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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"Happily Ever After" Discussion

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the JoshMeister, Alex "Congested" from Audibly Lost and DarkUFOlogy, Josh "Spivvy" from The Lost Flashbacks, and other fellow LOST fans discuss Season 6 Episode 11, "Happily Ever After".

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First, a couple of quick notes.

An additional note about Season 6 Episode 10, "The Package": Since Charles Widmore has Jin, the Man in Black can't get Jin to leave the Island. This may foil the MIB's plan, because he commented to Claire that he needed to get all the candidates to go with him in order to leave the Island.

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And now without any further ado...

Season 6 Episode 11 "Happily Ever After":

2007 on the Island:
  • Desmond wakes up
  • Zoe says he's been unconscious for 3 days
  • Charles Widmore tells Des that he was shot by Benjamin Linus
  • Widmore to Des: "The island isn't done with you yet."
  • One of Widmore's henchmen spoke about solenoids.  Definition, please?
  • "I'm going to ask you to make a sacrifice.
2004 "flash-sideways":
  • Des talks to Claire after Flight 815 and offers to give her a ride
  • Des guesses that Claire is having a boy
  • George Minkowski picks up Des and offers to take him to his hotel, and Des asks him to go to the office
  • Des was in Australia to seal a deal for his boss -- he's the boss's right-hand man
  • Des doesn't have a wedding ring and he says he's not interested in companionship
    • This is odd because he did wear a wedding ring on the plane; was this a production error?  The actor who plays Desmond—Henry Ian Cusick—is married, which could perhaps explain this mistake
  • Des walks into the boss's office and it's Charles Widmore!  They greet each other by first name and with big smiles and a hug
  • Charles says his son (Daniel Faraday?) is a musician
  • Charles asks Des to babysit Charlie Pace for "Mrs. Widmore"
    • Charles is still married to Eloise, apparently
  • Charles offers his 60-year-old Scotch to Des, and says "Nothing's too good for you."
  • Charlie tried to swallow his heroin to hide the evidence from the Marshal, not commit suicide
  • Charlie says when he saw Claire on the plane, and just as he was about to die he felt like they had always been together, in love
  • Charlie: "I've seen the truth"
  • Charlie jerks steering wheel, car goes into water
  • Des has flashes of "Not Penny's Boat" just before he saves Charlie's life
  • Des at hospital, goes in MRI machine, has flashes of Charlie Pace, Penny, his son Charlie
  • Charlie: "None of this matters.  All that matters is that we felt it. ... Start looking for Penny."
  • Eloise Widmore: "What happened, happened."
  • Desmond thinks he hears the name Penny on the guest list, and Eloise forbids him from seeing it
    • Oddly, it sounded like Penny's last name isn't Widmore; is she previously married?  Would Charles have some reason to conceal that he was her father?
  • Eloise pulls Desmond aside and talks very much like Eloise Hawking, as though she knows what's happening to Desmond
    • "well what gets me, and we discussed this on big-o, is how does she know so much about desmond specifically. less in this one and more in FBYE. obviously she knows about the alt-split because she knew an alt dan came and blew the bomb up" -congested
    • "and could she know about Desmond from what she was told by the Losties?" -Spivvy
      • She knows it from the journal!  "Desmond Hume will be my constant."
      • Rewatch Season 3 Episode 8, "Flashes Before Your Eyes" for a refresher on Eloise (watch on Netflix)
  • Daniel Widmore (aka Daniel Faraday in the original timeline) catches Desmond before he leaves and says he needs to talk to him
  • Dan tells Desmond about his first experience seeing Charlotte
  • He pulls out his journal and sketches out quantium mechanics even though he's just a musician
  • Daniel says the only way to stop it is to set off a nuclear bomb, but he says "I think I already did"
  • "Why did you ask my mother about a woman named Penny?  It happened to you, too, didn't it?  
  • You felt it? ... Yes, you do.  You felt love."
  • "She's an idea."
  • "No, Mr. Hume.  She's my half-sister.  And I can tell you exactly where and when you can find her."
    • Who is Penny's mother?
      • Margo Shephard -congested's crackpot theory
  • Penny is running on the stairs in the stadium
  • "Hello, I'm Desmond."
  • He shakes hands with Penny and immediately wakes up on the Island
    • Desmond volunteers to help
    • Sayid kills two Widmore men
    • Desmond calmly walks off with Sayid - did Charles Widmore instruct Desmond to do that?
    2004 "flash-sideways":
    • Des fainted when Penny shook his hand
      • Desmond's consciousness travels through time again, à la Season 3?
    • Penny: "Have we met before?"
    • Des invites Penny to go for a coffee
    • Des asks George Minkowski for the flight manifest and says "I just need to show them something"
      • This totally reminds me of the plot of a weak movie that's a partial ripoff of LOST: Passengers starring Anne Hathaway: (watch on Netflix; or learn more on IMDb)
      • Cindy could get the flight manifest; perhaps she has ties with Widmore in this timeline
      • "also my new [joke] theory. desmond is going to get the manifest because he figured out that all their names form a massive anagram explaining the sideways universe" -congested
    "jack, kate, sun: mirror [in their flash-sideways]. sawyer: broken mirror. jin, sayid, and desmond: reflection. ben reflection also. john i cant remember i think mirror." -jennielyn

    Theory: In the flash-sideways the cork doesn't exist; it got blown up, so the smoke monster has freedom. He wants there to be just one timeline, and not the one they're in now.  That explains why Widmore says they won't exist if the smoke monster gets his way. -congested

    Theory: The "normal" timeline may be Jacob's timeline, and the flash-sideways is the Man in Black's timeline. In the alternate timeline, the MIB is free from Jacob because Jacob is presumably dead and all the candidates are not able to be on the Island. -congested

    Screenshots and Easter Eggs:
          Preview for next week's episode:
          The episode title is "Everybody Loves Hugo" (a reference to Season 2 Episode 4, "Everybody Hates Hurley").

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