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Monday, May 03, 2010

"The Last Recruit" Discussion

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the JoshMeister and fellow LOST fans discuss Season 6 Episode 13, "The Last Recruit".

Season 6 Episode 13 "The Last Recruit":
2007 on the Island:
  • Man in Black to Jack: "I think we have some catching up to do."
  • Jack to MIB: "Who else have you looked like?"
  • Jack asks whether the apparitions of Christian Shephard were the MIB
  • MIB: "Yes, that was me."
  • Jack: "Why?"
  • MIB: "You needed to find water. ... All I've ever been interested in is to help you.  Leave. ... Now Jacob's dead.  We don't have to be trapped here. ... Because it has to be all of us." 
    • "MIB to jack 'because Jacob choose you, you were trapped on this island, before you even got here'. there must be a pull to the island from Jacobs' touch" -RedWalrus
2004 "flash-sideways":
  • Locke says he was going to marry Helen Norwood
  • Sun and John Locke get to the emergency room at the same time
  • Sun recognized Locke: "What is he doing here?"
    • Did she recognize him from the plane, or from the original timeline on the Island?
    • Claire to Jack: "Did he tell you that he was the one pretending to be our father? ... You decided the moment you let him talk to you, just like the rest of us.  Whether you like it or not, you're with him now."
      • According to Jorge Garcia on Geronimo Jack's Beard, Claire's line "You decided the moment you let him talk to you, just like the rest of us" was not in his version of the script
    • Sawyer tells Jack, and Kate tells Sun, their secret plan to steal the submarine
    2004 "flash-sideways":
    • James Ford talks to Kate about her record
      • "did Sawyer call Kate freckles in the squad room or did i hear wrong?" -baileybear
        • Yep, he did
    • Miles fills in Sawyer on the multiple homicide at the restaurant, and they plan to go after Sayid because he was caught on camera leaving the scene
    • Zoe: "You took something from us, and we want it back."
    • Zoe calls someone on her walkie-talkie and says "Do you have a fix on my position?  Show them what we're capable of," and a bomb is dropped and explodes nearby
    • Zoe: "You have until nightfall ... or next time we won't miss.  Call me when you're ready for us to pick him up."
      • They actually did miss the next time, later in the episode  ;o)
    • Zoe leaves the walkie-talkie with the Man in Black
    • As the members of the Man in Black's camp watch, he smashes the walkie-talkie and says "Well, here we go."
    2004 "flash-sideways":
    • Desmond tracks down Claire and offers to get her a lawyer to represent her with the adoption process for free
    • Des and Claire go to floor 15
    • Ilana Verdansky says she's been looking for Claire and asks Desmond to speak with her alone for a few minutes
      • "speaking of ilana, how did des know she was looking for claire?" -kane
      • We finally get her last name now that she's dead
      • Her last name does not appear to be on the list of candidates in the cave or in the lighthouse
    • Sawyer asks Jack to help them escape
    • Meanwhile, MIB orders Sayid to kill Desmond and MIB asks Sayid if he still wants to be with Nadia again
      • Is the MIB lying?  Or being deceptive?  Or will Nadia come back as a "zombie" like Sayid?
      • "sayid will have to die to be with nadia. mib can't bring back the dead just like jacob couldn't bring back isabella." -kane
        • "MIB can't kill Sayid right now though because he's on the list of candidates" -kane
    • Desmond tries to reason with Sayid
    • Sayid: "I died and he brought me back."
    • Des: "So what will you tell her?  This woman, when she asks what you did so you could be with her again, what will you tell her?"
    • Sayid shoots, but did he kill Desmond?
      • Later when the MIB confronts Sayid about whether he went through with it, Sayid says he did but smiles to himself shortly after the MIB seems to have believed him
      • kane and baileybear agree with me that Des is still alive
      • "why didn't Zoey just take her crew and retrieve Desmond?" -baileybear
        • I don't think Widmore's people knew where Desmond was
      • "another one is why didn't flocke and the gang take zoey hostage,lol" -kane
    2004 "flash-sideways":
    • Sayid: "Nadia, I'm leaving, and I'm never going to be able to come back again."
    • Miles knocks on the front door
    • James arrests Sayid as Sayid tries to escape out the back
    • Kate is upset that Sawyer didn't tell Jack to bring Claire because Kate promised to bring her back
    • Sawyer asks Kate if she really thinks it's a good idea for Claire to be around Aaron, and Kate doesn't argue
    • They swim with the guns.  Wouldn't that wet the gunpowder and possibly prevent it from firing until it dried out?
    • Claire watches Jack, Hurley, Sun, and Frank run off
    • They get to the boat (the Elizabeth, Desmond's old boat which the MIB has claimed as his own) and Claire approaches with her rifle drawn
    • Kate convinces Claire to come with them
