them from a distance in his car, smiles, and drives off
      • What does he think this is going to accomplish?
    • MIB takes Desmond to a well
    • MIB says people dug many such wells on the Island to try to find out why compass needles spun
    • MIB: "Charles Widmore is not interested in answers.  He's only interested in power."
    • MIB asks why Des isn't afraid
    • Des to MIB: "What is the point in being afraid?"
    • MIB throws Desmond in the well
    • A little while later, Hurley shows up at the camp
    • MIB gives his word that he and his people won't do any harm to Hurley's people
    2004 "flash-sideways":
    • Locke in wheelchair, Desmond watching him
    • Ben knocks on Desmond's window and Desmond says he's looking for a school for his son Charlie
      • Desmond and Ben met in the school parking lot, but Ben was not on Oceanic Flight 815, and neither showed any clear signs of recognizing one another
        • Do only 815 survivors have flashes?
        • Was Libby on 815 in the flash-sideways, or only in the original timeline?
    • After Ben walks away Desmond steps on the gas and runs into Locke, who flips over the top of the car and lands on the pavement, and Desmond keeps driving
      • Is Desmond absolutely insane?  Doesn't he realize there are witnesses who saw him do it, and that the damage to his car is also evidence of his guilt?  How can Desmond think he'll get away with this?
      • Was Desmond trying to give Locke a near-death experience to try to get him to have flashes of the original timeline?
      • "Locke is already with his true love so he may be trying to kill him" -KateJack
        • Or perhaps since Locke already has his true love, Desmond was trying an alternative method to get him to remember the original timeline instead of trying to reunite lost lovers
        • "do u think locke loves the island more? same thing for ben, ben loved the island more than anything. but des is just getting the survivors together" -kane
      • "Locke did just push him down a well" -KateJack
        • Sort of.  The Man in Black in the guise of Locke pushed Desmond into a well.  We know that Desmond can see flashes from the original timeline that took place in the future from his current existence in 2004; for example, the flash of Charlie with "Not Penny's Boat" written on his hand occurred nearly three months after the plane crash (see Lostpedia's December 2004 timeline), and only "about a week" has elapsed since the plane landed safely in the flash-sideways timeline according to Desmond (see this episode's transcript).  Bringing this back to Locke, perhaps Desmond had a flash of "Locke" throwing him into a well, and Desmond was getting revenge on Locke (not knowing that the MIB disguised as John Locke was actually the one who threw him into the well)
      Screenshots and Easter Eggs:
            Preview for next week's episode:
            • Weird Willy Wonka music throughout
            • Shots of Jack, Claire, Sayid
            • Locke from the flash-sideways, all bandaged up
            • Kate looking back with a backpack on
            • Perspective from above Desmond as he looks up out of the well
            • People running through the jungle
            • Jack turns around toward the camera
            • Alternating half of Locke's face on the left side and the other half of Claire's face on the right side
              • "setting up the sides. light dark good evil. sane insane,lol" -kane
            • Hurley turning toward the camera, with Jack, Sun, and Frank walking behind him
            • A woman (probably Zoe) stands in front of the MIB holding what looks like a walkie-talkie, and a giant fireball explosion happens in the background; MIB is unfazed
            • Jack running
            • Sawyer coming out of the jungle
            • Panning down Sayid's chest to his hands holding a handgun
            • People run by with guns, followed by a close-up on Claire
            • Close-up of Desmond, turns toward the camera looking up
            • Sayid shooting a gun downward (down into the well at Desmond?)
            • THE TIME IS NOW
            • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ki2IeVW8fds 
            The episode title is "The Last Recruit" which makes me think the Man in Black may try to trade Desmond for Jin now that he has all the other candidates.  I've also heard the suggestion that "the last recruit" might be Jack, who may be the least willing to follow the Man in Black.

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