    • Claire: "He finds out we're gone, he's gonna be mad."
    2004 "flash-sideways":
    • Jack is walking with David and talking to David's mom on the phone
    • Jack and David came to see Ilana
    • Ilana introduces Jack to Claire
    • Jack: "You were in my father's will.  Do you mind if I ask you how you knew him?"
    • Claire: "He was my father, too."
    • Jack gets a call; there's an emergency at the hospital and he says he has to reschedule
    • Jack says that leaving the Island "doesn't feel right"
    • Jack: "We were brought here because we're supposed to do something."  He says that maybe they need to stay on the Island, not leave, in order to thwart the Man in Black's plan
    • Jack: "The Island is not done with us yet."
    • Sawyer makes Jack leave the boat, and Jack apologizes for Juliet's death
    • Kate watches as Jack swims back to shore and they exchange looks
      • I think Jack wants Kate to feel guilty and come back for him, which she always does
      • Theory: Jack's going to stay on the Island and become the next Jacob
        • Or maybe Kate will; her name was crossed off in the cave but not in the lighthouse.  Perhaps Jacob did this intentionally to trick the MIB into thinking she's no longer a candidate
    2004 "flash-sideways":
    • Sun is at the hospital in recovery, and Jin tells Sun that their baby is going to be fine
    • Jack was called in to work on Locke, and Jack recognizes him
      • Jack had talked with Locke at LAX when Locke lost his knives and Jack lost his father's body, and Jack offered to give Locke a free consultation about his spinal injury
      • Theory: Jack is going to not only repair Locke's car crash injuries, but he's going to make him walk again
        • "i agree. makes sense. lots of people have been expecting it to happen this season" -diesel929
        • "unless he pulls a "ben" on him,lol, (when jack had to do surgery on ben)" -kane
      • The dural sac was also mentioned in the Pilot episode of Season 1: "It was when Jack counted to five when he was operating on a girl and he cut her and her nerves spilled out like angel hair pasta" -RedWalrus
    • MIB to Jack (after Jack swims to the beach): "Nice day for a swim"
      MIB: "Sawyer took my boat, didn't he?"
    • The sonic fences are turned off so Sawyer and his friends can get through
    • Sun and Jin are finally reunited
    • Sun can speak English again
      • "funny they don't talk korean" -RedWalrus
    • Zoe makes them all kneel, and Jin does too
    • Zoe tells someone via her walkie-talkie to bomb Locke
    • The first bomb explosion lifts Jack through the air
      • "great explosion, Jack really flew, liked the sound effects ...just like Kates' lost of hearing in LA X" -RedWalrus
    • MIB carries Jack away from the beach and tells Jack he's okay, and "You're with me now."
    • "kate and jack are adam and eve, i think. maybe it was another time loop" -kane
      • "think its' rose and bernard" -RedWalrus
        • Maybe, but wouldn't they have jumped back to 2007 with Kate, Jack, Sawyer, etc.?
        • "even if it's rose and bernard, it would have to be another time loop" -kane
        • "Now that the stones are more significant to us now maybe they aren't adam and eve. rose and bernard that is" -RedWalrus
      • "yeah, i thought jack still had the rocks" -kane
      • "Probably in that backpack he's been hauling around for ever" -RedWalrus
          Preview for next week's episode:
          • MIB: "[If I could?] kill you..."
          • MIB: "I'm going to kill every single one of your friends."
          • MIB: "There's not a [?] that you can do to stop me."
          • MIB shoots someone on team Widmore
          • Someone says something like "men were dead"
          • Kate with clenched teeth and eyes closed
          • Flash of Claire and then of the MIB's eyes and then Sawyer
          • Charles Widmore: "He's coming"
          • Flash of blurry Jack
          • Ring being put on someone's finger - looks like a woman's hand putting a plain gold band on a man's finger
            • Probably Sun returning Jin's ring
          • Sawyer saying "He doesn't need you, Kate"
          • Kate in the dark, apparently behind bars, with eyes wide open looking frightened
          • THE HORROR
          • Flash of Sun with eyes wide open
          • A hand (MIB's?) grabbing a wire (perhaps in the sub?)
          • Sayid in foreground, with Hurley, Sun, Jin, and the Ajira plane in the background
          • MIB grabbing Claire from behind
          • Sawyer holding a handgun in the jungle with Sun behind him
          • Jack and Claire looking into a mirror together
          • Sun turning her face toward the camera
          • The MIB's angry face, with Claire's hair at the bottom of the frame
          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0faS0REHPE 
          • The next episode is titled "The Candidate"
            • Does the title refer to Jack again, or perhaps Kate?  Who will be the candidate to replace Jacob?
              • "kate really has nothing to go back to" -kane

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